Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfis suspiciousness grows.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi walks to Sikander with her friends, Kulfi says you know them right, they are here to see you, sikander smiles and calls them by their names, sikander says I met you today after your victory, Kulfi says they are here to see your music room, sikander says okay but I got one hour after that I have to go with amyra. Kulfi says I will get books for you. Rocket says to Sikander they would love to hear him sing and feel bad for sikander, sikander says what to do destiny but I’m alive that’s good, chittu says let’s play an instrument together, Sikander says I haven’t practiced so you all play, Saraswati says we will play you join us and begins, sikander unable to play instrument, Kulfi sees that and her suspicions grow, she says my father can forget everything but not music.


how did I play, kids say very good no one can play like you and clap for him.sikander says don’t make fun of me, I know I played very bad, rocket says no sikander, sikander says I’m forgetting everything atleast someone understand me, accident has taken away everything from me, my identity and starts crying, rocket walks to Sikander and calms his down, Kulfi walks in crying and wipes his tears, Kulfi hugs him, Kulfi finds his hug weird.
Sikander leaves.

Rocket says I think you are misunderstanding, your baba is hurt, Kulfi says I don’t feel like he is my Baba, I know he is hurt but how can I tell you what I feel, I didn’t smell what I used to, rocket and Zinda say you need rest, you will know what is wrong, just think carefully on this.

Sikander says lovely I went to market and he said card is declined, Lovely says okay I will check. Lovely checks with the bank and says Sikander you have exceeded credit limit, you have withdrawn lot of cash why is that, sikander says it was needed, Mohendar bhaiya wanted, Mohendar walks to them,sikander gets uneasy, and says bhaiya a little while ago I gave you, return me,Mohendar says okay, Lovely says I will go check with bank and leaves. Mohendar says Sikander you need ear phones urgently, sikander says no keep it, actually I withdraw a little cash and Lovely got worried and so I told her it’s for you, please cooperate, Mohendar finds it weird but says yes.

Kulfi walks to lovely, lovely asks what’s wrong, Kulfi says you might find me weird but still please tell me do you find sikander weird too, lovely sees Sikander and Amyra playing, and asks explain it, Kulfi says his behaviour is changed, he doesn’t talk, and I caught him drinking too, from the day he is arrived I don’t see sikander in him, Lovely says everything is fine don’t think all this.

Sikander and Amyra having ice cream, sikander says I have forgotten many things, and makes amyra tells him all the past things. Kulfi hears that, Sikander sees kulfi and says come in have some ice cream, sikander says you two have ice cream then go play, sikander leaves.

Kulfi asks Amyra does she find sikander weird, amyra says it’s because of accident, Kulfi says yes but it’s strange, amyra says enough of it, he is my dad, you are strange, he has found that too, he loves me more, Kulfi says I don’t mind that, how shall I explain to you, okay when you hug him or hold his hand don’t you fell strange, amyra says enough of all this, you are Mad, you saved me thank you for that, but don’t steal my dad, get it.

Pre cap : Kulfi sees the hospital ID and says nana where are you.
Sikanders look alike with kids.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Oh now kulfi idiot turned out to be a cid….wow!..only these things happen in this type of teledramas…..kulfi who came a few days ago in ammu and sike life can identify sika with his fragrance…. Director had gone crazy…I used to call her a b*t*h..but now after this episode she’s a real b*t*h…b*t*hy aakrithi.. Lol!!..I’m pretty sure this shameless girl who come in between dadda and daughter will soon come in between a happy married couple and destroy their lives…I think aakrithi b*t*h got this habit from her offsprings… Lol..

    1. I hope Amyra could get to her real father Tevar. Even if Amyra is a b**** she has to know her real father . The reason for her existence

      1. Sorry zareen I didn’t reply to you. I wanted to reply to divya. D who is using bad words to a kid. But unfortunately it came to ur comments reply. Really sorry

    2. Shame on ur part to say a kid b*t*h.
      She is not doing any bad to anyone. Just fighting for her part of love nothing is wrong in that

      1. See I’m replying to divya.d not the real Myra. This person have many issues regarding akiriti Sharma. He or she have gone reading for future saying she will sleep with directors for roles. She’s a 6 year old no need to worry for future

    3. Amal

      You’re one sick individual, seek therapist

    4. You are literally stupid women Sikandar & lovly happy married couple .rial Sikandar never loves Lovleen why you are so jealous of Kulfi the serial is on her name only you stop seeing this serial

    5. Y do u have so much issues on akiriti sharma

  2. Total paagar……hate today’s episode

  3. Sophia naliaka

    I hope kulfi get to the real sikander

  4. Sophia naliaka

    Amtrak don’t know how to love others but she wants just to be loved.if she loved sikander she could have recognised between the real and the imposter.

  5. I hope Kulfi will get her real father Sikander and Amyra will know her real father that she will go with Tevar

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