Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with samar coming out. Raj tells even you are here, and says i had thrown you out of the house. Then vidya tells raj that she loves him and he dare not insult him. Samar goes. Raj then tells paaro that she used to call him characterless and a hoodlum but now see at what he is and where her perfect son maddy is. He says that he has everything and even the city is his. Raj says he had promised that the day he will return he will have everything and he will rule the city and he has proved it and maddy has done nothing. Koyal tells raj that he should go now and this is her house. Raj says that he will go but not without drinking atleast water as he has come for the first time at their house. Paaro tells she will give poison added in water if she has to give it

to her enemy because he had killed her son. Raj tells he never killed her son and has already said that a 100 times. Raj then tells maddy that he broke his heart and their friendship and he will never forgive him. Raj tells him that he has already lost his job and he will torture him. Koyal holds maddy’s hand and says she is always on maddy’s side. Maddy tells him that he was always on the side of tryth and will always stay on the side of truth. Vidya says they should go because they dont want to see raj and koyals drama. Vidya and her mom and dad go in. Koyal tells raj to go as this is her house. Raj goes. Maddy goes in and so does koyal.
Maddy tells koyal why did she ask for his job back and she shouldnt have done this as she should care for their respect. Koyal says she did not know it was raj and she was scared. Maddy tells why did she stay a night at that house. Koyal tells she did not know it was raj’s house and if she knew she would never live there.
Vidya tells mom that why do they always care about maddy and not about her. She tells that she loves samar and he loves too and she had decided to marry him. Mom says that when she got to know about taani and how samar cheated her since then samar has fallen in her eyes and he does not have respect. Vidya says that maddy wanted to marry koyal and he married her, now she wants to marry samar so she will do what she wants. She goes.
Koyal goes and stops raj while he is in the lobby of his office. She tells she wanted to give something to him. She tells him this is her reignation letter and she wants to leave the company. Raj takes it in his hand and says that maybe she didnt read the clauses when she signed the bond when she became general manager. He tells her it was written that for 3 years she cant leave this company. Then raj says she has to stay and work and if she has to leave then she has to give 50 lakh to the company. Raj tells that he will not leave her and maddy so easily. Raj throws the resignation letter and goes.
Vidya is taking clothes and goes to take pot kept on the chair. Taani is there. Taani says she will help her but vidya denies. Taani tells her that maybe they are not so good at each other and they always fight but she know how samar is. Taani tells vidya dont marry samar as he just gives promises and all his promises are fake and he is not a good man. Vidya tells please stop it and she doesnt care and she loves samar and she will marry him. Vidya goes.
At homes vidya tells mom that koyal must have said she will resign but back in the evening she will give 100 reasons again for not leaving the company. Mom tells her to stop it.
Koyal goes at rajs house. She meets baba. She tells him to persuade raj to accept ger resignation letter. Baba tells her that so she has net raj. He tells her that she should think that raj will now not leave her and maddy and he has been waiting for tjis for his life. Baba says that he will now not listen to him and not even to himself. A servant comes and says the baby is crying. Baba tells he will call raj as it only stops crying after raj sings a song. Koyal says baby? Baba tells that yes it is raj’s baby. Koyal is shocked.
At home maddy is finding the money and is tensed. He searches for it and then gets a call. He tells that man that he will bring the money in time. Maddy’s mom sees this and says maddy is having so many problems in life and that just one had finished and the othet has come.
Maddy goes out. There vidya comes. She tells him that she loves samar. She tells him that she has accepted koyal and now he should accept samar too. Vidya goes. Maddy is tensed.

Precap: Koyal tells raj that the more he will try to make her and maddy against each other, the more they will come close. She tells that the more he will trouble then the more they will fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. this show turns a typicl ekta kapor show.mady will killed by samar. shaq ayega raj pe. fir koyel ki shadi raj se to revange. raj ka baccha jo entry li wo hoga tani ka baccha. envtyally pata chalega samar mady or shubo ko mara. raj nehi. raj to mahan. tani ka baccha pal raha. fir keya hapy ending raj koyel. or jitna vi accha bano mady ko koyel mil hi nehi sakti. anither kahi to hoga nd kasturi. chi… grow up ekta. kavi to alag socho

  2. Hope every misunderstanding clears n raj n koyal will be together again…

  3. yaaa.. tani ka bachcha hoga but show ke last episode hai so i think maddy ko apni galti ka guilt feel hoga n he will tell the truth to koyal ….kuch toh tere mere darmiyaan =galatfamiyaan joh inke darmiyaan hai …hahaha

  4. Same story………from kkausuti zindgi ki to Kuch…..if Ekta had brains she would have at least developed a little bit…..but I guess uski roti to isi concept se chal rahi hai…..
    Anyways you just have to know its Ekta Kapoors show to quit it….

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