Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi on a mission.

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Sikandar making faces and starring at himself in mirror, Lovely sees him and finds it weird, and remembers kulfi say don’t you find him strange. Sikander says lovely I know you are behind me, I smelled you, you know when I gained conscious I was in so much pain, and now my face is back I’m so happy, the face my wife loves, Lovely says I need to talk to you, sikander says come sit, upset with me,because I gave money to Mohendar,sikander calls Lovely darling, and says Mohendar begged me I couldn’t denied, Lovely says that’s not the matter, sikander says I know this whole family is burden on you till when we will look after them, you are mine, amyra and we three, I will look for a good opportunity and ask him to go his way, trust me Lovely and hugs her, just forgive me,don’t get angry,

Lovely thinks what’s wrong with me is this is new test again, Lovely says no one is going it’s our house, we all are staying together,sikander says you have so much of love, I’m lucky to have you and kisses her forehead.

Kulfi walks in and sees the ID card hanging, and thinks about her dream. Kulfi meets rocket and Zinda in holy hospital, Kulfi says thank you for coming here, Kulfi hears a kid talking about a uncle who played good music, and asks who the uncle is , and follows, she hears sikanders voice, and says babas voice and follows the voice. Sikander walking in black jacket and glasses, he walks in a room and says I will keep getting money.

Kulfi follows the voice, and says Sikander, the man turns around and asks yes, Kulfi asks who taught you this song, he says Bhola, Kulfi says can I see him, he says he is our patient and gets along with everyone too, come. He shows kulfi Bhola room, Kulfi gets in alone. Kulfi asks is your name Bhola, he says no, before me Bhola use to be here, he is discharged now.kulfi says okay. Kulfi sees a drawing of ice candy and says kulfi. Kulfi finds a toy and asks whose is this.

Balwant offers kulfi an album, Mohendar says Sikander won’t allow, he doesn’t like kids working. Sikander comes back home, meets Balwant, he says I came to see you, met Mohendar, I’m recording a new album I want Kulfi to record all the songs, please allow her, she is a winner too.

Sikander at dinner table says I met Balwant he was offering kulfi an album,I would usually say no, but tell me something, Balwant is our guest how can we deny him, sikander trick everyone in his talks, sikander says money doesn’t matter but an opportunity, we never know if we will get again, she will eat lot of blessings, Kulfi finds it weird and strange.

Amyra Lovely sikander playing board games,Kulfi sees Sikander and says baba use to say me and amyra should just practice singing and not for money and now he is asking me to sing for money, sikander scares kulfi, Jonny starts barking on sikander, Kulfi thinks why is Jonny still barking on sikander, sikander scolds Jonny and leaves. Kulfi calms Jonny. Kulfi shows Jonny that drawing.

Pre cap : kids call Bhola, Bhola on cycle, Bhola resembles Sikander.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Two sikandars – one,a thief pretending to love amayra,lovely and the other, a forgotten,lonely person. Let the scarface sikka be Princess amayra’s dadda using her for his own motives and the other one be the b***h kulfi’s baba showing her all the love he has to her.

    1. You guys have a very sad life, I guess. Has Aakriti done anything to you or your families that you a using words as Bit*h, Ugly and everything bad under the sun? Are you Myra’s family by any chance and voting her to win the best villain award.

  2. I never used unparliamentary words for akriti. But y akriti fans bashing myra with bad words? Akriti is no where near to Myra in talent. Let’s considey the characters. Myra plays a realistic kid while akriti plays CRYING NANI OR CRYING KULFI BAHU. WHAT QUALITY DOES KULFI HAD AS A CHILD? SHE IS TYPICAL GUL/EKTA BAHU. thats all i meant . Neither this show nor ugly akriti doesnt deserve my comments.

    1. You guys have a very sad life, I guess. Has Aakriti done anything to you or your families that you a using words as Bit*h, Ugly and everything bad under the sun? Are you Myra’s family by any chance and voting her to win the best villain award.

    2. Your comments are very wierd,hating on a kid and calling her names,just hate the character she was given and not de person.To me Akriti(Kulfi) is talented just like Amyra,only de characters differ.This is fiction my der,so be humble&blame it on de writers…..am team Kulfi but dont hate Amyrah

  3. @Divya D Y do u fed up of akriti fans? You go man. Atleast ur comments r only raahat in this akriti bhajana forum

  4. Sophia naliaka

    The role Amyra is playing is making me hate her as a person.ekta aunt stop making children do this.

  5. This is a nonsense drama. Kulfi never gets happiness and cheater Amayera get everything.

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