Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update Lovely signs divorce papers.

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Sikander says okay let’s take nimrats death was an accident but kulfi, lovely says I have no issues with her but you p, you give her more importance to her than me and amyra, then tell me what to do,Sikander tries to calm lovely,and asks is she taking medicines on time, Lovely says you never have asked me before, Sikander says because we never were apart.

Tony and Gunjan get into an argument, media gets around and starts recording. Lovely asks Sikander, will he break them,won’t he give her a chance, Mohendar tries to calm gunjan. Sikander and lovely hear people talk about their families fighting and runs out. Sikander warns tony not to insult his family, Lovely says lower your tone Sikander, sikander says you wanted an answer here it is, your family keeps insulting mine, Lovely

says and what about your family no one likes me there,they hate me,Sikander says you deserve it, Lovely says few minutes back you were different once your family is involved you change, and if there is problem why don’t you leave me,give me divorce,Sikander says take it, amyra and kulfi watching all this.

Lovely hands Sikander his ring,amyra starts crying, media records everything, Sikander leaves, Kulfi follows him and says why didn’t you think about Amyra before doing that, Sikander scolds her and says why don’t you understand you are a kid behave like one and leaves,amyra asks Lovely she promised she won’t take a divorce then why now,Lovely scolds her and asks her to leave,Kulfi says please talk to me sikander sir open the door, don’t do this to amyra and lovely, Mohendar scolds gunjan, gunjan says how could you forget what Lovely did or keeps doing, nimrats death or my accident and I won’t keep quite I will raise a voice, Mohendar says think about the kids, they are suffering.

Kulfi with billo, says I’m getting no answers instead was scolded,and all is a mess, I wanted to ask him why he left me and Ma,but now he is about to leave amyra and Lovely and if he turns to be bad person what will I do,if he can’t be Amyras father how will be he mine, I’m missing Ma so much today, how will I find my answers.

Sikander gets a message,and he wakes up,he checks news, it’s about their divorce all over the Internet and news, amyra watching all this starts crying,cutie says Amyra come let’s go to your room,let the elders talk. Bebe asks kulfi to stay in her room till elders finish talking, Kulfi asks this isn’t happen right. Lovely scolds news channels for telecasting wrong news, so does Sikander, both are told the other one has confirmed,love, Lovely says dad how could sikander do this, how will me and amyra will live without him,tony scolds her,and says he insulted tony chadda and his market and you going back to him,lovely says he is my husband,tony says fear that if he looses his calm he even might reveal that you killed Nimrat and Amyra isn’t his child too so think about all this.

Sikander says i don’t think Lovely wants a divorce, Mohendar says it’s chadda definitely,gunjan says is she a kid that gets influenced, Mohendar scolds gunjan, Bebe says you take lovely alone with you and talk to her you will find a solution,Sikander says you are right. Lawyer walks in and says Adi Irani,lovely lawyer here are divorce papers for you.

Tony to lovely look Sikander is very angry that you killed Nimrat and so he will take revenge and so before he does something we have to, so sign these papers and show them that you aren’t weak,we will make Sikander beg for you,amyra watches lovely and says mom please don’t,tony scolds Amyra, Lovely signs the papers.

Pre cap : Kulfi talks to tevars picture and says I found my real father and it’s Sikander and today I shall tell him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think is Tony want to be with her dat y he pushing her to sign the paper

  2. Pls bring Tevar back

  3. Sikandar mother and brother are 2 of the most disgusting people ever! They’re fighting for lovely to come back but never fought to keep Kulfi. Even after knowing how Lovely tricked her son into believing Amyra is his she still has not told her son Kulfi is his daughter. What kind of people are they. Do they think Kulfi’s truth will remain hidden forever? They’re pushing Kulfi aside as if she’s a dirty little secret. They are so disgusting! Mahender that traitor betrayed a motherless child yet he’s pointing fingers at Sikandar’s characters. These people love Amyra more than they even care about Kulfi. Kulfi will always suffer as long as Sikandar does not know the truth. Shame on the writers showing all this abuse to a child by adults and a child too. It’s high time all the truth are out! Why keep kulfi paternity a secret now when there is so much going on. Let Sikandar know everything then viewer will be sure that his decision is right to still want to be with Lovely after he know she’s been torturing kulfi because she knew she is his daughter and Nimrat’s child.

    These writers has lost it! Lovely does not love Sikandar…..if she truly loved him she will accept Kulfi. The woman has no heart! She a selfish disgusting person who will never change.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    This is such a tricky situation… innocent Kulfi wants to unite Sikander and lovey but what would happen when she comes to know that it was lovey herself who killed her mom 😢 how would a child react to that ??? it’s so sad (silent tears 😭) …. and what about Amyra, what would be goin on in her mind when she learns her mom killed Kulfi’s mom 😐 and when she learns that Sikander is not her real father but Tevar is 😐 how should she react to all the drama … then knowing that Sikander is Kulfi’s real father 😢 it’s too much 😩 too much lies that witch told the fathers and the daughters 😩 she is soooo unfit to be a mother and I feel sad at how much pain she is yet to inflict on those girls 😩 she is undeserving of anyones love or support …. she’s a disgrace to the word mom … smh

  5. Tevar please come back! 😭

  6. We want Tevar and Kulfi, he is the father she deserves. Let Sikander have his dysfunctional family

  7. Tevar must must return. He is Almyra’s father. That part of the plot needs to unfold. Still think he is the better Dad for Kulfi. And Lovely still needs to stand the consequences of her actions. She is guilty of a criminal offense – a fatal hit and run. The serial must show a sense of justice to have a semblance of credibility unless Nimrat isn’t really dead. Though we did see her funeral. But you never could tell with serials. …..she may even have a twin sister…….

  8. Mrs Nalini Persad

    Sally’s comment is the best! Factual and to the point, waiting for the next twist now.

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