Kuch Toh Hai 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya gets back as very powerful Naagin to avenge Rehaan

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The Episode starts with Rageshwari telling that if your intention is this, then now it is my turn. She hears the waterman saying no. Mohit tells Arnav that he is going and will talk to Soumya after few days. Arnav says actually you can’t face Rehaan. He says how can you do this being my school friend and tells that if you didn’t want to marry my sister, then would have told her or me, but had drunk wine until the guests have come. Rehaan comes there and looks at Mohit. The waterman tells Rageshwari that she is asking something against destiny and God. Rageshwari says my daughter didn’t die a natural death. The waterman tells that Priya has died due to the Aadishaat’s poison and there is only one poison that can defeat this poison, it is only one in the world. Rageshwari asks him to give that poison to her daughter and make her alive again. The waterman says there will be side effects to the poison and tells that she will not return as she was before, she was powerful but soft at heart. He says she was farishta’s daughter, Pari, which can’t be returned like before. He asks if she wants to be alive. Rageshwari says I want to know if she can take revenge from Aadishaat. The waterman says yes, she will get more powerful powers like Aadishaat and she can fight with him and take revenge.

Rehaan asks Mohit to apologize to Soumya and get engaged to her. He says you both are childhood sweetheart and are made for each other. He says she will forgive you. Mohit says you can threaten me and says I will do what my heart wants, I love Priya. He asks where is Priya? Rehaan recalls killing her and says she will not come back, now you and my sister can live a perfect life. Mohit asks don’t you understand? Rehaan says you are not understanding and freezes everyone with his Aadishaat powers, except Mohit. He then takes Mohit in the air and tells that his sister is his life, asks him to agree to engagement or get ready to die. He says the choice is yours and holds his neck. Mohit is shocked. Rehaan relieves the moment and asks Mohit if he will get engaged. Mohit says yes.

Rageshwari sees a big snake coming there. The waterman tells that he is the rakshak of all the naagin and naag’s poison and the poison going in the girl’s body will be the mixture of all the naagin’s poison, which is the antidote of the Aadishaat’s poison. He calls Shivanya, Shivangi, Bela, Brinda, Bani. All the Naagins come there in snake form there. They all come in their human avatar and then snake avatar and bite Priya’s forehead. Priya falls down on the ground and shivers, as she comes back to life. Rageshwari asks Priya to open her eyes and says nothing will happen to her. Priya opens her eyes and says Maa. Rageshwari thanks God for saving her and says you are fine. They are going home. Rageshwari apologizes to Priya and says I was not with you when that Aadishaat bit you. She asks are you fine? Priya says don’t know. She tells that she didn’t forget that Rehaan killed her as he thought her guilty of Soumya. She tells that he is Aadishaat and tells that she feels that she might have got powers to kill him. She says she will take revenge. Rageshwari tells her that Naagins has given her powers along with the poison and tells that they shall wait until they come to know about those powers. Rageshwari gets Siddharth’s call. He asks where is she? She says she is coming home. Priya asks her to go home and says she will come in some time.

Rehaan thinks where is Priya and recalls the incident. He forgets about killing her and thinks what does she mean by that she was helpless? He asks where did you go Priya? Priya comes there as a half-snake and looks at him, though he doesn’t look at him and turns to go. Rehaan plays the flute and recalls his moments with Priya. Priya as a snake crawls inside and becomes human. She calls him and says you didn’t give me a chance to say and took my life. He couldn’t see her. Priya calls him Aadishaat and tells that this Naagin has the powers of all the naagins, says you have done this for your sister, now see what will I do?

Siddharth tells Mohit that they all were scared when he chose Priya and later they came to know that it was a joke. Soumya says Mohit romantically proposed me after you all went. Arnav says you gave a heart attack to all of us. Mohit says he wanted to propose to her especially. Soumya says she liked orchids. Ruhi says Priya got much importance and might have got a big misunderstanding. Siddharth says she is not here to defend herself. Pam says we really don’t know about her, asks Siddharth to enquire before letting PG in the house. Rehaan comes there. Rageshwari says we shall talk about Arnav and Swati. Rehaan says he wants to talk to Mohit. Soumya says Mohit said that it was a prank. She asks what the difference will be in my marriage. Mini asks what different you want. They laugh.

Mohit tells Rehaan that he has fulfilled his promise, now Soumya is his everything. He will not look at any girl now. Rehaan says ok. Priya as a snake comes there and becomes human. Rehaan sees her glimpse and says Priya. Aaro tells Mini that she feels that they shouldn’t have opened the door, as Priya got missing after that. Mini tells that we don’t do anything great, we always do whatever Ajnabi asked us to do. She says things have to become difficult and scary after Ajnabi came. Rehaan searches for Priya and closes his ears to listen to the sound. He finds a lady and comes to her, thinking of her to be Priya. He then asks her to go and thinks how she can go fast than me. Priya is on the rooftop as the snake and falls down. She becomes human and looks at him going.

Ruhi tells that she will wear indo western dress in Swati’s marriage. Aaro says you want to take all spotlight on herself. Aaro says what is my mistake? Swati asks Siddharth if he is missing cool Priya. Siddharth says she shouldn’t have left like this, if she had liked Mohit then she would have talked to us. Ruhi says your Priya, the cool is Priya, the chalu. Rageshwari says I will go and get something from the kitchen. She comes outside the house and gives food to Priya. Priya says she was not hungry but ate as she brought. Rageshwari feels bad as everyone is calling her bad names. Priya says she got her which she didn’t get her in her previous life. She says she got aim of her life, will take revenge on him. Rageshwari says he is very dangerous. Priya says I will not do the mistake which I have done before. Rageshwari asks her to tell the truth and asks if she had any feelings for him. Priya says she didn’t have any feelings for him, but now she has a hatred for him. She says I have to go, becomes a snake, and crawls to leave.

Swati tells Pam that she couldn’t dance well. Shashank asks them to go to sleep as tomorrow is Arnav’s marriage. Soumya asks Mohit to come and dance. Mohit is about to fall. Arnav says you are very drunk, you can’t dance. Mohit says a little bit. Rehaan says very much. Mohit asks them to dance and says he will go and sleep. He goes. Rehaan sees Soumya dancing with Arnav and Mini. He hears some goon stopping a car and stealing someone’s money. He kills the goon and drinks his blood. He throws the money bag at the men and comes back home in a fast-paced. He then drinks wine and senses Priya there. Priya sees him coming there and hides. Rehaan thinks he can hear the breathing sound coming from Mohit’s room. Priya walks inside Mohit’s room. Mohit gets up and gets shocked seeing her. He asks her to go and says he doesn’t want to look at any girl. Priya tells that she knows that he smiles seeing her and asks him why did he agree to marry Soumya. Mohit says he was helpless. Priya hypnotizes him and asks him to do as she wants if he really loves her. Mohit says yes. Rehaan comes there and asks with whom you were talking. Mohit says no. He says tomorrow is my marriage. Rehaan asks him to show his marriage clothes. When Mohit turns to open the cupboard, rehaan finds Priya’s dupatta there and takes it. He comes out and sees Soumya. Soumya asks him to tell her how is the jewellery looking at her. He hides the dupatta and asks why is she trying the jewelry? Soumya says the girls admire the things they like and keep it with them always. She says not like the dupatta girl and asks whose dupatta it is? Rehaan says he is interested in this girl. Soumya asks if he is really interested or fake interested. She says it is Priya’s dupatta and asks if she returned. Rehaan says no. Soumya says I can catch your lie. Rehaan says yes, I think she has returned, but can’t be sure. He asks her to concentrate on her marriage and groom and leave everything on him. He says I will not let you cry for your bidaai. Soumya hugs him. Rehaan looks at the dupatta.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Water god? Same one that was Meera’s (Bani’s sister in Naagin 5) father in previous life?

    Why would Bani participate and give poison to Priya so she could become a Naagin to kill Rehaan? Isn’t Bani Rehaan’s mother? What happened to all the duas and pyaar she and Veer promised Rehaan?

    What is with Rehaan and his amnesia?

    1. Guessed priya is bani daughter

  2. Samaila

    Ekta has turned this show into a joke

  3. Samaila

    Shivanya and Bani came from heaven 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. 1. Jab mari huyi naagine Shivanya and Bani ko bulaya heaven se toh Manyata (from Naagin 4) ko bhi bula lete
    2. Sesha ko kyun nahi bulaya. Woh bhi toh powerful naagin hai.

  5. Naagin series deserved a better end… this is worse… heard kth to go off air in march itself..

  6. Sweet_Shadow

    Isnt Bani Rehaan’s Damn Mom
    She wanna kill em?
    Honestly when da hell is the show gonna go off air
    But aren’t Shivanya, Shivangi, Bani and Bela (She got rebirth as Shravni) Dead?
    I mean if you count Bela as dead (im being Waayyy too Practical here)
    They got Punar Janm or what?
    And Where the hell is Adaa?
    She hasn’t come back as Shesha or what?
    Anyways Ekta’s show was named Naagin so somehere or the other Naagin has to be there but yeh kya hai beh?
    You made A Damn fairy a Serpent?
    This show is the Worst Season of Naagin.
    Some Idiot will die at the end.

    1. Exactly! How can Bani give blessings to kill her son. After she sacrificed herself to save his life? She must have been cursed by farishta to forget her own son. Someone should hunt that farishta down, he isn’t farishta but shaitaan. How ridiculous!

      Maybe both will die, like Qubool Hai but this time with no random janam to take revenge again…
      this series needs a new producer, someone who hasn’t worked with Ekta Kaps

    2. But after all shivanya has become a normal human how she can become a naagin ekta ji use ur common sense

  7. Plz change de script….its boring

  8. Seriously…………. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 How can you come back from the death and then you give power to same one who what to kill your child………… And you die protecting him…… I mean seriously

  9. This series is a total rubbish

  10. This makers of the show have gone nuts. This show is definitely going off air soon due to the script. It was expected anyways.

  11. Rubbish show, Actors are so boring, No one can’t Act, Really hell irritation ☻🤧,Bz of this useless story plot, Muku left interested on Naagin5, Naagin5 Cast and Story were much better, this Lead have no Chemistry or charm, Naazar hero was good in Naazar show, Here totally nil 😑,Krishna should improve her acting, As Naagin her expression 😶. Thank God it going offair

    1. Ok first of all you can’t blame the actors for the show. The fault is of the makers and directors not the actors.

    2. No it is in the best serries in naggin and everything is super perfect thank you ekta mam for this best show. And the actors r special and are doing well

  12. Ajeb he yaar ye toh koi link hi nahi he bani vala kissa brinda ko sunane me aaya tha but to save Dev’s life but bani k son ki baat ho rahi how can it be possible??

    1. Please reply someone…

    2. Am confused about your question; you are asking why there is no past story about Rehaan?

    3. I am asking jo story chalu ki thi vo dev ki life bachane k liye thi but uski life ka pata nahi kuch or hi story bata di..

    4. Dev was saved when adinaagin completed her satyug story..later she got rebirth in kalyug for her new life.. that was wat we saw in naagin 5

  13. Kuchtohaiiiii

    Ok first of all y’all can’t blame the actors for the show. The fault is of the makers and directors not the actors. But the chemistry is of because Rehaan looks too young for Priya but I think that he might have an older look later on. At the end of the day it is a spin of to Naagin so obviously she would have to become a Naagin at some point and as for Bani giving her powers then she knows her son is the wrong and she also knows that the farishta has said that no matter what happens her son will always survive somehow.

    1. It is a brilliant show . As it is revealing many secrets and this Saturday sunday night i enjoyed it a lot. Thank you ekta mam. For this show and the actor and actoress are doing well

  14. SatiyA naas n boring drama we all waisting our time

  15. It’s getting worsen day by day…

  16. The story line is tooo bad… but dont know something keeps me hooked to this series… 😉 the set… the scenes.. background score… dont know.. kuch to hai…

    1. Same name ….as the main lead

  17. In this show vampire is shown who is a child of a naagin & cheel which are both of different species and then their child is shown which is impossible that a human vampire is a child of different species whereas vampires r created only by the bite of a stronger vampire to gain its power,kuchh to h different iss series mein……

  18. I love this SSN of naagin ekta should continue the show

  19. Nagin 6 laiye aur usme moni roy and shesha and rubina dilaik and anita hasnandani ko laiye phir dekhiye kaise nhi TRP list me aata hai surbhi jyoti bhi (option)

  20. Kuch toh hai

    Guys I guess only the snake form came not the human form. And they had not taken any punar janam. They came in their snake form from naaglok to help Priya at the calling of the waterman

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