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Amyra lift will be closed for some time say security guard. Amyra walks in the lift with Kulfi, amyra thinking about teachers words, Kulfi remembers Nimrat saying the one who leaves is a coward, and Setu saying he doesn’t know whether Sikandar is a good person or bad, and Amyra upset about divorce ,Kulfi thinks until I ask Sikandar about the truth I can’t come to an conclusion

Amyra tells every one that kulfi has told about the divorce in the school she doesn’t like the interference and looses the calm, Lovely tries to calm her down. Kulfi ask Sikander not to talk to amyra on the matter of divorce and she tells him what happened in the school. Sikandar tells her that’s between me and Lovely, not to think about it, Kulfi says I’ll think, is it this way all the time, first

you fall in love, then you promise to say together then you get married then you leave. Sikander in shock reminds him of Nimrat, Kulfi says is it this way all the time.

Amyra crying and says to lovely if there will be divorce I will have to choose between you two, I can’t do that, Lovely says nothing of such will happen don’t fall for kulfis words. Sikander says do you think I’ll do that kind of work, Kulfi says that doesn’t matter I’m asking you a question tell me, Sikander asks why you want to know this and who asked you to ask me this question, Kulfi remembers talking to Setu, where she says if Sikander can love an unknown child so much why did he leave my mother and marry Lovely, Setu says only Sikander can answer this and it’s your right to know.

Sikander asks kulfi who made you ask this question Lovely or Amyra,Kulfi says no one asked me to I want to know, Sikander says I swear on god i never do it on purpose but some how I hurt people I love, now enough I have answered your question now don’t ask me, Kulfi says I want to because it’s very important for me, Sikander says it’s not important for you because you are a kid, Kulfi says it is because you are my and stops, Bebe and Mohendar walk in, Sikander says Kulfi don’t do this I know you care for everyone but it’s not the time right now focus on your studies I’ll look after that, Kulfi leaves

Lovely thinking about what Amyra said, tony asks her where she’s going he says I very well know what you are thinking, but you don’t know what Sikander and his family thinking, if Kulfi has spoken about the divorce in school it is definitely because Sikander and his family might be discussing it and she overheard, and if you go and talk to him now he will consider you weak, now it’s up to you.

Sikander says why should I take the first step to Bebe Mohendar Gunjan, gunjan says you are right why should always we take first step Mohendar says to Sikander if you are embarrassed by kulfis question how will you answer amyra if you don’t resolve this kid will be affected, Bebe says even I agree with Mohendar, mohendar says you know Lovely, and when mistake is bigger its difficult to apologise, Sikander says it’s difficult for me to forgive.

Cutie says Sikander will never forgive you and now he knows amyra isn’t his daughter and now no one can stop him from breaking this relation, Tony says before Sikander sends us divorce paper you shall send him, Lovely breaks down.

Bebe says if you don’t go an talk to Lovely I’ll go, Sikander says why do you want to, Bebe says because it’s parents responsibility to show children right path, Sikander says I don’t see future in this relation, don’t forget what she did to Nimrat, Mahendra says I have harsh words for you don’t forget you did wrong with Nimrat and now you are blaming everything on Nimrat, why don’t you believe Lovely that it was an accident and it is because you did wrong with Nimrat but you can atleast try, Sikander breaks down.

Tony makes best divorce lawyer in Mumbai a call and asks Lovely to talk, lawyer asks Lovely not to worry she will be paid highest alumniand full custody of her daughter, Lovely says means you will separate Amyra and Sikander, lawyer says daughter should be with her mother and I think you haven’t made you mind about the divorce be quick because once we file the case there won’t be stepping back.

Cutie says to lovely Bebe and Mohendar are here to talk to you, Tony says this is Sikander keeps talking about principles, but sends his mother and brother to talk, go talk to them, he isn’t even ashamed, today if you step back then Kulfi will always be a trouble.

Lovely walks to them, Mohendar asks how is she and amyra, lovely says what do you think, Bebe says we miss you come let’s talk, Lovely says if Sikander won’t come I don’t wish to talk to anybody,

Sikander thinking about kulfis words opens a box removes a hanky with his name inscribed and smells it, Sikander hears gunjan and Mohendar talk. Mohendar tells gunjan lovely denied talking to them, Sikander runs out,Gunjan says so much pride even after knowing it’s her fault, Mohendar says what are you talking, gunjan says she has never respected us atleast shown some respect towards Bebe, Mohendar scolds her but sees Sikander listening,

Amyra slept watching sikanders video lovely sees it and gets emotional, Kulfi crying in her room, Sikander checks on her, Lovely sees Sikander strolling with Jonny, both thinking about divorce

PreCap : tony and gunjan giving hard reviews to media, Sikandar and lovely get into argument amyra and kulfi watches them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I still don’t see any reason for them to stay married… there is too much lying by the witch and she tricked both Tevar and Sikander with their respective children, also, she practically maimed Gunjan 😡 how much more damage must she do before someone actually gets killed 😐 … yaar, so Sikander left Nimrat without looking back but if the witch didn’t fly in with her broomstick and kill his first wife, how do we know that he might not have had a change of heart later and regret his decision to leave her ? 😐 jus sayin

  2. I think he should leave her for good

  3. Parvini Ramkumar

    Why the drama of them getting divorced. She killed someone, she lied to him about their kid, and is a general witch. He must divorce her for lying about him being the father of her kid. There is no marriage. I don’t understand why they are making a divorce a big deal and lovely is concerned about amartya. She only wanted her daughter for herself, she never took care of her husband.

    Just like the rich people it’s all about show!! Living in her fantasy world with him being a drunk was ok with her

  4. I don’t understand why is Mohendar always so sympathetic towards this b*t*h Lovely. Ok accepted that she might have not done it knowing that it was Nimrat but isn’t hit and run still a crime? And when Sikandar can accept Amyra after knowing she is not his daughter, can’t Lovely do the same. She is insecure that Sikandar won’t love Amyra as much as he does after he knows the truth but she can still not tell him the truth and they can live happily with both daughters. She should be grateful towards Sikandar for not ousting her right when he got to know the truth and still loving that brat child of hers. I really feel angry at Mohendar, doesn’t Kulfi mean anything to him, poor child lost her mother because of Lovely and now he is not letting her father know that she is his daughter and doesn’t even want her mother’s culprit to be punished.

  5. marilyn hughes

    I am tired of all the hurt and anguish kulfi is going through…time for sikanda to know the truth.

  6. I’m tired of Lovely and Amyra blaming all their problems on Kulfi, I decided to catch up on the beginning of the show as I didn’t watch it from the start and the way Lovely and Amyra behaved towards sikandar and his family was disgusting. Yet stupid grandmother and brother take lovelys side. Sikandar was basically a slave to lovely and her family, a drunk and they were arguing well before kukfi got there. The question shouldn’t be why are they getting a divorce it should be why aren’t they already. The damage to that relationship, the betrayal is surely irreversible. End of the day even if it is a genuine accident once you leave the scene it becomes a crime.

  7. Ridiculous how long they’re dragging this out. Gunjan is the only one with a little bit of sense and yet Mahinder keeps silencing her. Sikander just scolded them, “so much was going on for months and nobody told me” and yet they are STILL keeping the biggest thing of all from him! They keep saying, “don’t tell for Amyra’s sake.” ARRE YAAR AMYRA KNOWS ALREADY THAT KULFI IS SIKANDER’S DAUGHTER YOU STUPIDS!!! Biggest idiot of all is Sikander, who after so many OBVIOUS clues, hasn’t figured out yet who the hell Kfi is! Tevar ko please wapis leyaao aur iss chudail Lovely ko dhakke maar ke ghar se nikaalo!

  8. Kulfi is actually getting on my nerves. so f&*^& naive and just annoying!

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