Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The landline rings and DB wonders who it is..! DB receives the call and its Ashu…! DB asks him to speak out loud..and if his throat is not clear..then take black pepper! He tells DB that he wants her opinion on something and doesnt want Nidhi to know..as its a surprise! DB starts to speak quietly n Ashu says..speak loudly but slowly! Ashu gets a note and says that he wants to cook something for Nidhi that she used to love a lot as a kid but doesnt eat anymore! DB says.. Rice Kheer..! She says that Nidhi used to love it as a kid but doesnt eat it off late! Ashu says…cool ..so how to make the kheer?..! DB dictates the ingredients proportions n method to cook..! Ashu tells DB not to tell Nidhi about this! DB asks Ashu to ensure that his Gurus name is not tarnished by his cooking..! Ashu says..he will ensure! DB wishes him best of luck!

Nidhi wakes up and calls out for Ashu..! She comes in the kitchen n Ashu runs to block her from entering! Nidhi asks what is he doing there early morning and if he needs anything…! She tries to enter! Ashu says..that she is restricted to enter..! Nidhi asks..is he cooking? Ashu says.. no..singing Qawali..! He says that he is cooking obviously! Nidhi asks..what is he cooking? Ashu says thats a surprise! She tries to enter the kitchen but Ashu blocks her..! He says..she will be surprised seeing the dish ! Ashu asks Nidhi to get fresh n come n wait for her surprise! Nidhi relents..but tells him to take care n not burn his hand as his hands are meant to operate! Ashu says..she will get proof that his hands are meant to do things like cooking just like they are meant to operate! Nidhi tries to sneak in again but Ashu blocks her..!

A while later.. Ashu brings breakfast for Nidhi in the bedroom and Nidhi says..as such she does not welcome waiters to join her for breakfast.. but in his case..as an exception..he can join! Nidhi is delighted to see the Rice Kheer..! She asks if he made it himself.. he says yes! Nidhi asks Ashu to extend his hand n kisses it..! Ashu says..dinno she gives tips to waiters in the form of kisses.. and Nidhi says.coz not all waiters are citys biggest neurosurgeon! Ashu says.. dunno now what she will gift after tasting the Kheer! Nidhi tastes and says its awesome..! She asks..who gave the ingredients..?Ashu tries to avert..but Nidhi says..that the kheer is exactly like it tasted in her childhood..how did he know the proportions? Ashu says..she is doubting his love? Ashu says that..he gave her a surprise.. now her turn! Nidhi says..he will get his surprise but for now… Nidhi gets up ..n comes to Ashu n sits next to him on the sofa handrest..! Ashu says..just talked of gift and Nidhi says..n she is giving it..! Nidhi rests her forehead on Ashus forehead!

Nidhi wonders what to do..to surprise Ashu? She thinks..cake. .no ..clothes? no .. ! Right then Anjie calls up Nidhi n breaksdown..! Anjie tells Nidhi to come home quickly..! Nidhi says..coming! She reaches Anjies place n asks Anjie why she is crying? Anjie says..crying out of happiness as she is expecting! Nidhi asks..expecting what? Anjie says.. baby! Nidhi congratulates and hugs Anjie..! She asks Anjie how did it happen? Docs said… ! Anjie answers that.. its a miracle n report is positive too..! Anjie says..she called Nidhi first n foremost..! Nidhi asks..why others dunno? Anjie says..coz. she doesnt wanna hurt others in case reports are not that good! Nidhi checks the report n tells Anjie that reports are positive and nothing to be worried about! She asks Anjie to inform Rangu rightaway..! Anjie says..he is out of town! Nidhi asks her to call Rangu..! Nidhi comes to Shyama n addresses her as Nani ji..! Shyama says.. she isnt that old! Nidhi says.. well if Anjie wants to make her Nani then ..what to do! She says.. Anjie is pregnant..! Shyama is delighted n informs Solanki too..! Duo hug each other and are delighted ..! Nidhi tells them that there is a surprise party to celebrate this moment..!

Part 2

Anjie comes out in the hall and Solanki hugs her n congratulates her.. ! Shyama too is emotional..and hugs Anjie..! Nidhi hugs Solanki..! Nidhi rushes back home and tells Ashu about Anjie..! Ashu is delighted too..says its a miracle..! Nidhi says..it is.. and that life gave Anjie this great surprise..when all lost hope! She asks Ashu to inform BB and goes to arrange the party!

Later in the night.. Solanki – Shyama-Anjie are coming inside Mathur Mansion..! Solanki says..he will inform BB about this great news himself! Shyama says Ashni must have told him already! Anjie says..when Rangu returns they will have a party! Nidhi opens the door for the trio n she is delighted to see all the decorations n DB-CB- BB all are there to congratulate her..! She seeks blessings from all of them!

Nidhi tells all that there is one more surprise..and everyone claps..and Anjie is confused..! Right then Rangu comes out with a bouquet of roses..for Anjie..!

Part 3

Anjie is delighted to see him..! All grin.. ! Rangu hugs Anjie..! Ashu looks at Nidhi n she smiles …! All are yapping and BB notices.. DB sulking quietly in a corner.! He asks her why she is not enjoying the party n if things with her health is all well? DB says..at this age..what is there like health…? Time to go up..! BB says..long time for that..first she has to play with great grand kids..! DB says.. when they come then .. these two [Ashni] are not worried at all..! Seems they need to pressurize Ashni for grandkids now..! BB agrees to her suggestion but says..how to say between a party..? DB gives an idea.. that they will play ludo n the person who loses will tell AshNi ..! BB says fine..n they can go to his room n play..! DB tells BB that she used to be champion of ludo in her area..! BB says..doesnt look like.!

Anjie and Nidhi are in the kitchen n Anjie tells Nidhi that.. what a coincidence.. hatrick of parties.. yesterday. .today and tomorrow..! Nidhi asks..why but? Anjie says coz its her anniversary..! Nidhi is shocked..!

Precap: DB tells Nidhi that she n BB had a bet.. n its time that Nidhi has to start a family..! DB calls out everyone in the party.. [today’s party] and tells all that Nidhi has something to declare..! Nidhi looks shyly at Ashu ..while smiling..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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