Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update Kulfi in pain after knowing the truth.

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Sikander says your father doesn’t think about you or your mother,p do you why, Kulfi says that is what I wanted to ask him,don’t you know who he is,then tell me I will go meet mama and talk to him,Sikander says your father isn’t a good man Kulfi,I know you feeling bad,but this is the truth,he left your mother and you,so you forget him,he doesn’t need you,Kulfi says whatever I want to see him I want to know why he left my mother,he loved my mother and married her then why did he go,Sikander says your father is a liar,he has married again,and has a daughter too,he doesn’t love you,Kulfi says may be he has some issues,Sikander says there may not be any such,everyone isn’t as good as you are,Kulfi says how you know all this did you meet my father,Sikander thinks I can’t tell her

I met her mama or else even Tevar will loose.sikander says yes I met your father and he said these words to me,that he has no place for you in his life.

Sikander thinks sorry Kulfi it’s all because Tevar is a good man and he will do good to you and when you and amyra will grow up I will tell you two the truth and then it’s upto you girls. Sikander tries to console kulfi and says Tevar is a good man and your father. Tevar says to lovely,as you left my daughter alone you soon will find yourself left alone by your family,it’s my curse to you now,mark my words. Sikander says I have seen Tevar how much he loves you and even you love him right,listen to me kiddo,Kulfi says even when you knew the truth why did you hide the truth and why did you send me to him,you are a liar and kulfi runs away.

Tevar hugs Kulfi and asks where were you and was so worried,Sikander watches them,Tevar asks what’s wrong why are you crying,Kulfi asks were you really worried Tevar sir,Tevar says call me Baba,what’s wrong did I do something wrong,are you upset,Kulfi says yes Baba and hugs him,Tevar says when you call me Baba it’s so peaceful,I have no one other then you promise me you will not leave me like other,Kulfi says even I don’t have anyone then you,I will never leave you and hugs him.

Doctor examines kulfi and says she is fine but looks like she ate some outside food,Kulfi thinks this stomachache is because truth is hidden in my stomach,Tevar says I won’t leave that dhaba place,Kulfi says nit needed that food was very good,Tevar says I won’t leave anyone who harms you,Kulfi says if I wasn’t your daughter,Tevar says I will not have any reason to live then.

Lovely hears Sikander and Amyra talk,amyra excited about kulfi joining school soon,lovely says I have to stop Sikander if Kulfi says Nimrat is here mother,all will be in vain. Sikander enters lift,Mohendar calls Sikander and tells about recoding,Sikander says for me kulfis school is more important,Lovely says Tevar can do that,why ignore work,I will go with Tevar can do,you go handle recodings I know you find me wrong but believe me I didn’t want wrong for kulfi just wanted better for Amyra.sikander says okay I don’t want any nonsense.

Kulfi makes faces while having medicines,Sikander walks in and asks what’s wrong,Tevar says stomach ache no issues,Sikander says here’s form actually lovely will accompany you,I know you don’t like her but it’s for kulfi,lovely knows principle better,Tevar says okay and leaves. Sikander looks at Kulfi and asks is it painful,she ignore him,Sikander says okay someone is very angry,because I lied and broke her heart and trust,Kulfi says I don’t want to talk to you,I very well know you trying to convince me but I won’t,I can’t hide lies first Mama and now you, my stomach aches because of that,Sikander says I’m very sorry I had no option, Kulfi says would you never tell me the truth,Sikander says no I had decided to tell you when you would grow up so that you would understand,Kulfi says you saying this to console me,I can’t trust you.

Pre cap : Sikander helps kulfi,Sikander asks did you forgive me,Kulfi says no I haven’t I’m happy because now I will talk to Baba,cinvunve him to go chiroli and talk to mama.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. So when adults are only focused on hiding their lies/cheating/bribery they can really mess up a child’s life!!

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