Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th March 2013 Written Update

Part I
DB tells that Ashni are looking so happy together and a child will now complete the happy picture. Ashni hear this. Nidhi looks at Ashu. She says that the photo will be completed. Life gives everything but not necessarily that only when they want. She tells DB that DB will live for 100 yrs & see her grandchildren getting married also. She invites all for Holi the next day
In Ashni bedroom Nidhi is making the bed. Ashu asks her if she felt bad that DB had raised the topic of the child. Nidhi says no she has no fear now. She tells that when was taking care of the kid it felt as if she was giving a test – like making an experimrent in college where professors used to watch over & give marks. She said God was. watching her like that & testiing her performance and will reward her for her if she did well She was confident that she had done well that day and so will pass the test. Ashu tells her “Tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar” and Ashni hug.
Ashni are sleeping. Nidhi suddenly gets up feeling uneasy. She vomits and wonders what is happening. She feels that she may be preg. She had not checked as she was busy in work. She wants to tell Ashu but fears if it is a false alarm then she will disappoint him again. She will first do the blood test and only then break the news. She prays to God that earlier she had asked for failing in MBBS but she passed and got Ashu and thanks him for Ashu – but now she prays to Him for making her pass.

Ashu suddenly wakes up & asks her what happened. But she tells nothing & tells him to go back to sleep.

Next day morn Ashu is sleeping. Nidhi kneels beside the bed and tells him in her mind that she is going for blood test for final confirmation and that she hopes that Holi will bring good news for them. She puts colour on his cheek and wishes him Happy Holi

Next day morn she goes to the hosp in her night dress & gives the test . She tells the reception to inform her immediately abt the test results.
Ashu wakes up and sees colour on his face & smiles. He quickly goes out but cant find Nidhi anywhere in the house. Nidhi comes in – says she went for a walk. Ashu is surprised and asks why on Hoi she went out & why did she not call him. She says that she had tried to call him but he did not get up. Ashu says how come he does not remember. Why did she not put water on him as he also wants to be fit for the child. Nidhi says next time she will do it. Ashu chases her to put colour on her. Finally he catches her & puts colour on her face.
BB sees all snacks on the table and is very happy. He bites into a sweet but CS stops him. BB says he is free to have anything today. Nidhi is in the kitchen & thinking abt the report Ashu comes in & asks whats the matter.Nidhi tells him nothing & that she wants to go to the hosp also. Ashu asks her to get ready fast. Ashu wishes BB Happy Holi. He says there is an emergency in the hosp and has to go
He goes to the BR to check to see if Nidhi is ready. He starts reading a file. Nidhi is tensed about the report. Just then the phone comes for the report results and says it is positive.

Part II
Nidhi is overjoyed. Ashu is still looking at the file and suddenly tells Nidhi to hurry up as they were getting late . She tells him that she has something important to tell him. He says to tell in the car as it is getting late. Nidhi gets angry & asks him to go if he is so much in hurry & that she will go later. Ashu leaves.
In the hospital Nidhi is waiting for Anji. Anji comes and Nidhi shows her the reports. Anji is very happy & they hug. They start fantasising about their kids. Anji asks what was Ashu’s reaction. Nidhi says that she has not informed Ashu as he was in a hurry – all men are like that – only busy with work. Anji tells her to tell him straight. But Nidhi says no – Ashu understands all signals and that she will not tell him directly. She says that Ashu has sent her messages but she has not replied. She will only give hints. Anji leaves. As she leaves she says that they should celebrate this special Holi in a grand way.

Part III
Ashu thinks why Nidhi is not replying to his sms. He calls. Nidhi enters & asks what happened. He asks where she was. She tells she was with Anji. He tells her that she should have answered his sms. She says she was in the lab for check up. Ashu thinks that it is Anji’s check up & asks how she is. Nidhi says that it was her check up. Ashu asks why. Nidhi says that she had vomited at night. Ashu wants to give her medicine – but she says that she already is taking Anji’s medicine and that is working. Ashu says then it is ok and gets back to work. Nidhi looks at him for sometime and then leaves saying they will meet for lunch

At lunch Nidhi says she is not hungry and we ill not eat. Ashu asks if she had something before lunch. She says no – Ashu then says she must be having acidity. Nidhi asks Ashu to have lunch – but he says no – he will have with her only & anyway he has work to do and leaves. Nidhi looks at him leave – and is disappointed

Pre Cap
Ashu has decorated their room with cartoons & other pictures on the wall..He closes Nidhi’s eyes and brings her in. She is surprised and asks how he came to know & why did not he tell her…Ashu says then it would not be a surprise…
Then they show Holi celeb & Ashu dancing to Rang Barse

Update Credit to: kaks0211

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