Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

BG-Shukranallah .. ! AshNi arrive at the Dargah..! Ashu buys flowers and other things for offering..! He is in black t shirt ..jeans…n Nidhi in blue saree..! Nidhi says they are indebted to this Dargah! Ashu says that they realised how much they love each other for the first time at the Dargah..!Nidhi says.. they separated here n reunited here! Ashu says..here BB realised how much AshNi love each other! They decide to pray together.. n thank Allah! Ashu and Nidhi kneel on opposite sides of the Dargah ..! AshNi eyelocks..! Nidhi self thought that.. she does not know how to pray properly ..but she knows.. he can hear them..! Ashu self thought that he does not know anything beyond lifting his arms to pray but he prays that may his hand always hold Nidhis hand! Nidhi prays that may they pass entire lifetime together..! Ashu says many storms came.. n Nidhi says..but their love withstood! Ashu says..that may their love keep blossoming..year after year n Nidhi says …they will come to pray every year! Ashu says..that they have decided to be parents now. .n Nidhi says that ..may Allah grant them strength to be good parents..! Ashu says.. a new life is gonna come n Nidhi says.. n they are waiting for it..!

Ashu is driving and Nidhi asks..if he is not hungry? Ashu says.. shall they go to the restaurant they went to the first time? Nidhi says. .no some other place.to try something different..! Ashu says..then he has to think! Nidhi says.. he better do as its their anniversary.. n they need to go to some different place..! Ashu says.. fine.. he will take her to a whole new place..! AshNi arrive at a Restaurant..! Nidhi asks..why are they at a Chinese restaurant? Ashu says..its Japanese..! Nidhi asks..what is there in the menu? Ashu says.. she will get something. .better read the menu..! Nidhi turns pages of the menu n its all in Japanese.. n she finally says. Sushi..! Ashu says.. ok ..! He orders one Sushi..! Nidhi says..she wants to learn how Sushi is made.. she checks on her moby net.. n reads that its made of sea weed and raw fish n vinegar rice..! Nidhi is less enthusiastic..! The Sushi arrives.. and Ashu is skeptical too but finally he tries a piece..! Ashu is not much happy ..! Nidhi is about to try but drops her fork..! Nidhi suggests to leave the Sushi n asks if India-Japans relation will be at risk coz of this? Ashu says. .nope.. n they better leave..!

AshNi are at the chai ka kettle which they frequented a lot during their courtship.. and duo raise a toast to their First Anniversary..! They recollect coming to the chai kettle..and recollect their moments in and around it..! Ashu says..that they need to thank Japan for other things.. ! Nidhi agrees! Ashu says.. glad they got the Dhaba.. ! Nidhi says.. yep…jeera rice Panner Makhni .. Dal with tadka.. ! She says..it feels like Dil ka tadka..! Ashu says. .din understand the corelation..! Nidhi explains that tadka adds spice to dal n also to dil/life..!

Nidhi says.. Japan might have been a flop..but the terrace of their house is a hit..n says that she has plans..! Ashu asks..why? Nidhi smiles.. Ashu smiles back..! At the terrace..Nidhi has organised a dinner for AshNi..! Ashu praises the arrangement n says.. BB is smart.. leaving the duo alone to go watch a night show…! Nidhi says..they are three… AshNi n the moon! Ashu asks about the stars.. n Nidhi says.. they are far off! Ashu checks the dishes n is delighted to see the hare chane ki kadi n methi muthiya..! Ashu says..night cant get better..! Nidhi says..night has just begun.. lots of things are left..! Its the night to stay awake.. not sleep..! Ashu says.. great.. now they better eat..!

Nidhi blindfolds Ashu n brings him to the bedroom n Ashu wonders how many surprises are left?

Part 2

Nidhi comes in her nightgown n robe..! She opens Ashus blindfold ..! Ashu is stunned to see Nidhi! Nidhi asks him the matter? Ashu puts on his glasses and looks on nervously ..! Nidhi asks..why is he looking at her like this? Nidhi asks how is she looking? Ashu says. .nice.. n naughty..! Nidhi changes the music..! She closes in on Ashu .. and teases him..! She backhugs him and they sway together..! She taps on his shoulder. .n Ashu smirks..! Nidhi croons. Hoton pe bas tera naam hai…! She pushes him on the sofa… n falls on his lap..! Wind is blowing..n AshNi close in..! Ashu holds her arm n pulls her closer..! He turns her around.. n AshNi hug..! They are about to kiss n Nidhi moves away..! Ashu croons too … and holds Nidhis face..! AshNi kiss [backside shown]

Nidhi and Ashu walk towards the bed.. sit on it.. n continue to sing …! They fall on the bed and Nidhi is in Ashus arm..and Ashu lies on top of Nidhi..!

Part 3

Later in the night .. Ashu is fast asleep n Nidhi starts to check the desk calendar..and says.. MISSED IT AGAIN .. n that she is pregnant.. ! She wonders if God has given her a surprise or Anniversary gift..! She wonders if she should tell Ashu..n wake him up? She thinks.. theres no point waiting..and wakes up Ashu..! Ashu wonders what happened.. ? Nidhi says.. WILL HAPPEN after 9 months..! Ashu asks what? Nidhi says.. why doesnt a soon to be dad.. have another word than WHAT? Ashu is startled and delighted n hugs Nidhi..! Nidhi says.. God has great timing..! Ashu decides to wake up BB as he is gonna be grandfather.. n Nidhi adds… also great grandfather! Nidhi says.. better to confirm with pregnancy kit..! Ashu says.. he will get it.. rightaway..! Nidhi says.. fine..! Ashu goes to get the kit. .n asks Nidhi to stay put..!

Precap —- Ashu asks Nidhi to get the test with the kit .. n a while later Nidhi comes and Ashu asks the result n she says.. SHE IS PREGNANT. ..! Ashu is delighted!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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