Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part I
Divya is speaking to Aradhana who does not respond. Divya gets emotional, says that she does not have anyone else in her life and will go mad if Aradhana does not speak to her. Aradhana hugs her. Divya agrees to go to Lucknow for treatment.
Daksh looks at a photo of Aradhana & Divya in his house. He tells his father that he is thinking abut his Mom & Sister. His father says that if the accident had not happened they would have been there with him!!. He then tells Daksh to come with him for a party in the evening. But Daksh says he has to go out with Nidhi. His dad smiles and encourages him.
Nidhi tries to tell Ashu she will be late but Ashu cant listen as he is going in for operation. Daksh calls Nidhi and she says she will have to wait

to tell Ashu and then only leave. Daksh tells that Ashu will not say anything as he trusts her. Nidhi agrees. She comes to the parking lot. Nidhi is uncomfortable about leaving like this – but Daksh tells her that if they go early they will be back early. They leave. They come to a graveyard!! Nidhi is shocked, and asks him why they have come here. Daksh says keep silent or people sleeping here will get disturbed. Daksh takes her to a grave where a girl named Alicia is buried. He leaves the gift and a flower on the grave. Nidhi looks on. He says that this was his love who died in an accident. Nidhi says she is sorry. Daksh acts like a mad and says that she is alive and I talk to her and bring a gift ever V day but she does not speak as she is angry. Daksh says he was in Alicia’s hosue yesterday and while he was returning he had met Ashni. But he could not tell them that as Ashu would have thought him mad. Nidhi says no he would not have. Daksh says that he has not shared this secret with anyone not even his dad. Nidhi also promises not to tell anyone. Daksh smirks.
Ashu is at home having coffee. Nidhi enters. He says that he was waiting for her. But Nidhi does not tell him anything. She only says that she had gone with a friend and got late. Ashu said that she could have called. But Nidhi says she forgot. Ashu says it must be so dear a friend that she forgot Ashu. Nidhi says she is no mood for fun. He asks her what he can do to set her mood right. Nidhi asks him why he is being so romantic. Ashu says that you were being romantic yesterday and today it is my turn. Nidhi says Yes she was romantic yesterday but ‘ Ashu interrupts and says but Daksh had interfered.
Ashu asks Nidhi if she found Daksh odd. Nidhi asks why. Ashu says that why should a person roam about at night that too on V day. Nidhi says maybe he had returned after meeting his girl friend, She asks Ashu not to suspect others.
In the meantime Daksh is thinking that surely Nidhi must be lying to Ashu and that this was his first win
Ashni in bedroom. Nidhi is guilty about lying to Ashutosh. She thinks it is a betrayal of his trust. Ashu looks at her and asks if she wants to say something. Nidhi ask how do you know. He says that he knows her very well and that she cannot hide anything from me. Nidhi says that she is scared that if she tells him them he will feel bad. Ashu says that when we love some one we love both good and bad of the person, and that he has also done that and has loved her for her entire being. He tells her that how ever she may be she is His.

Part II
Nidhi fearfully says that she had gone with Daksh. He was in an emotionally weak mood she had gone with him ‘ but beyond that she cannot say anything as she has promised him. Ashu is angry & tells Nidhi that she has betrayed his trust. She has first lied to him and now telling him only half the truth that too about another man. How could she do this to him. Nidhi is stunned by this outburst and starts crying and says sorry. Ashu suddenly starts laughing and lovingly calls Nidhi stupid. He asks her if his trust for her is so weak that it will crumble so fast? He says he is proud of her that she did not break her promise to someone just to please him. Nidhi is relieved and they hug eash other.
Aradhana calls BB and says they are coming to Lucknow. BB breaks this news to Ashni. He says that they will be staying her and hopes it was ok with them. Ashni says he is right to have done so. BB also tells them that Aradhana has said that Divya needs to be handled with patience and sensitivity. Nidhi assures that they will.
Part III
Aradhana is packing. She suddenly remembers something ‘ photo of her & Bharadwaj. She prays to God that she should not meet him in Lucknow.
At the hospital Daksh sees Nidhi & acts as if he is tensed & worried. Nidhi watches him. As he passes by Nidhi stops and asks him what the matter is. He says he is ok. She says he does not look well. He tells Nidhi that he has shared what is to be shared with her, Now he should be left alone and walks away ‘ again with a smirk on his face. Nidhi looks at him go and thinks that she should get to know of the actual story of his past.

Pre-cap – Daksh is going on a bike and Nidhi is following him. Suddenly Daksh falls.

Update Credit to: kaks0211

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