Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi finds Sikander suspicious.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi says I wanna go downstairs, there’s something calling me down. Rocket says let’s go, it’s gonna be late,Bansi says says cmon, Kulfi says you all go and thank you for coming but I’m going down, Kulfi again feels like sikander is calling her, rocket says you won’t go alone we are coming with you, Kulfi about to slip imagines Sikander giving her support, rocket asks her where she is lost, Kulfi touches a stone and feels weird and says why do I feel so painful,Kulfi proceeds ahead, Zinda asks do you see something, Kulfi says I feel something, something is drawing me here, Kulfi finds an ID card, Bansi says holy hospital batch, Kulfi says I’m taking it home, rocket says okay but now it’s going to be dark let’s go home.

Sikander says lovely, it’s just us now, I want your

happiness and will do anything for it, even send Kulfi away, Lovely thinks why is he behaving so weird is he trying to test me, sikander says you don’t trust me where is Kulfi I’m sending her right away, Kulfi calls uncle aunty, sikander hears it and says now she will see my wrath.

Sikander says listen Kulfi, Kulfi says you want to talk to me,I was dying to,Lovely gets scared and thinks why is he doing this may be testing me but he is wrong I’m changed and says stop sikander, Kulfi baby go in, sikander come with me, she won’t go anywhere she saved my amyra she won’t leave this house, sikander says you are like your name Lovely, you want my mistake to stay with you, you are goddess, Lovely says I don’t think so all I know is Kulfi won’t go, Lovely thinks I’m all good with Kulfi how much more he wants me too.

Kulfi rushes to Sikander and says I was waiting to talk to you , why didn’t you see me, why are you behaving this way, when you know the truth, I’m dying, sikander says my head is aching I have gone through an accident I need time to recover, and leaves, Kulfi says Lovely is right I need to be patient.

Kulfi sees Sikander playing with Amyra and his friends, Amyras friend push her, Kulfi says no worries Baba is here he will manage the situation, sikander walks to that boy and scares him, Kulfi in shock seeing his behaviour, amyra very happy seeing sikanders take,sikander says Amyra if someone scares you, scare them more, Amyra says cool.

Kulfi dreams of Sikander and sunset point, she dreams rushing to Sikander and him going missing, Kulfi finds the batch and Sikander cAlls her down the hill, Kulfi smiles but sikander goes missing again, Kulfi wakes up. Kulfi says Ma why are these weird dreams.

Sikander in balcony drinking, Kulfi sees that and pulls his bottle and says you are unwell and you drinking this, sikander scolds her, lovely Mohendar and gunjan walk to them, sikander lies Kulfi had a bad dream so I brought her here, Kulfi confused, Mohendar asks kulfi is she fine, Sikander says yes she is, Mohendar says come Kulfi let’s go. Lovely looks at Sikander and says I can smell it till here you were drinking why were you, sikander says I know it’s dangerous I feel lonely, accident memories don’t let me live in peace and also you aren’t with me,sikander hugs lovely, and says I need you, Lovely in shock, Lovely says I’m with you, don’t drink it’s not good, sikander says I won’t do anything that you don’t like, Lovely says okay good night and leaves.

Sikander starts drinking again. Kulfi in her room says why do I feel that there is something fishy, MA tell me something, I have to do something Ma, is he really my baba sikander Gill or not.

Pre cap : Lovely asks Sikander why has he withdrawn so much cash. Sikander says I gave cash to Mohendar , Mohendar walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This fake one is so disgusting. Using another guys money trying to get close to anothers lady. Yuck. He is so weird. But I like him with ammu . Atleast for sometime ammu is happy. I want to see kulfi bahu jealous and ammu happy.

    1. I just luv u arush…..we both r on same page….

      1. Arush?

  2. Some says he is Tevar. How can he? No Tevar cant stoop so low. He will never ill treat kids. And he is a loyal and decent man. He cant take sikkas lady along with money. He loves loveleen but wont do craps with her in disguise of sikka.

  3. Where is dhivya d atleast the only entertaining thing is her comm. on ugly akriti sharma. She is no where near to myra singh .

    1. satya team Kulfi Vahu

      you have serious issues, Arush.

  4. Don’t worry arush arora I’m back…..anyways the only thing make me happy is seeing that b*t*h aakrithi sharma aka future f**ker crying as usual….if I go back to my chemistry lab in school I’ll bring the highly concentrated HCL acid and throw on her face……OMG!…I nearly forgot something why would I do that ….already her face is like a acid attacked face…..feel so sry 4 that b*t*hes mother whose another b*t*h for giving birth to that ugly creature…..

    1. satya team Kulfi Vahu

      I hope you are not a girl or a woman Princess. Do you ever proof read before posting? I really pity your mentality. You are talking about acid attacks . Have another look in the mirror in the morning prior to slithering out of the hole in the ground and before you open that shit for brains which is planted on top of your sorry neck. You disgust me. GGGRRR

    2. are u serious i mean how u can u say all this kind of things to a little girl she is just a kid what she have done to u to get this curses from u what kind of girl u are yuck don’t take this show too seriously this is just for entertainment

  5. Don’t worry ansh arora I’m back….u know what….if I go back to the chemistry lab in my school I would bring a highly concentrated HCl acid and throw on her face…OMG!…why would I do that to a little girl….
    on behalf of me God already made her ugly so no needs of acid..and if possible I’ll give her a very dangerous medicine by the help of my parents who r consultants…..but let it be this world is not filled with beautiful girls like me and Myra and anjali…there r some ugly creatures too like aakrithi b*t*h…so sry akrithi b*t*hes mom 4 giving birth to a ugly duckling..


    1. I may kinna repeat but what I say is true and crystal clear…and thank you abishka and vidy..and reethika sweetheart my daddy always used to say never be scared of anything and do whatever u want to do cauz u have a supportive family and lots of money..also tells me to face the problems in a brave way….u don’t need to respect all kinds of b*t*hes in the society and worry what they will talk….don’t forget they r like chameleons who cannot even select a good leader

  6. @Divya d glad that u r come back. Fed up of akriti bhajana in this forum. I’m Ansh not Arush. I also hate akriti. I thought im the only one who hate akriti. But what make u hate her so much. I’m curious 2 know.

    1. Well ansh….its very easy to act a nice role…as u know a well act should be balanced.. But hers?…too much of tears…to much irritation.. Once I was on social media I found out that kulfi aka aakrithi b*t*hes fans commented so bad about Myra…what has that kid done…it was just her role and even in her character amyra she didn’t do anything wrong..bhai(a only daughter especially a young kid..wanting her daddy’s love is normal….do u think that when all of a sudden an irritating b*t*h comes into her life and mess things up she will accept as her sister and share her dadda.) Ever since she was born she was her dadds only beati..and its a child behavior to get possessive..but in social medias people are triggering that cutie angel Myra…do they have any idea how hard to do a role ike amyra..(its not saying sikandar ji and say na ji na and weep)so I want them too to realize what their comment means by typing my own opinions without thinking about them…if others appreciated Myra with her acting I would have kept my hatered 4 aakrithi inside….Also in the drama they’re showing kulfi like a mahan…seriously?…

  7. Some of my friends including girls and boys hate akriti. But in social media shr has no haters. We all like ammu and myra. But the crying bahu kulfi come b/w ammu&dad every time.

    1. Don’t say she doesn’t have haters bhai…my large group of set hate kulfi…nobody expresses in social media cauz they don’t even want to look at her account.also rather typing their hatered comment to her they’re typing loving comments to Myra….

  8. @Divya D Akriti fans are bashing myra singh without considering her as a child artist. I found so many ugly comments on myra in social media . But when u bashed in the same tone they couldnt digest it. I’m sad that myra get so much hatred from ppl.

    1. Exactly …..so if aakrithi b*t*hes fans can type whatever they want then we too can type our comments…. And after my first comment some b*t*hes said is this how u comment to a little girl she is a sweet one….then wat about amyra?…Is she a 100yrs old women?… No right… And y’all know myra is fashionable, cutest..and the cuteness keeps on going….she’s like a angel her cute voice and the way she acts is really superb…

  9. Divya. D fan girlz

    We luv u no matter wat divya…u r so true…we luv ur boldness…I cannot say how much we luv u ….on your face kulfi dog fans…divya u r indeed a god….a reality God…. We enjoy ur comments… Plz let us know if u r using social medias…..god bless u girl…atta girl…

    1. haha divya, why the hell are you commenting about yourself under a different name! 😂😂😂😂😂
      We all know that it is you, we have our sources and I know TU very well. Ur such a joke 😂😂😂
      Pls just stop, this is entertainment but ur making a fool out of urself 😂😂😂😂

    2. R u joking na? But you know you need a brain for that also and may be you r brave( ????) and have lots of money but I m sure for one thing you don’t have a brain and sense.

  10. Amal


  11. You guys stop writing weird for Kulfi she is just acting both child are acting according to the story it’s not their mistake so don’t think like this, tell him who is the director of this serial ,it’s his mistake

    1. Its true the child are just acting according to the story

  12. zayn ibn haris

    Shut up you arush and divya d b*t*hes i think you b*t*hes are talking too much about kulfi ,you are like illiterate people do you know what you are saying about a girl you dont have even tallent and sincerity like her and beauty is not every thing ,a person should be sincere and loyal and both characters are in kulfi

    1. @zayn ibn Haris i didnt use any unparliamentary words for akriti. And yeah she is overacting and ugly for sure. She is no where near to myra in talent. Thats what I mean. U guys are bashing myra with ugly words. Then no problem. Also i’m ansh not arush

    2. @zayn ibn Haris lol u called a men bi*h lol how can it possible? Ha ha. Also I never called anyone bi*hes be it men or women. Ha ha.

  13. I wonder why telly updates publish these comments . This is total harrasment for kids. Divya.d is having many issues regarding a little girl.

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