Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update : Lovely threats to poison Amyra.

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Lovely looks at Sikander taking care of Kulfi and remembers killing Nimrat in car accident,she sees the locket, and says good she died that day by mistake i swear to god i would kill her now. Tevar calls Lovely and says dare you cheat me this time, Lovely thinks i will have to because theres nothing more important then Amyra to me, Sikanders daugther is home and Amyras father but this truth will never be out because Amyra won’t be able to handle it, Lovely breaks the phone and dumps Nimrats belonging.

Dadi tells Mohendar she has no idea how she lost the bag,he says dont worry Sikander will find it and anyways iits the way towards the truth,Dadi says i think we should tell Sikander the truth now without much delay. Lovely makes a shake and adds poison in it.

Sikander driving home with Kulfi,Kulfi crying on missing her mother’s diary, Sikander asks wwhats wrong dont worry we will find the bag,you trust me right,i have called everyone and they will call me as soon as they get it, Kulfi says why will anyone take my bag what would they get, Sikander sings to cheer Kulfi,Kulfi joins him, both sing anf dance together.

Mohendar says Lovely you added poison in it what are you doing, Lovely says don’t worry this isnt for your beloved Kulfi but there’s one more girl here stubborn arrogant, and all hate her too and she is left alone,her name is Amyra its for her,Dadi asks whats wrong, Lovely says tell me if Kulfi is sign of love and his blood then who the hell is Amyra so im just finishing her. Sikander makes Kulfi smile and says just keep laughing like this and remember when something is left behind it makes way for new,ttheres surprise waiting for you.

Lovely says what about my daughter,she was so upset when Kulfi was going ti be part of family what when she will find Sikander is Kulfis father ,Dadi says enough we haven’t thought about Kulfis adoption yet,and we will talk to amyra. Lovely says Amyra was jealous of Kulfi and so she did this David thing but you all never see her pain,since Kulfi is here you all have forgotten Amyra,Dadi says enough Lovely we knew Kulfis truth for you and Amyra but now iits enough,Kulfi wont bare hardship anymore, Lovely asks what about Amyra,i ccant see her in pain and so we both will consume this and end our lives and then you your son and his daughter can stay happily in my home.

Sikander and Kulfi get home,Kulfi goes hugs Lovely, and says look iim back, and takes dadis blessing,Kulfi says i missed you all so much,Jonny rushes to Kulfi, Sikander asks wheres Amyra, Lovely says atleast someone remember her, I’m going to see her and leaves.

Kulfi says to Sikander that looks like i stepped in somewhere i shouldn’t, Sikander says no you didnt, come let’s select your clothes come sit,ma you join us too,Dadi says yes in some time.

Sikander says try this one first,Mohendar stops Lovely and says stop all this and try to understand tge situation,its miracle that Kulfi reached us. Kulfi walks out in new dress,little uneasy, Sikander says very pretty but wwhats wrong,Kulfi says its pricking.

Lovely says you see Kulfi but me just Amyra,and so will do what is right,Mohandar says is this right, Lovely says instead of living a life thinking you are inferior its better she dies.

Kulfi says Sikander sir you find every dress good on me, Sikander says iits big task,you wait i will get Lovely. Dadi says don’t worry Sikander will never do wrong to anyone, Lovely says your son has already done enough wrong for me not for Amyra now,Dadi says please dont do this,Mohandar says okay we wwont tell Sikander.

Pre cap ; Sikander and Kulfi having fun , Lovely thinks nothing will be right untill Kulfi gets out of my house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I think it’s time lovely’s bad intentions and all what she has done comes out in front is .
    She is very evil and is spoiling amyra’s life by teaching her wrong things, she will grow up to be an evil person too.
    Don’t understand why in all our Indian serials , only bad, evil, cumming people keep winning and good people suffer

  2. Here we go again with het stupidity

  3. Lovely is so selfish, she’s happy for Sikander to raise her daughter but not his own. Anyway it diesnt matter wheather he knows irdoesn’t he prefers and likes kulfi more anyway. Jealousy against a young child is disgusting

  4. Are the writers all about: if you’re a good person you have to endure a lot of hardships and you will only have a handful of happy moments and a lifetime of pain. What kind of mother is Lovely. Instead of teaching her daughter to accept and learn how to share she keeps her spoiled, everything she wants she gets, what she doesn’t like needs to be gone. Running over Kulfi’s mom, emotional blackmail, pointing fingers at others instead of her own faults. No one standing up and pointing out what is right and what is wrong. No everyone needs to keep quiet for the ‘socalled benefit of others’. Do these people even know what is right and what is wrong anymore?

  5. I loved dis film at first but now its boring. I tink s high tym sikandar knw his relationship with kulfi.

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