Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update Sikander pleas to Lovely.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lovely scolds Amyra for coming upstairs, Sikander says this is her house too she will come here, Amyra says enough stop it you two, you have to stop fighting, yes I became friends with Kulfi I lied I’m sorry and so is Kulfi,but I did all this to get you two together, I read on Internet when parents divorce they have to chose between mom and dad, and so you two together have to choose me, because I can’t choose you between you two, but you two just don’t understand, so please promise you won’t go for divorce, Lovely says fine I’m ready, but only when Kulfi will leave this house, sikander says again, I will repeat kulfi won’t leave this house, Lovely says look amyra he doesn’t need you let’s go amyra, Sikander says stop she won’t leave this house, both start pulling Amyra, and fight over her.

Kulfi says cant you see she is in pain, Kulfi jumps in between pulls Amyra and hugs her,and asks is she fine and hugs her and stops lovely and Sikander from coming close to amyra and says look at what you two are doing, can’t you see she is crying in pain, you two are elders and pulling her like stupid’s, she is little doll, will you break her in pieces, Sikander and lovely break down.

Mohendar calls place where camera came from and asks for details who bought it and says someone left it in our house so I just want to return it, he says okay I will call back with details. Gunjan talks to Tony and asks him not to take her name, he says okay and asks her to leave, Sikander hears kulfi praying and walks to her, he joins her, Sikander disturbed. Sikander starts singing, he remembers his days with Amyra, since her child hood, Kulfi joins Sikander sing, lovely missing old days too.

Amyra in tears goes hug lovely. Kulfi says to Sikander I know you are disturbed even Lovely but amyra is the most disturbed, I can feel what she is going through, she can’t live without you, I had mom but missed my father whom I never met, but amyra knows who her father is then how will she live without one of them, don’t break her heart.

Mohendar gets call and is informed camera was bought by Tony Chadda a month ago. Kulfi tells Amyra that Sikander is very upset, Amyra says same is with mom, and today they have to go meet concellor, Kulfi says this court I hate it, Amyra asks what will mom dad say to councillor,Kulfi says don’t be worried I prayed to god all will be fine. Mohendar goes to see Tony, Tony insults him, Mohendar hands him camera and says you used this and little girl to spoil your daughters life, Tony says shut up, Mohendar says why did you do it then, Tony says shut up go talk to your wife and get out.

Lovely about to get in her car, Sikander pulls her in his, and locks the car. Mohendar asks kulfi Santa called you right but did you know he was going to call you, Kulfi says no he called for first time, Mohendar asks who told he called,Kulfi says gunjan aunty, Mohendar says okay you go play in your room, Kulfi says no no I don’t want to, Mohendar says okay go down and play, Kulfi says okay and leaves. Kulfi says these elder people keep fighting god please no more drama.

Lovely asks Sikander what are you upto, Sikander says lovely we what are we upto, we are losing our Amyra, I miss you two a lot, trust me and this differences between us making us spoil what we have, Lovely says Amyra, Sikander says tell me don’t you miss the days we spent with her, she is our daughter why are we getting influenced by others and going for divorce let’s go for a new beginning.

Pre cap : Mohendar asks gunjan who was Santa and called kulfi, gunjan says yes it was me because I don’t want Lovely back in this house.
Sikander says don’t worry Lovely, we will try again, lovely says Sikander but you have to choose me or kulfi, Gunjan calls Nimrat and says you wanted to meet Sikander right come see him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    O … lol

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think this is where Sikander’s “real” wife comes into the show, as his old “reel” wife ? what a joke ??? you writers crack me up … pity they don’t hv kids, else he’d hv the whole family on the show ? is this drama… or comedy now ??? ??? btw, when is Tevar coming back to fix this crappiness ?? ?

  3. Omg ! whats happening ……

  4. Aha. Did say that Nimrat may not be really dead. It’s what will save Lovely from being a total criminal . Waiting for Tevar’s reentry. Maybe he has regained some measure of success and is now financially stable.

  5. It would be great if Nimrat returned and then Tevar also returned and they got married and raised Kulfi together AWAY from all these psychopaths, especially Lovely. Sorry but dumb Sikander doesn’t even deserve Kulfi. Tevar was a much better father to her. So sick of watching the freaking Amyra Show.

  6. Oh, it’s sick. Kulfi is acting like a grown woman, sacrifice queen. Now this show is about the happiness of a spoilt rich kid and her evil ma. Suppose the two idiots Mohinder and Bebe won’t mind if kulfi is thrown out to get lovely Myra back.

  7. oh now Nimrat is coming back…..
    Now this is confusing as i am sure they showed her Funeral … before Khulfi left with her moms bundle…

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