Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update Lovely asks Sikander to choose.

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Mohendar scolds gunjan for joining hands with Tony, Bebe asks why is he doing so, Mohendar tells Bebe gunjan did everything, Gunjan says yes I did it because I wanted to tell everyone that girls are upto this and also I wanted lovely out of this and kulfi should get what she deserves. Sikander tells councillor that they don’t want divorce, he says I can see your future till amyra gets 18 you will be together but by then you will have hatred filled in your heart, don’t find excuse to stay together find reasons.

Amyra says kulfi my eyes are paining, Kulfi says god not one more thing, amyra says it’s because of too much crying like world record of crying but no problems are solved, Kulfi says means we need more crying, amyra says we need to me more strong, let’s promise we won’t cry,Kulfi says not even ones.

Councillor says of you two aren’t happy how will Amyra be, Lovely asks what will we do now, he says you did everything try falling in love, be a team be friends, and if you can’t you will be just her guardians and not parents, so in 30 days if you don’t convince me that you are a team I will have to inform court about divorce.

Gunjan calls Nimrat and says you wanted to meet Sikander right, but I was asking not to, but I’m saying now come visit him. Sikander says to lovely we will give a try to this one too and be a team, Lovely says you never loved me then how come in 30 days we will fall in love, why did I do all the mistakes only for Amyra, I could go with Tevar too, but I always choose you, I love you sikander, and always did and you never did.

Kulfi says Amyra we feel good after crying, amyra says fine only tears of joy are allowed, even if dad cry’s, Kulfi says and what if I miss mom, amyra says miss her happily, we will cry only when we are happy or injured, promise me, Kulfi says it’s tough but okay. Lovely says Sikander I don’t need 30 days to say I love you I trust you, because I do but now I don’t trust you, sikander says because of Nimrat, Lovely says no that was your past and we both had our past, Sikander asks then when did I break your trust, Lovely says when you let me and amyra go and let Kulfi stay with you.

Amyra says may be they are upset about our friendship, let’s go for one more lie for mom dad, Kulfi says no more lies, amyra says it’s like white lie which is said for good things, Kulfi says even my mom told me about it. Lovely says who is Kulfi she is not your responsibility you would look after her other way go for adoption for her but you let us out and her in, Sikander says you think I went through nothing, Lovely says I wish I could trust you, see for me it’s amyra then you but in your life it’s amyra then not me, and if you could prove that even I’m important in your life, sikander says don’t do this Lovely please, Lovely says you have to please it’s either me or kulfi choose.

Amyra and kulfi start fighting and hitting each other, Lovely and Sikander see them, Sikander says look they are acting don’t stop them, Lovely and Sikander walk to them, Sikander applauds, and says very good acting, amyra says we were fighting really, Sikander says really, anyways you don’t need to act, we have made a decision, we won’t take divorce now, girls start dancing in joy, amyra hugs them,Kulfi feels left out.

Amyra asks lovely will you be still angry on me because of my friendship with Kulfi, lovely says if you are happy I won’t be, amyra says thankyou, lovely says promise that you won’t lie,amyra says promise,Sikander looks at Kulfi standing alone and then at lovely and remembers the condition. Lovely says Amyra you work hard for exams for good score and so will me and dad have to to keep this marriage.

Kulfi asks Sikander when will Lovely return with Amyra, sikander says not now, Kulfi asks why if I go will they come, sikander feels bad.

Pre cap : Kulfi meets a girl named Nimrat and loves her style.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. i am so fed up of this show… Look i am all for people getting a second chance and working on their past mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. But here it simply does not work. For one, Lovely hasn’t ever accepted that she did anything wrong. She keeps self-justifying herself and accusing everyone around her. Has she ever apologized for what she did to Kulfi or gunjan or Nimrat or even Tevar? She actively coerced everyone around herself for her own gains. She might say she did this all for Amyra, but thats not true. Amyra was having a happy life and learning good values when her, kulfi, Sikander and Tevar were together. But Lovely got jealous that her daughter is slipping away from her control. She even got Tevar bankrupt, jobless and thrown out of his home. And she was satisfied when a terrified, insecure Amyra was crying in fear near her. And that’s the main issue here. Lovely wants everything to go according to her own wishes only. everyone should bow to her orders and worship at her altar. She knows Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter. She knows that it is her own fault that Kulfi is motherless and now she wants her to be fatherless as well. She has zero concern or care for anyone around herself, be it child or old. And the show is saying Lovely deserves to be loved, and a love story between Sikander and Lovely is possible. Really?
    Secondly, wasn’t Nimrat Sikander’s first and true love? Then how can he fall in love with the woman who was responsible for Nimrat’s death? It should take him years to even forgive Lovely, let alone love her. But the fact that he has so easily forgotten about Nimrat and wants to have a family with Lovely just goes on to show that he didn’t love Nimrat either. He left Nimrat pregnant, never had the guts to go back to her and now is ‘falling in love’ with the person who caused Nimrat’s death. Wow. If that happens, then Sikander will be the worst person in my eyes and Lovely and him will deserve each other. Lovely let her first love Tevar rot in poverty, homeless and alone and now doesnt care for him at all. and, now so does Sikander. The perfect couple.
    thirdly, Kulfi. She is KID who came to the city to find her father. This kid deserves to know him and have a happy family. (personally, i just wish Tevar had flown away with Kulfi to some distant land. Tevar is the best father for Kulfi, not this useless man Sikander). Kulfi deserves to have a proper education and people caring for her. My fav time was when she was struggling to do well in her school and progressing everyday. That happened when she stayed with Tevar. But in Sikander’s house, with the crap going on now, how will she study and make up in her classes? I want to see that instead of this “worst couple love story”. It seems Kulfi had to take care of herself for so long that she has practically become an adult, unlike little princess Amyra. Everyone goes ‘we dont want to hurt Amyra’ and believe me, i want Amyra to have a proper upbringing too, but not at Kulfi’s expense. Kulfi shouldn’t be hurt anymore either. With Lovely, that will never happen. Even now Lovely sees little Kulfi as only a threat and nothing else. I hope Amyra atleast grows up and accepts Kulfi as her sister and fights for her. She is the only one i have hope for, which is not saying much. I have already stopped watching this show, and if this continues i will stop reading updates too

    1. Beverly Gounga

      you r so correct! This show need to stop showing, this is injustice to a little kid ( kulfi ).

    2. You are correct in everything you wrote!! Loved the show in the beginning. Now it’s a joke. Can’t take it any longer, everyone know Kulfi is his daughter, please just tell Sikander before kulfi decide to leave the house again to make EVERYONE ELSE happy.

    3. I don’t even need to comment because your post echoed every single one of my thoughts and feelings! Great points and I agree with them all! ????????
      I would just like to add that now the writers are desperately trying to save a sinking ship that is their show by introducing a new character Nimrat into the mix. This is being done to make Gunjan look further like an evil b*tch who wants to chuck Lovely out. I’m guessing they will have Gunjan instruct new-Nimrat to win over Sikander’s heart and create tension between him and Lovely. So stupid.

    4. You are so right!!! Apart from Gunjan; Sikander’s entire family is just as bad as he is. Gunjan seems to be the only person concerned about Kulfi’s well being. Mohendar is another idiot, how do you just forgive someone who tried to kill your wife? It paints a very bleak picture of those with wealth and those without. Lovely is a blo*dy selfish termite yes she gets chance after chance and everyone forgives her, and you have Kulfi who keeps on giving and still gets sold short in life. Tevar is definitely the better father for both girls; Sikander wasn’t able to stop Lovely from grooming Amyra in her spoilt image and he decided to listen to Lovely when she made him promise not to find his own child. Is there an online petition to bring back Tevar, the show was more interesting with him. This awkward lets try to like each other story between Lovely and Sikander is unbearable. Lovely and her father should end up poverty stricken seeing as they find it so easy to take the roof from other peoples heads. Lovely didn’t feel a tiny bit of grief to cause pain to others. I have a love hate relationship with Gul Khan, sometimes she creates magnificent characters and in the middle the entire story goes to hell in a hell basket. I think the only reason they got rid of Tevar’s character is to make Sikander’s character more potent on screen, Tevar’s character shone brighter than Sikander’s. Tevar also understood how poisonous a person Lovely is, Tevar has braincells unlike Sikander. #BringBackTevar

    5. Best comment. Kullfill promising Amyra not to reveal her identity to her father is pure injustice and shows Amyra is being thought to be selfish like her mom and use people for her benefit. She wants her father but is depriving Kullfill of hers. Waiting to see when Amyra realizes her mother lied about her paternity.

  2. I can’t stop myself from reading the updates although I’ve stopped seeing the show – the recent episodes have made me so mad, Lovely categorically telling Sikander to choose between her and Kulfi (after the tears she shed in Kulfi’s room asking Nimrat in heaven to forgive her) Lovely’s character is so heartless and cruel. I cant wait for her to get a taste of her own medicine
    I also want to see a smart Kulfi, one who can stand up for herself and tell the world openly that Sikander is her dad. She is too young to sacrifice her happiness and dreams for Amyra and Lovely Cruella de Vil
    And what is this twist in the precap – the show has gone to the dogs

  3. Ok so its been almost 8 months ….
    I have been waiting patiently for sika to know khulfi is his daughter… how much longer to wait….maybe I stop watching serial…. it’s so so frustrating that loleen gets everything her way

  4. I stopped watching this show the day Nimrat died. I knew then it would take forever for Kulfi and her father to be united (i.e. A typical dragging serial). I only read the updates and comments. The comments are my favorite because I am waiting to see who will actually stop watching and commenting.

  5. I stopped watching this show the day Nimrat died. I knew then it would take forever for Kulfi and her father to be united (i,e. A typical dragging serial). I only read the updates and the comments. The comments are my favorite because I am waiting to see who actually stop watching and commenting (like they say they will).

  6. U all are absolutely right..even me,my family n friends have stopped watching d show.i m reading updates only to know if some positive changes are there so that I can watch again.writers have gone mad..now lovely is d heroine n gunjan has become the villain.. really..it s pathetic to watch stupid lovestory at d cost of a small child’s psychology..

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