Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th March 2013 Written Update

Nidhi squealed in surprize when Anji made her remember that its her wedding anniversary tomorrow. Anji couldn’t believe that Nidhi forget and said that she thought that Nidhi must have planned something already. Nidhi said that so much happen in last few days that it totally slipped her mind and then her mind work and she says that its the right moment to give ashu his surprize too and she shared with anji about the surprize ashu gave her by making Chawal ki kheer. Nidhi wonders what she must gave him as a surprize and she forbids Anji to remind ashu of there anniversary. Anji says that she reminded her also so why not to him, its cheating. Nidhi replied that PYAAR MAIN SUB JAYAZ HOTA HAI

On the other side, DB got beaten by BB in ludo and made an angry face. BB teases her and said that as she loosed the game, now she have to talk to Nidhi. DB hesitates but agrees and makes BB promise that he will also talk to Nidhi afterwards. BB agrees.

Ashu hears Nidhi’s Pyaar main Jaiz line and ask why she said that. Nidhi fumbles and said that they were discussing a serial in which she heard that line. Ashu says that its a lame line. Nidhi says that its an epic line referring EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR. DB came in kitchen and pulled Nidhi with herself saying that she need to talk with her in private.

DB says that its time Nidhi & Ashu think of a Baby. Nidhi argues saying baby is not a pizza that can be delivered on demand. Its a huge responsibility and DB doesn’t know. DB replies that she does know and now as Anji gonna have a baby, she should also try. Nidhi says that no one else says anything to her else than DB. DB replies that everyone want to say but couldn’t do that and that its time that the house also hear the laughter of a baby. DB makes her realize that ashu is aging day by day. She should think. Nidhi thinks for a moment and DB comes to her and sweetly ask her to say yes. Nidhi says YES. DB gets surprize and ask her say it again and Nidhi again says YES while blushing. DB hugs her and pulls her out so that she could announce it to everyone.

DB and Nidhi comes out and DB call everyone near saying that Nidhi needs to say something. All look at Nidhi. DB asks Ashu to listen carefully and pass a look with BB who gets happy. Nidhi blushes and Ashu prompt her to say whatever she need to say as everyone waiting. Nidhi hesitates but say, “Main Maa Bannay k liye Tayar hoon” Everyone gets happy and ashu gets surprised. (Saiyaan BG music) then Nidhi asks Ashu. “Dr.Ashutosh kia app raazi haim?” Ashu still baffled with the news look at everyone and then comes to Nidhi. “You really surprized me Nidhi” Nidhi blushes and hug him. Ashu further adds that no surprize can be bigger than this one. Anji and RN pass a look and Anji came forward making them back away fro there hug and says that this announcement should be celebrated with a dance. (Main Wari Jawoon Plays in BG as ASHNI danced and later pull in everyone to dance)

Nidhi puts the water jug on side table in her room. She turns to find ashu standing infront, looking at her happily. He says thank you and adds that Nidhi doesn’t know how much happiness she gives him today. Nidhi says that she is also happy with her decision. Ashu shares his childhood saying that he never knew the eaning of family and then baba took him in and latr she came into his life. He just got to know how much a woman means in a man life and now there family will be completed so whatever she gave him today, his happiness is more than her’s. Nidhi agrees with him. Ashu asks him if she had made this decision under any pressure as she wanted to concentrate on her career. Nidhi says no, she takes that decision for herself. Ashu asks her if she is ready and Nidhi says No and then explains that she doesn’t think any girl is totally ready to step into motherhood till she experience that herself. Her mind says her that she isn’t ready. Ashu asks her than why she agrees and Nidhi replies that she listens to her heart as it says that lets just experience the biggest happiness of your life. Ashu asks her than she is nervous and Nidhi agrees with him. Ashu comforts her saying that he is with her in each step and they will get through each phase together. He again thanked her and Nidhi hugs him thinking that there is yet another surprise awaiting for him. Lets see if he remembers the wedding anniversary. Ashu asks her what she is thinking. Nidhi says nothing, lets just sleep. Ashu grins and pulled her to himself saying why they should sleep. If they will sleep what will happen to her decision and Nidhi naughtingly agrees and

Its 12 on the clock and Nidhi took out the gifts from the cupboard before coming to bed and waking up ashu. She shooks ashu but he doesn’t get up and she whines saying that it’s 12. Ashu wakes up baffling and asks her what happened. Nidhi says that its 12 and there wedding Anniversary started. Ashu wakes up completely hearing that and mumbles that he remembered. Nidhi shows hi his gifts and wish him Happy Wedding Anniversary. Ashu says thank you and again says that he remembered. Nidhi looks away saying that its ok, no need to pretend if he forget and doesn’t bring any gifts. Ashu comes closer to her making her lean back on the head rest and pulled out a sari box from aside and gives her. Nidhi gets happy seeing that saying that he remembers. She is about to say something when ashu again lean forward making her all nervous and still looking at her, pulled out her side drawer to take out a jewelry box. He gives her that and make her more surprise. again

In the morning, Nidhi gets ready and look at herself in the mirror when ashu comes n hugs her from the back. He asks her why she is so beautiful. Nidhi asks her if he knows why taj mahel is beautiful. Ashu says cause thats made up of marble. Nidhi says that there are many other marble building but only Taj Mahal is Taj cause Shah Jahan daily use to see that building from his room’s window with love filled eyes. That love made that building Taj Mahel and in the same sense, his eyes makes her feel beautiful as before she was just a plain girl. (Saiyaan BG) Ashu hugs her tightly. Nidhi teases him saying if he gonna leave her now. Ashu smirks and says sorry. Nidhi asks why he said sorry, its his right to hug her and inquires what is there plan for today. Ashu says lets go to that place where there car broke down for the first time, Nidhi says No to the park where they went for picnic and he wore the shirt she brought for him back then. Ashu says no, to my college. Nidhi says no, lets go to that tea stall where we drank tea in the rain. Ashu says No, lets go to the place where we accepted our love for the first time. Nidhi smiles and says Dargah and ashu smiles back.

Pre-Cap: Nidhi playfully pushed ashu on the sofa. (BG. Honton pe bus tera naam hai…) Romantic pre-cap. Both wearing black

Update Credit to: cool SK

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