KULDHARA by soumya and lasya (episode 06)

Episode starts with everybody consoling KEERTHI!

“Slow down keerthi… Don’t worry we will go from here soon… we will stay tonight and go to Udaipur tomorrow” Assured Naksh

“Okay” everybody nodded

Everybody came down to hall!

“What is happening in this house Karthik? What is this house expecting from us?” naira cried catching Karthik

They get interrupted as Mishti gets a phone call!

“Mumma is calling” Mishti shouted

She lifted the call and conversation as follows!

Hey Mumma…It’s very cool in shimla!

“Shut up Mishti… do you think your Mumma is a fool? We know you all went to KULDHARA…you did not atleast thought of telling us? Why did you do this? Did you think of your parents atleast once? All your cousins crossed your limits today! Because of you Bhabi and Bhayya are even coming there they started Two hours before… I Hope they will come there after 2 days because Bhayya doesnot drive after sunset!

“Mumma… how did you all come to know?

“Your snap story! Mishti” hm..anyways they will come there till then stay there cautiously 

“Okay mumma bye…Love you!”

“Bye..Hate you”

—————ends the call———–

“What happened Mishti?” asked Naira

“Di…actually all the elders came to know that we came to Kuldhara” Mishti replied

“WHAT? But how? Everybody others exclaimed

“SNAP STORY” she said

“Oh..no…so now what are they saying?” Karthik asked

“Taiji and tauji started their journey two hours back so they will come here after two days!”

“Mamma and papa are coming?” Naksh asked

“Yes” she replied

“so… we have to stay here till they come…” Keerthi said

“Oh..yea…” Mishti replied

“Mishti first of all you delete all the pictures you took…Not only mishti everyone else” Karthik Ordered

“But why Bff… we have to show…”

Before she completes Karthik keeps you have to do expression!

Mishti deletes all the pictures…. KULDHARA gallery folder of her mobile showed NO IMAGES message

And everybody others deleted as well

Later…. everybody sit idle seeing each other’s face…

“What will we do here?” Asked Rose

“last two days what did we do? The same thing” Ranveer replied

“What I’m thinking na Ranveer why don’t we go out…” Yash suggested

“yes…let’s go” Naksh, Karthik and Ranveer assured

“we will not come” ladies said

“I think we have a panipuri Bandar here let’s go there come on” Karthik said

“No.. pack it and bring” Naira said

“Your wish” Gents said

————-They left———-

“ Akshara… from here where should we go? I don’t know!” Naithik said..

“Let’s ask some one here” Akshara suggested


As soon as they think to ask car tires get busted… the car moves in a zigzag way and stops

They both get down the car and look here and there

“What happened to this? Where will we get a mechanic now?” Naithik asked

Akshara pats on his shoulder and point something

They see a shed… they go there and see a person repairing tires…. Naithik asks him to repair his car’s tires as well…

He does it….

They start their journey… after some time they get down the car and go to a dhaba…

They eat something…drink water and come to pay the bill…

Naithik and Akshara see a poster in which there is a picture of a person and REST IN PEACE written on it

  And get shocked

The manager of the hotel ask what happened

“This person…This poster?” Naithik becomes speechless…

“He was a very cruel person but one month back he was dead in car accident… he used to come here daily with his gang and used to torture us after he died his gang members forced me to keep this poster… He used to leave in KULDHARA” Manager said pointing the person on the poster

“No… He is not dead… We just saw him… He repaired my car tires” Naithik said

“What? You saw him? Then he will not leave you….Go back from here… Go back… save your lives… from the next day he dead many people said this and they did not returned back those who proceeded their journey” he shouted

Akshara and naithik gets shocked


“Mishti…Karthik said you to delete these pictures right? Then why did not you?”Ananya shouted

“I deleted Them di” Mishti replied..

“Then what are these..” she showed her KULDHARA folder with 120 images…

Mishti snatched her phone and checked…

“Yes this folder is showing 120 images…But I deleted them di if you want ask rose bhabi… she was with me” Mishti shouted..

“Yes.. she deleted the pics  I was there but now again?”

Mishti gets a message…


“Who sent me this message?”Mishti wondered

She looked here and there randomly and saw the women face in the window

She wiped her eyes and saw again she found the women face banging the window again

She gets frightened and closes her eyes…

She thinks to check the images… she zooms the image and become frozen with scare….



Precap: What happens While eating PANIPURI?”


Sorry for the late… will update soon from next!

  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Somuya today my heart came in my mouth while reading

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much vedanshi?

  2. Jasmin

    Dii awesome episode…but u know what..i m still not scared..i know Badi fearless hu..Thank u thank u..plzz post next one soon..love u…

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  4. Fenil

    Loved it !!
    Not scary at all , u bhootni just sacred of it hehehwhe.

    Hii Ghost Sissy , Pani poori has blood in it :D:D:D:Dvery hahaaha

    Ghost Sissy pls spare them they r innocent.

    Can’t wait for next

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much bhaiya and i know it was scary aapko bahut dar bhi laga h? but u r hiding it…pani puri me kya h vo to kal hi pata chalega

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      u look cute in silents mode

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      Check Pm

  5. Awesome dear..i love horror fictions…well done dear..if possible send me the links..waiting for the next part..

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  6. Awesome one let’s see what happens next

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