Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with pandit doing the mantra n maddy comes n gives him some plate. He sits n looks at tensed samar. Samar asks pandit will the bad omen leave him. The pandit says yes it will n asks him to tie the white thread n gives him. He sees its black n samar gets scared n says how did this happen. The pandit says its a bad omen n thats why there is no solution to it n says there is a bad spirit behind you. Samar gets scared n leaves the ritual n goes from there. Koyal gets her salary n gets happy n with her colleagues discusses to get gifts for her family members. Raj is standing n sees this n says that you are happy because of me koyal due to me you got this salary. Koyal is happy n goes.

Maddy is thinking about raj at night. He says to himself that i am sorry

raj that without knowing i did this with you. Our story was only raj, koyal n mine friendship n raj n koyal’s lovestory. I am sorry due to shubho’s death all equations changed n your life got destroyed. I am feeling guilty n i ll correct my mistake. Once i ll prove you innocent i ll make everything fine n i ll make you n koyal together again. I am sorry raj i ll make a happy ending of your story. He gets sad. Koyal comes home n gets gifts for everyone from her first salary. She gives leela, venkat, paro n ghosh gifts n says that she got a gold coin for vidya for her marriage. Leela says what was the need n says what did u get for yourself? She says nothing n says i dont need anything i have everything. Leela asks n what did u get for maddy? Koyal says i got something for him which i wanted to give him from long time. She says wait i ll show u. Maddy is standing there n seeing all this. He thinks what venkat told him about tuning of husband-wife relationship n says if that spoils the relation gets spoiled. He thinks sorry koyal i have to do this. Maddy is sitting in his room. Koyal comes n says i got gifts for everyone n come out. He says no i dont have mood. She says ok see your gift n gives him a coat. He says ohh so u want me to become like raj n taunts her. She gets hurt n says i cant even think of doing this n goes. Maddy says i am sorry koyal go far from me but dont forget me n cries. Next day, maddy is with shubho’s look-alike n rudra comes there n asks why did u call so urgently. He says that i got to know that samar has got very scared n has called the pandit n told him to send a tantrik. So we have to arrange that n samar will slowly blurt out all truth. Rudra says i was a very good actor in college n i ll become the tantrik n maddy says ok n gives him recorder n asks him to record samar’s confession n says i wont be there today as i have an important work. Rudra says ok. Koyal at home asks leela how was she managing office n home together. She asks how she used to manage venkat also. Leela says i never used to make him feel that i am on a higher post n it used to get balanced side by side. At samar’s home rudra comes as a tantrik n says that your house is possessed by someone n he has come for revenge here n for that we have to do a havan. Rudra hits samar with the peacock feather as a part of ritual n thinks that whatever you have done with raj for that you should be hit by stones but for now this peacock feather is ok. Koyal looks at maddy from her cabin n thinks she has to make him feel special. Maddy looks at koyal. The episode ends on koyal’s tensed face.

Precap:- Maddy says to koyal that what will happen when people will get to know that a general manager cant even switch on a computer. As it is they say that you dont deserve this post. She gets hurt n tensed.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why is Maddy behaving like this. It’s terrible. He can just sit Koyal down & tell her the truth. Instead he decided he’ll make her hate him. This will create a distance between them. Why is he sacrificing on his goodness to reunite RaYal.

    Of course I would love to see RaYal together!

  2. Please update 29th episode

  3. This is very annoying…I dnt watch this episode on tv..I always read the written updates…cn u please be little punctual?
    Where is today’s episodes written update? 29th December.

  4. why are you annoyed? show is ending in 2 days..relax..life is too short to worry about these silly serials!

  5. True!:p
    You are right!

  6. Wait show ends in two days

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