Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th March 2013 Written Update

Part I
Ashu tells Nidhi that he is back home. Nidhi is stunned to hear that. She asks when and how. He says he will say when they meet. She says she will come home but he tells her that he has to go to the hosp to meet the mgmt. She asks if it is serious. He says he cant say on the phone. Daksh asks what happened. Nidhi says that Ashu is back but does not know why and she is worried. Daksh asks her not to worry ‘ he must have been back for some urgent work. He smirks & thinks that what is going to happen now.
Ashu comes to the hospital. He walks in slowly. Nidhi meets him and asks him the problem. Just then Bharadwaj comes with another person of the management. Ashu says he was coming to meet him. Bharadwaj says that conference people had called & said that they had not allowed him to enter the conference. Daksh enters and acts as if angry and says how dare they do so. Bharadwaj says first listen to the reason. It is shameful. The other person says that Ashu tried to molest his assistant. Nidhi is shocked. Daksh acts surprised and vehemently says that Ashu cant do this. Ashu says he has been trapped ‘ but no one believes him. Nidhi asks what exactly happened. Bharadwaj tells her the whole story. Bharadwaj says that there is nothing left to be said after this. Nidhi protests & says that Ashu cant do this. It is impossible. They say that what she says doesn’t matter ‘ as proof is against him. Bharadwaj says it is better Ashu resigns before the matter spreads or else they will remove him. Ashni looks on stunned.

Ashu leaves. Nidhi follows him. Daksh & Bharadwaj look at each other jubiliantly. Ashu goes to his cabin. Nihdi tells him why he came back from there without proving his innocence. Ashu says that no one believed him. Nidhi says she does not believe that he could do such a thing & will prove his innocence. But ashu says it is difficult to erase a bad name. This world believes in the bad things. Nidhi says that world will believe him when the truth comes out. Ashu says that may be in future but now he has to leave the hospital. Nidhi says she too will resign. But he says if she leaves all her dreams will get shattered . She says Ok – it is his will. He says it is his will and his majboori too.

Nidhi goes to her cabin and takes her bag. Daksh comes in & asks if she is going home. Nidhi says she cant work today. Daksh says he understands when a husband betrays his wife how it feels – especially when the husband claims to love his wife. Nidhi asks him to be quiet. Daksh says no he will not ‘ he says that the girl cannot be more beautiful than him. How can a husband whose wife is so beautiful betray his wife?. He says he cant believe what Ashu must have seen in the girl that he got swayed away. Nidhi again asks him to keep quiet. But he says that today he will not be quiet. She has seen him as a friend. He says that the girl may be s*xy but cannot be compared to her. Nidhi asks him to shut up and allow her to leave. But he still continues. He says that u were faithful and he was not. What happened to all the marriage vows? He says that when trust is lost – relations break. He tells her that he should leave him immediately. Nidhi looks at him and gives him a tight & resounding slap !!! She says that Ashu has not broken her trust – but Daksh has. What does he think ? that she will be angry on Ashu and leave him? He has no right to tell her anything even though he is the trustee – she does not care about the job.If Ashu had not stopped her she would have left the job at once. She warned him not to tell anything against Ashu to her – ever in future and she knows how to handle people like Daksh. She leaves the room. Daksh is stunned.

Ashu is in the car park ‘ looking back at the hospital. All are talking about him. Nidhi comes to his side. He tells her that he had started his career here and now he is finishing here & that all the staff are looking at him as if he has done a crime. Nihdi says let them ‘ one day the truth will be revealed. She says people are sick & like to see other people in problem. She assures him that the one day the truth will come out in front of them. Ashu tells that they should go home. They leave. The camera zooms on the name of Dr Ashutosh in the car park when the car leaves.

Part II
Ashni in the car. Ashu is very quiet and Nidhi keeps looking at him. Ashu is driving & keeps remembering the incident. He stops the car. Nidhi asks him to drive safely. He says the road is bad and don’t know what is lying ahead. Nidhi says whatever comes we will face it. She holds his hand.
Divya & Aradhan are discussing that something is wrong. Divya says Ashu did not even look at her. Ashni just then enter. Divya wants to show him her progress ‘ but Ashu does not look at her and goes into the room. Nidhi says sorry to Divya and that Ashu is in tension and to speak later. Divya gives her look and says that she knows.
Ashni are in the bedroom. Ashu rues that all is over – His career & reputation which he had built ‘ he has lost everything.

Part III
Nidhi comforts him and says nothing is lost. It cannot happen with a person like him. She wonders why all this is happening. Ashu says that the time is not good. First she was attacked and now molestation charge against him. Nidhi says one more thing has happened ‘ she has slapped Daksh so hard that he will never forget. Ashu asks why. She said that he made a pass at her ‘ openly. She said that he was telling her to leave Ashu so that he could take advantage of her. Ashu says that he was suspecting Daksh. He says that he was suspecting that Daksh had ulterior motive of making Nidhi work late at the hospital with him.He says that he is proud that Nidhi did this. He tells her that he should have taken Nidhi along with him to Blore ‘ then this would not happened. Nidhi asks him not to worry everything – his work, his reputation – all will come back to him.

Pre Cap
Daksh is shown furious & fuming. He says he will take revenge on Nidhi the next day. Nidhi asks Ashu if she has the girl’s number. Ashu says yes. Nidhi asks him to call her up. Ashu does and says what now. Nidhi asks him to sleep in peace for now …whatever is to be done they will do the next day

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