Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th March 2013 Written Update

***Last Episode***

Part 1

Nidhi comes in Ashus cabin and finds that he is gone..! She asks a ward boy and he says that he left as he had some meeting to attend and from there has gone home! Nidhi says fine..! She is at her cabin and rues that Ashu is hungry coz of her .and thinks that she can no longer stay hungry as its no longer just for herself she has to eat..! Nidhi eats..! Nidhi decides to tell family members about the good news before Ashu since Ashu din seem to bother..!

Nidhi reaches home and finds it decked up..! She finds the entire family in there.. She greets CB/ BB/ DB and she asks why they are not outside? BB says that Ashu asked them to come inside..! Nidhi says he has gone for a meeting and DB says that Ashu is home n busy locked up in a room! Nidhi wonders the matter and knocks on the door of the room and Ashu grabs her inside..and cogvers her eyes..! He shushes her n then slowly removes his hand n she finds herself in their room which has been converted to a baby room complete with a baby cradle..! Nidhi is about to say something n Ashu puts his finger on her mouth n says they have to surprise alll..! Nidhi asks how he found out and why he din tell her ? Ashu says..then how would he have surprsied her? AshNi hug..! They come out ..of the room!

AshNi tell everyone that they have an important announcement to make..! Ashu says that Nidhi is no longer his wife.. everyone is shocked..! Ashu asks Nidhi if he is telling the truth and Nidhi nods her head..! Ashu asks if Nidhi has any objecitions n she shakes her head to say no..! Ashu says.. Nidhi is no longer just his wife but is going to be the mother of his child..! Everyone is delighted..! AshNi smile..! DB hugs Nidhi BB too..! All congratulate AshNi ..!

Band people start playing dhol .. n DB is dancing.. n so is CS! BB and CB smile seeing DBs enthusiasm..! DB sings.. ‘Bhaga re Bhaga Nand lala’! DB runs to CB/ BB with colors and they put color on each other..! CS puts colors on everyone doing his snake style dance n DB runs n he chases her.. before finally putting the color on her..!

Rangu and Anjie dance too .. Solanki and Rangus dad are there..! RanJi touch elders feet n put colors on them..! BG- Holi aaye dekho holi aaye..! Solanki is delighted seeing all the sweets… and CB asks why did he take so much time to come.??? Duo start playing colors..! BG – Holi aayi dekho holi aayi ..(Female)! RanJi are enjoying..! Shyama comes too..! AshNi watch everyone enjoying..and come out..! Anjie pulls them into the crowd and puts color on them..! AshNi put color on each other..! Ashu holds Rangus hand and all put oclors on RAngu n he asks..why all troubling him n Nidhi says coz he troubled all..! Everyone puts colors on Rangus face n kurti..! Nidhi-Anjie are busy dancing n DB asks them to go aside and sit n rest..! BG- Do me a favour lets play holi..! DB asks them to sit and enjoy nad not play..! Anjies mom says that Nidhi has to leave all work n sit at home! She says that if she goes to work who will care for kid? She has to sit at home for 2-4 years..! Nidhi says today girls can manage both n she has a supportive hubby like Ashu! Ashu says.. hubbies too support wives in household work..! Rangus mom says.. not in her side of the world..!

Rangu says Excuse me..and says that today Ashu has been assigned a special operation.. . to dance.. to sing..and to enjoy..! BB starts singing.. on ‘Taal se Taal mile’! Rangu n Anjie force Ashu to drink bhang n Ashu starts to sing.. Rang barse n dance in Big B style..! Anjie dances with Rangu.. on Ang se Ang lagana..! They do cute steps and everyone enjoy ..! Rangu fills a water pichkari n chases Nidhi around n she tries to stop him n pulls his ears..! Nidhi keeps ducking behind Ashu..! She runs and Rangu holds her arm.. and Nidhi asks Ashu to stop Rangu..! Rangu stays firm and finally all three Rangu-AshNi dance. !

Part 2

Ashu puts a towerl around his neck n starts to sing. ‘Holi khele Raghuvira’ . Rangu joins him ..! DB too sings…with them..! Ashu pulls Nidhi and they dance … ! They do cute fun steps together..! Everyone is having a blast..and scream. Holi Haiii..!

Ashu feeds gujiya to Nidhi n eats same..! Everyone is enjoying the refreshments n Nidhi looks on! Ashu asks what is she seeing? Nidhi says.. Duniya ka mela bhi kitan ajeeb mela hai.. kahan kahan se itne sare log aakar ikaata ho jate hain.. ajnabiyo ki tara aate hain aur kuch der me rishte ban jate hain. .ghar bas jaata hai.. sansar bas jata hai..! Nidhi says.. dil karta hai. .kash ye rishta kabhi khatam na ho. .ye mela kabhi khatam na ho..! Ashu says. .one year if Nidhi had passed by like a stranger.. he would not have seen this world ..and today he cant imagine his world without her in it..!
Part 3

Nidhi says.she thought the same.. !She says.. wondering where all they went. .n passed thru.. happiness sadness.. meeting separation .. love heartache.. in this 1.5 years..! Ashu says.. n despite this ..they are togethe.r! Nidhi says..wonder what destiny has in store for them..! Ashu says.. ahead is a beautiful future which will give their love a new name.. write new fortunes.. n Nidhi says.. ya some girl..! Nidhi says. .by then they will be too old..! Ashu says.. love never gets old .. body grows old..! In this world.. love is one thing that walk with the world..! Nidhi rests her head on AShus shoulder..!

CS calls everyone for a family photograph..! Everyone poses for the PERFECT KODAK moment..!

Concluding Lines..!

Ashu says .u all have loved and supported us for so long.. and hope u will keep loving and supporting us in future..! Nidhi says.. we are sure that ur love and support will be with us and Ashu says..who knows.. we shall return due to this love.. till then ALL THE BEST..!

The end of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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