Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi is in bed and Ashu is fast asleep! Nidhi looks at her moby and then calls up Anjie…! She is asleep but wakes up to receive the call..! Nidhi apologises to Anjie for the way she kept on asking Anjie about her pregnancy coz she was jealous..of her..! Nidhi says.. that for the first time in her life she was jealous of her best friend n is feeling guilty! Anjie says..she can understand and asks why is she feeling guilty? Nidhi says..she is feeling..so..and hence called up so that she wont feel she is cheating Anjie..! She promises never to be jealous of Anjie..! She shares how her depression n frustration has disappeared finally..! Anjie says.. she is delighted to know and asks her to keep smiling like this thruout her life..! Nidhi says she is looking forward to the sunrise next day..so that she can manage her professional and personal responsibilities better..! Anjie asks if she can sleep n Nidhi says..yes..n says sorry Mummy!

Next day morning, Nidhi shakes Ashu out of his sleep n says gyser is on get up..! Ashu says.he din sleep properly last night so..5 more mins! Nidhi shakes him again..! Ashu says..its all coz of her he couldnt sleep n Nidhi relents n says..last 5 mins..! Nidhi makes breakfast for everyone n BB says.. Nidhis energy is awesome.. that she is handling the entire house alone..! Nidhi says.. its her home so she has to handle herself.. n BB n Ashu have become naughty..so she has to handle..! Nidhi sits to eat n then realises Parathas are remaining n she goes to get..! BB says.. when life closes one door it opens another n Ashu rues that in the

9-12 and 2-6 she will sit in OPD and then take rounds of wards! Ashu smiles..! Nidhi says.. why smiling? Ashu says ..! Nidhi says from today.. all food will come from home .. to stay fit..! Ashu says..yes..since raising kids is nothing short of olympic particiaption! Ash usays.. he is gla dto get back his old Nidhi..!

Nidhi is checking patients She hears the noise of kids screaming in the childrens ward and goes to check..! The nurse is about to give meds and injections but all the kids scream that they wont take meds / injections..! Nidhi asks the nurse what is going on? Kids say ..they are getting bored.. n Nidhi asks them to play games n they say ..they are bored playing chess n luddo..! Nidhi says.. they need to find cure of this disease then..! She says.. they can play catch-me-if-u-can.! All the kids scream..! Nidhi says. .no shouting and that after the game all will take meds..! Kisd agree! Ashu comes in Nidhis cabin n observes that its empty..!

In the childrens ward. Ndih is chasing the kids around..and one of them bumps into Ashu n he looks up startled n sees Nidhi n glares..! Everyone is quiet..! Nidhi says..sorry ..! Ashu says..he came to play as well . .why everyone got serious? Nidhi says.. then catch the kid..! Ashu chases around as well..! Nidhi and everyone smile..! Ashu is huffing and puffing n then catches the kid.. lifts him up n puts him on the bed..!

Nidhi and Ashu are at the lunch n says..she is glad the old stubborn Ashu is not back.! Ashu says. .no need to be happy ..he says.. as MD .. he wants to ask something! Nidhi says.. he was playing too.! Ashu says..he is testing her level of indiscipline..! Nidhi says..so he has not changed…how can he do this ..he has eaten her food..! Ashu asks..who told her to cook? Nidhi says.. take action..! Ashu is closing in on Nidhi to kiss her n she says.. he is breaking the rules.. he is trying to kiss a doc in public.! Ashu says. no kissing his wife n Nidhi says..that is allowed in private..! The ward boy comes n says.. patients are waiting..! Nidhi goes to check ..!

Time is shown passing ..and Nidhi is lost in her duty n spending time with Ashu sharing lunches.. while also giving lectures to new interns..! BG- Tere liye nayi hai zameen..! Date is Feb 24th..! Ashu is waiting for Nidhi in the parking n glares at her.. she apologises for being late..! Nidhi is in the ward.. n checking patients …! Ashu is waiting for her n Nidhi asks him to hurry as all are waiting for them at bonfire..! Ashu says..he was waiting for her..! Nidhi says sorry!

Later at the bonfire.. DB asks why AshNi got late? Ashu says.. Nidhi stays so busy she forgets he is waiting for her by the car..! CB says..its good that Nidhi has started the bonfire thing..they look forward to it..reminsd of Army days! BB says…some efect of Armyman father..! Anjie says..its amazing how much ewnergy she has..! Nidhi comes with food n says.. diner time . .n that..she stays so happy she feels pepped up always..!

Part 2

Nidhi asks Ashu how was halwa? Ashu says.great..! Nidhi brings bowl with chits and CB pulls out chit n it says.. dialogue from Mughal-e-azam n he says.. Akbars lines…about not sacrificing nations destiny for his sons love! Next Ashu ..! He has to answer what CB said..! Ashu says.. the lines which reads.. that the person who has love on his side never changes..! Next up is DB..! DB says the lines n all clap..! Next up is BB ..! He has to sing Bhajan n he does..! Ashu hugs BB..! Next Anjie ..and Nidhi says..she is dumb at Dumb charades.! Now its Nidhis turn.. Anjie asks BB to ask Nidhi a touf question..!

Part 3

Nidhi says..she will pick a chit.. but Ashu says..he agrees with Anjie.. n asks BB to ask! Ndihi asks BB to ask her something easy..! He whispers..! Nidhi sulks and rues that she has to recite Anarkali forgiving Akbar n Ashu says..they wont forgive her..so say n Nidhi does.. ! All clap..! CS turn next n his chit reads.. he has to do chinta -ta- ta.! DB asks him to put the audio on n dance..! CS dances n all watch n enjoy..! Ashu and Nidhi are talking n smiling..! DB watches and tells BB that AshNi look great together . .so happy.. if now there is a baby the family portrait will be complete..! AshNi sulk .and BB feels conscious..!

Precap – Nidhi is in her night gown n sitting on the floor looking at a sleeping Ashu..! Nidhi self thought that.. she is going for blood test for confirmation n hopes that this festival of holi will bring happiness for AshNi ..! Nidhi puts gulaal on Ashus cheeks and wishes him HAPPY HOLI …!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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