Kuch Toh Hai 7th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Rehaan marries Priya failing her plan

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The Episode starts with Aaro asking Mini if she is sure that they want to start the ghost hunt again. Mini says yes and tells that she is sure that Priya is the ghost girl and went missing. Just then Ajnabi comes infront of them and asks them to find out about Priya. They find the fire lighting around him and then he vanishes from there. They realize Ajnabi is the ghost itself. Priya tells Rageshwari that she needs her help to take revenge from Rehaan. Rageshwari says I don’t have strength and can’t see you doing this, can’t lose you again. Priya says even you know well that I have no way infront of me. Rehaan comes to the marriage havan kund as the preparation for Arnav-Swati, Mohit and Soumya’s marriage are on full swing. He recalls the happenings, Mohit refusing for the engagement, Priya telling that she is selfish and can’t share her love with anyone. He gets angry and breaks the decoration piece. Rageshwari comes there and walks Rehaan. Aaro comes to Rehaan and asks where is Mini? He signs her. She goes upstairs. Pam tells that my Samdhan came and asks Ruhi to do some work. She asks Rageshwari why she is looking sad. Rageshwari tells that today is her daughter’s marriage and gets emotional. Rehaan comes to Soumya and asks the mehendi girls to excuse them. Soumya shows her mehendi design. Rehaan asks why is she sad? Soumya tells that Mohit was looking upset and if he ignored me. Rehaan says as if he is not interested in you. Soumya says what? She tells that she can’t imagine her life with Mohit and he is her first and last love. She asks him to tell her if there is something. Rehaan says your promise matters to me a lot and promise that nobody can snatch her happiness from her. Soumya gets happy.

Pam asks Arnav to touch Siddharth and Rageshwari’s feet. Arnav does the same. Pam tells that they shall cancel one of the marriage as she is not able to enjoy both the marriages at the same time. Siddharth says they shall cancel Swati’s marriage so that she can stay with them. Pam laughs and asks Arnav to wear the turban. Arnav goes. Mini and Aaro come down. Pam asks Mini to spray deo on her and says bad smell is coming. Mini says where is Priya, Ajnabi can’t be wrong, she is near us.

Priya comes to the water. The water man gives her clothes and jewellery. She gets ready in the same outfit and jerwellery as Soumya and smiles. Pam gets happy seeing Soumya in bridal clothes. Rageshwari tells Swati that he couldn’t spend time with her. Swati says you was worried and stressed since few days. Arnav and Mohit get ready for marriage. Rehaan looks at them. Shashank gives an advice to Mohit and asks him not to betray Soumya, as when husbands are in trouble then wife can only rescue him. Just then he gets a call. He tells Shashank and Arnav to go, and he will come outside after talking to his friend. He receives Priya’s call. Priya asks him to prove his love and asks him to come out through the back window. Mohit is about to go out and open the window. He sees Rehaan as Aadishaat and he pushes him. He warns him and says he can do anything with him, but is not harming him as he is Soumya’s childhood love. He says he didn’t know that he will cheat Soumya again. He shows his Dracula teeth and asks Mohit to go and marry Soumya. He takes Mohit out and makes him sit on the mandap. Mini and Aaro come to Soumya’s room. Mini asks her to give the lehenga to her later. Soumya sends them out. Just then she sees Priya entering the room wearing the same outfit as hers. She is about to shout Mom.

Priya stops her and says I will tell you everything, but stop shouting. She says I trusted you and extended friendship hand. She says I will not follow your stupid advice. Priya says you have to listen to me. Soumya asks why? Priya says I am not wrong. Soumya asks her to see from her perspective. Pam asks Mini where is Soumya? Mini says she is in the room. Pam tells that brides shall not be let alone. Pam goes to room and calls Soumya. Priya is wearing the veil. Pam brings her down and tells Rageshwari that she is feeling emotional as her daughter is marrying. Rageshwari thinks today her two daughters are marrying, how to tell you. Rehaan senses Priya’s presence there. Soumya is tied in the room. Rehaan looks for Priya near the mandap. Pandit ji asks the parents to do the kanyadaan. They do the kanyadaan. Pandit ji asks the sisters to do the ghatbandhan. Mini does Priya and Mohit’s ghatbandhan.

Priya smiles fooling Rehaan. Siddharth asks Rehaan what is he looking at, and tells that even you will get a chance to marry. Shashank says let him be with us. He teases Arnav. Rageshwari says they are hurrying up for the marriage. Siddharth says we shall get the kids marry, they are ready for marriage. Rehaan lights the mandap pillar on fire so that everyone gets up and he gets to see Priya. Everyone gets up, except Priya. Shashank and Pam call her and take her to side. Everyone sets off the fire. Rehaan kidnaps Mohit and takes him to room. He then returns as the groom wearing sehra. Pam calls off the wedding and tells that it is an inauspicious sign that the mandap caught fire. Arnav tells that they shall not postpone the wedding. Everyone agrees with them. Shashank asks are your ready for marriage. Rehaan says yes. Swati and Arnav exchange garland. Rehaan and Priya exchange garland. Rehaan thinks Priya shall not get his smell before the marriage ends. Arnav-Swati take the rounds. Mohit gains consciousness, while Soumya frees herself and is coming out. Rehaan and Priya take the rounds. Mohit checks the time and thinks I shall be on the mandap now. They complete the rounds. Arnav fills Swati’s maang with sindoor. Pam asks Soumya to lift ghunghat and let mohit fill her maang with sindoor. Priya lifts her veil. Rehaan fills Priya’s maang with sindoor. Mohit and Soumya are running out. Rehaan fills Priya’s maang with sindoor and shows his face.

Precap: Rehaan tells everyone that she will not go anywhere, she will stay here as his wife. They can’t give her a chance. Rageshwari tells Priya that she has to control her Naagin powers, else it will overpower her. Rehaan gets up from his side of bed, sensing something. Priya is on the other side of bed, as half naagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think that this show should not go off air as it’s storyline is now going on right way…

  2. I think atleast give this show a chance .its good .

  3. Like father like son, force marriage to a girl who doesn’t want to marry you.
    But if the tale is that they won’t get together because of being aadishaat (because he can never live or be loved) and farishta’s daughter now naagin, why bother? So no, I don’t think the story makes sense, too many loopholes, and shouldn’t continue.

    1. If I’m not wrong, it’s not like rehaan can’t love it’s like he can only have one such person in his life who can make him more human than being a damn bloodsucker, his true love that’s Priya..so now I think the show is getting a bit better..it surely requires a chance since their romance is so mind blowing 😍❤️

    2. Not sure if he can live, perhaps he may love but he won’t get it it back if they stay true to the farishta’s blessing.

      “ He says the baby will neither be human nor be animal, only blood can relieve his thirst. He will never get love nor any goodness. He will only get one thing darkness, and he will search light to get away with the darkness which will calm down his anger, but he will not get the love or light. He says the naagin and cheel’s son will be cursed.”

      But since this is Ekta’s show, and she is the queen of inconsistency and disappointing fans, one can expect she will be unpredictable and not listen to the fans.

    3. When veer was marrying bani, it didn’t look like she was being forced. She herself said in some later episodes that she married veer for her own agenda. Bani kept saying it was a forced marriage but what did veer do other than tie a dupatta around both and take rounds and that too without any pandit. She jumped out of a window when Shakura tried to marry her and you are telling me she couldn’t get out of a damn dupatta? Veer didn’t even have any leverage on her or anything like that and everyone just believed that a powerful naagin like bani was forced ?

    4. It was forced as in she didn’t want to marry him, but also didn’t want him to marry Meera and ruin her life because she knew that Veer didn’t love Meera but was using her to get to Bani. Bani didn’t want to marry Veer but did let him take the pheras because 1) she felt guilty for killing an Teej who was innocent ( as in not Veer/ Akesh) 2) wanted to take revenge on veer for killing Jay in kalyug and hirday in satyug. Could she have fought back, sure but she didn’t want to reveal her self as Naagin (to hold the upper hand because every time she hid that from him) until Veer attacked her, because only then could she kill him.

      In the end she fell in love with him which is why she saved his life multiple times and also jumped out of shakura’s floating palace.

  4. This show deserves a fair chance as the chemistry of lead pair is mesmerising

    1. True…I agree😍💫❤️

  5. Samaila

    I mean the actors rn’t bad, but the storyline………Ekta change ur writer

  6. kalindi Sharma

    Guys, it’s a Supernatural Show, And if anything is not different how will the Shows Trp will increase we know nagins don’t exist still we see this show know I know Ekta’s story is some different But not bad at all

    1. In my opinion it’s not that that the story is different that is the problem but that it is inconsistent. Especially since it is linking to Naagin 5 and making illogical conclusions which stretch beyond a supernatural fantasy to keep fans entertained,

      If it was a story on its own without being a sequel, maybe it wouldn’t have bad reviews. (still would have issues). Anyways, my opinion, will see if it actually gets better or ends.

  7. Gautami. Bhosle

    Yes this show deserve some time as it’s going on track now and it is getting interesting too♥️

  8. Couldn’t Priya use her shapeshifting powers to become Saumya?? Why was she in her own form?

  9. According to previous episode Rehan couldn’t stand the holy fire. In this episode he even got married at the holy fire 🤔🤔

    1. Interesting

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