Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj says how can i let koyal go through struggle, sanju says u love her so much but now she hates u, why did u do this, raj says enough sanju, no more lecture, go get me something to eat go.
Maddy abt to leave koyals house, paru asks how is koyal, maddy says she is fine, paru says maddy u broke engagement n now u care so much for her, maddy says aunty i didn’t say no, i just said i need time, paru says maddy i know koyal asked u to do so, but maddy koyal is very upset n broken now n she needs u, this is the right time to express ur love for her, she has lost trust on raj n she needs u maddy, maddy leaves. Gosh babu says paru now u shd talk to tani i guess, paru says tani is fine, n the truth is this is only half truth we both know what the real story is so, lets end this topic here, gosh says u are right paru this has to be between us.
Maddy thinking n says i have to propose koyal today, koyal thinking abt raj, she sees rajs fav burji n says everyday u came here near this window asking for food but now i don’t wish to see u ever, raj hiding behind tree n seeing koyal, koyal feels raj is there n tries to check but raj hides. Koyal starts crying, raj says i guess i will never get my fav burji now, n wipes his tears, sanju rushes to raj n hugs him, raj says u don’t get senti, n i am hungry now i will not have koyal, she will have her perfect man for her tasty burji, come lets go.
Maddy n leela go early morning to temple n maddy asks amma if i ask to god for something will he give me, leela says sure he will, maddy says ok amma bye. Sanju reaches temple to pray for raj n meets shobu n asks u so early here, shobu says today results so, sanju says ok n says oh my chappals, shobu says somebody must have robbed it u wear mine i will manage, sanju says thanks n both leave.
Koyal opens door n sees maddy, koyal says maddy its 4 u here, maddy says see i got Prasad n u know i went temple with amma, koyal says oh what did u ask for, maddy says ur happiness, koyal says ok come in, maddy says sun is abt to rise lets go out, koyal says ma will scold, maddy says she wont come, koyal says ok n tell me why are u here, maddy says i couldn’t see u crying last night n then i thought whole night why is it that i always care for u, n got my answer n it is koyal i love u, i love u since childhood n i cant see u crying n when u smile i feel happy, koyal first i didn’t understand but now i know its love n i love u by heart n mind, i want to give u happiness n always want to be with u, i want to marry u koyal, koyal says maddy i, maddy says koyal i will support u in everything, koyal says no maddy thats not the point, maddy actually i love raj, maddy gets shock listening to this,koyal says maddy i never told bcoz raj never spoke abt it n was waiting for raj to take first step n u are my best friend, maddy i love u but as a friend, my whole life is around u, maddy says its fine, koyal says this is why i said no, bcoz i don’t love u, maddy says koyal i thought but if i knew abt u n raj i would never come in ur way, koyal says maddy i wasn’t clear so, i am sorry maddy, how could i tell u abt it, i always loved raj, but i never understood whom to tell first u or raj n maddy u are very nice guy u will get very nice girl, maddy says i am fine koyal, its ok, koyal says maddy u are my best friend n i always put u in trouble n give u pain, i am sorry n leaves.
Koyal turns around n looks at maddy n goes inside. Koyal goes inside n sees paru, paru walks to her n says what were u doing, koyal says ma it was maddy, paru says i saw u said no to maddy, i told maddy to propose u n i told raj to go away, but u still said no, i asked raj to hurt u n tani wanted to test her relation n so he did but u still love him even after he spoilt ur sisters engagement n u said no to maddy.koyal walks to tani n says di u knew, tani says yes koyal i knew from beginning n i asked raj for help n he said by doing so my work will be done n also raj will go away from u, sorry koyal, koyal remembers how she insulted raj in front of everyone.koyal leaves, paru tries to stop her but koyal rushes to rajs house, raj opens door n sees koyal at his door.

Precap: gosh babu asks raj will he marry koyal, raj says yes i will.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Raj so sweet

  2. I hope Raj n koyal comes together… It is Ekta Kapoor’s show and definitely Maddy or Raj whoever will not be the hero will turn into Villain for sure… It is very much predictable.

  3. Plzz get koyal and raj married they both r made for each other.

  4. YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finaly I love them the most however in early days their marriage is happening it will probably turn out like yeh hai mohabotein when the couple just have fights make ups a cute romance scene and then after that the cycle stars again from fights.
    But still love the passionate love!!!!!!
    I also love
    nibir nisha and kabir
    Mahebeer meher and abeer
    Royal raj and koyal

  5. I am so pleased wid the episode… ??
    But so early are they gonnna be together… ?

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