Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update Sikanders weird behaviour

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Sikander looks at kulfi in anger and says shutup or else i shall kill you, so go to sleep, and dont utter a word to anyone. kulfi scared runs away.

Kulfi draws her dream in her book, she walks out with it, and says god its such a big puzzle, he doesn’t seem like my father, Amyra says because he is my dad, and now you questioning him when he is giving me all attention enough of your nonsense,he has learnt its just me.

Kulfis paper flies and falls nears sikanders picture. Amyra goes to lovely and says mom, dad will go with kulfi and i dont want to, lovely says your dad said he wants to go just with you,amyra gets excited.

Lovely gets debit messages, and is in shock, amyra and Sikander walk in, amyra says we shopped a lot,kulfi sees them together and feels bad. Lovely asks you using my card, Sikander says yes i didnt find my wallet, Amyra knew where your card was, annd i got her lot of dresses, lovely says i shall go check.

Mohendar walks to Sikander and asks didnt you buy anything for kulfi, Sikander says why for her, kulfi feels bad and starts crying. Sikander and amyra having pizza, kulfi sees them and things baba never liked it how come he is having it, lovely says your wallet, Sikander says i dont remember card details,kulfi thinks he remembers every singke details how come he forget this. lovely says okay no issues we will inform banks for change of pin. lovely gets fork and asks sikander to sign. kulfi finds everything fishy abd walks to Sikander and asks do you remember this place. Sikander remembers his accident and says no I don’t and gets angry saying im forgetting things, mohendar and lovely calm hin down.kulfi starts crying.

Mohendar hugs kulfi.

pre cap : Amyra shouts over kulfi and says dont you understand he doesn’t love you, get lost.
kulfi at accident spot with her friends

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Kya bahvas ……its really nice watching amyra and mohit malik…..but in the drama its amyra with a stranger….I have a weird feeling it might be Tever…. Sikandar do come for your beti amyra…..

  2. The way Amyra treats Kulfi is really annoying and selfish. That’s not how you should treat someone who saved your life.

  3. Kulfi can jealous wiyh amyra when sikka avoids kulfi. But ammu feels sad when sika neglects her u guys hate her. More than sika Tevar deserves ammu&mom although I like Myra with Mohit

  4. now kulfi and her friends became cid,this new Sikandar is not Sikandar but some one else.why nobody observed his behaviour except kulfi?

  5. Why does kulfi always has to go th rd Pugh pain? Story line is plain stupid.Children are cruel when an adults lets them…Why does useless Lovely and other family member allow Amarya say dirty girl etc.one slap and the child will stop and why should Amarya be given all the love.. Such a spoilt brat kulfii should leave and stay with friends who will love her unconditionally .Sikender is not helpless and nor is the family.Lovely begged Kulfi before the op.but now she is only there for her selfish brat child Amarya. Why should Tevar come back? He too let Kulfi down .Why don’t the family tell Selfish Lovely and Amarya that they are the big cheaters and Amarya does not even have any blood ties.Why should Kulfi suffer. .Wake up So called Family do something positive for your own blood child. Why is Sikender putting up with the two selfish people who hurt his love child and killed her mother..Why writers…why..show some justice.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    As if it wasn’t enough abuse from that whole family, now Sikander himself has been added to the list 😡 what’s next ??? should she hang herself now to end the show ??? 😠

    1. If she really hunts that would be great…..

    2. The only difference is that Loveleen acts nice towards her now.

  7. Seems there will never be a happy ending for kulfi, now it’s ‘CSI India’ for her to find her real Dad, same way SIkander found here from David. But spare a thought for Amyra ( I hate her character and a good slap would help her) but all her life she is craving affection from her dada and clinging to SIkander. Now clinging to the imposter but in the end don’t think she will end up with Tevar, so will always have to seek attention and love from someone who is not her dad.
    Mohender is a Twot ( total waste of time )

    1. If a good slap is given for a little girl who loves her baba unconditionally and expects his love to be only hers(child’s behavior)….. Then what should u give to kulfi who came in between their beautiful lives and spread unhappiness. ..I would kill her….mohit is right kulfi is so jealous of Myra and sika …..in fact kulfi looks nowhere like sika…while ammu looks like a photo copy of sika and lovely…….

      1. Amyra looks like a exact copy of Loveleen and Tevar, she doesn’t look like Sikander at all. Kulfi does look like Sika. And yes, wanting her father’s love for herself is child’s behaviour, but there is a limit. She crossed that limit. Even after Kulfi sacrificed her life for her, she still hates her. And Kulfi never came in between anyone, or spread unhappiness, she just wants to be loved by her father as well. Amyra is just acting like a bratty little child.

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