Hey guys, many of us are fans of naagin series. many of you might be waiting for next season of  the series, I’m one of them. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and made my own story please do read it and have fun.




Background voice: Earth is the place where we all are safe and are protected from all the evil with the blessings  of lord Bholenath. Bholenath himself is the owner of greatest gem of all time- NAAGMANI. Many thousands of years ago Bholenath along with all Naag,Naagins  with the polwer of Naagmani built a protective shield to protect earth from all evil forces namely- KALE SHAKTIYAN and it most wise and dangerous leader- AKAL.

Today after many thousand years this shield is going to break . Today both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse occur at same time this means the two greatest  powers running earth will be obstructed. This day Kale shaktiyan will at it’s peek power and the shield at it’s least.

A spear will be coming towards each will so much speed and hits the shield and eventually breaking it . A huge fire ball will fall on a farm house which is filled with happiness.

————-AFTER 48 HOURS———–

A women is running towards Shivmandir in heavy rain with a baby in her hand wrapped in a white cloth. She runs and falls in front of shiv mandir. She is hit with spear on her back and is bleeding very badly. She lifts her head, and she is non other than PRIYA( her flash back in previous season flashes). With great difficulty she lifts her torso and joins her hand praying to Bholenath.

PRIYA: Oh devo ka dev mahadev, please forgive me I couldn’t complete the task you gave forgive me lord forgive me. In this battle I lost my everything, my love (Rehan images flashes), my family( her mother and father and sisters images flashes),  and now I’m going  my life also. She is my daughter who is born just few days ago . She will be lost her whole family and is an orphan now. Only you are her dear one in this whole world  Bholenath, only you are….( she feels difficulty in breathing, she gasps trying to gain strength) she cries and says I am unable to complete the  responsibility you gave me but my daughter will definitely complete it. Lord she might be a normal human but still she posses great powers from her parents and also human are blessed with great power of instinct . So please Mahadev, please give this responsibility to my daughter. she falls down

A light comes from shivling, Priya cries and joins her hands. A voice comes from that light the light says TADHASTU( may all your wishes come true)  and the light disappears.

Priya cries and wishpers in baby years- Dear mamma and dadda love you so much. We will miss you so much. She shouts mom and vomits blood on ground. Immediately the ground breaks and a women who is as bright as sun, who is as calm as forest appears infront of Priya. She is nonother than BHOOMATA. She goes near priya. Priya joins her hands to show respect. She gives blessings to Priya and free her from the pain and eventually priya dies in bhoomata hands. Bhoomata takes the baby into her hands. Priya become ash and her ashes fly in air.

Bhoomata cuddles the baby and says dear from today you are  my daughter as well you will great powers to defeat the evil. You will be responsible for the safety of this earth. May god bless you with great power to handle your responsibilities. From today you will be known as -AVNI.


Precap- Avni gets rejected by malhothras and is taken care by ADI- malhothra’s only heir.

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  1. Shesha485

    Even I am the fan of Naagin franchise. Nice to see another Naagin fan as well. The opening is just amazing. Priya dying after delivering the baby was painful. What is actually happened to Priya and Rehaan? I am excited to know more about Avni’s story.


      Thanks. To know about what happened to priya and rehaan stay tuned for next episodes

  2. Good story

  3. Bobby fan club

    Wow amazing story line. It’s my bestie’s fav show. Bob this is for you

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