Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander tells Kulfi Tevar isn’t her father.

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Everyone reaches home,amyra says I don’t want to go home,Sikander smiles and says bye to Tevar,Tevar waves to amyra,Kulfi lost,she runs away,Tevar says what’s wrong with her and follows her,Kulfi takes the diary and tries to recall things,Tevar walks in Kulfi hides the diary,Tevar asks what’s wrong,Kulfi runs into bathroom and says I wanted to go in,Kulfi starts crying inside. Lovely walks to amyra and Sikander and asks where were you,didn’t inform me too,amyra says dad surprised me,let me give you all the details,Sikander says Amyra first go sleep,you need rest,amyra says okay mom later and leaves.

Kulfi crying in bathroom and thinking about the truth,Kulfi says I have to find the truth I can’t sit here and cry and walks out,Kulfi sees Tevar falls asleep waiting for her,Sikander

and Mayra falls asleep,Jonny walks in and wakes Sikander,Jonny tries to take Sikander along with him,Sikander follows him,Sikander sees kulfi,Kulfi crying says come downstairs it’s important. Tevar wakes up and finds kulfi is missing, he asks akad bakad to start looking for her.tevar sees lovely,lovely says I need to talk it’s important,Tevar says please leave me alone,Lovely says it’s about kulfi.

Kulfi asks Sikander to promise her and not lie,Sikander sees her restless And promises her,Kulfi asks him to read the paper, Sikander just reads kulfi isn’t tevars daughter and asks who wrote this,see listen to me my child,Kulfi says I want just the truth,she says the diary the locket said it’s Tevar but he has all the wrong details about my father why is that,Kulfi asks Sikander to swear on her and tell the truth. Sikander remembers what Setu said, Sikander says no Tevar isn’t your dad.

Sikander tries to console kulfi but she doesn’t listen,Kulfi remembers how Tevar was always there for her, Sikander says listen to me he isn’t your Baba but he loves you a lot,Kulfi says you lied to me,I trusted you most,why did you lie to me,it’s wrong,

Lovely asks why are you spending time with my husband,what are your motives,Tevar says I don’t have time for all this,lovely says Guddu please,Tevar says madam please I don’t have time for all this,I’m very happy with my daughter,and I respect your husband a lot so please leave. Kulfi says you elders do what you do,I trust you but look what you did,you call me princess I’m not,princess are just in stories,truth never can be hidden,I trusted you more than I trust my mother,then why did you do this to me,you had my mothers diary you read it wrong,Sikander thinks how shall I tell you it’s lovely who was playing with our lives.

Lovely says Tevar you lying right,because if you respected me Sikander, you wouldn’t be here with Kulfi,because you are here for me,waiting for me,so that Sikander leaves me and I run to you,right that’s what you want,do whatever you want,Tevar says what Else I can expect from you,you couldn’t be your daughters,I’m sorry for Amyra how will you raise her,and I’m saying you dare you hurt amyra and about kulfi don’t dare suggest or say a word,and my daughter has her best friend and Sikander sir here and so she won’t leave this place,if you have problem you leave.

Sikander says kulfi,when Amyra was a kid,whenever she fell you know what I use to tell her, so that she never cries,that ant died and that was lie so that she never cries so understand my part kiddo, Sikander says he truly loves you,he never forced you and you love him too,and your hearts are connected too and so now take it he is your father ,Kulfi says it’s not a part to consider that today him and tomorrow someone else,father is father,and truth is he isn’t my father and if he isn’t who is my father.

Lovely says Tevar if my family has any effect due to your presence,I won’t leave you,a mother’s curse it is,if my amyra has any problem because of you,you and kulfi will never be happy,Tevar says to curse you need to be a good person but you aren’t,I loved you once and so have forgiven you before but not now,it’s my daughter and now listen to my curse the way you left my daughter alone in this world so will be your family.

Kulfi asks Sikander why did he lie to her,Sikander says please forgive me,I made a huge mistake,Kulfi says you did this on a purpose so it’s not a mistake tell me why did you do this,tell me the truth who is my father,Sikander says you took him as your father right,Kulfi says I did that because you said,you call me your daughter right but I’m not, amyra is, similarly somebody must be my father too.

Pre cap: Kulfi calls Tevar sir, Tevar says why call sir I’m your father right, did I do something wrong.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Somebody should sue the writers of this serial! This was the dumbest episode ever! Would have been better to show the child growing up with love and affection of her adoptive father and then making a decision as a grown up. This serial is a slap to the face of all those who are adopted..

  2. Tever should know amyra’s truth. He never got justice. Kulfi should get her real dad and Amyra too. It will be cruel that they know the truth years later. Lovely should get a slap from Tevar and be kicked out by gills. It will be better that Lovely and Amyra goes to Tever. And kulfi can live in gill house without fearing lovely and amyra will get world’s best dad.

  3. true….

  4. Why do people want Lovely with Tevar or Sikander? She’s a nasty piece of work, she’s also a murderer. Sikander and Tevar should raise Amyra and Kulfi together. The girls will be raised better by Sikander and Tevar than Lovely.

  5. Which is the song played in the episode !? , its very soothing !
    Can someonle pls tell .. The lyrics are .. Dard se dil kaa rishta ye jodne ka aansu .. I need full song !

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