Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 8-die/life

story part:-
nania in mind-there is past but what shall i found it or not
karan sing matargashthi and when nania was thinking he made dance her also and at last all danced and eat dinner and went to their alloted rooms
next morning:-
as all planned they were ready to do
ragini-revise everything once

FB shows
shivanya-his name ravi he is a typical man who loves girls who says sorry to him.and at that time you all will do the work
FB ends
tanuja-are you sure
shivanya-yes i am sure

in market:-
shivanya moves to ravi by mistake
ravi-hey you
shivanya-sorry its just an mistake
ravi-shivu remember me rocky
shivanya-i never thought that we will meet like this
ravi-neither me
at that time all of their plan started
ravi pulled her-let me show you my hose
shivanya-first mine
they both enters the hotel were the plan was set
ravi-do you love criminals
shivanya-and thats the reason the i bought you here that i want a boyfriend like this
ravi-okay then listen i kidnapped bhanushalis then i am don 465 and this is the prove
while tanshi recorded the video
at gowdown:-
ragini-from that stone
when laksh was busy hitting the stoner an body gaurd came to hit laksh
ragini came between
laksh hitted the guards in anger
laksh-whay you came in between

he took her to the hospital and sended the information to all and meghna and nania mean while send the data from the mobile. tanshi completed there recording of shivanya and ravi
ravi-who is messaging you so much
ravi-kiss me
tanuja whispers-now ring everyone’s phone and connect all
rishi-lets keep the phones on recording mode
shivanyas phone rings. meanwhile saanchi and veer gave information to swara and sanskar gave it to ritik and all others proved that evidence. ritik while driving heard the conversation and found that ravi has mixed something and want to take advantage of her. ritik entered the hotel
ravi-who are you
ritik-her husband and you have no right to behave like his
just then police enters
ritik-shivanya are you all right
inspector-thanks for your help to caught this criminal
rishi-your welcome
at that time all came out
ravi-you never changed.i will come back
tanuja-go or else i will give you a big slap
ravi-oh so you are here too next both of your death will come
then police take him but leaves questions for all.they reached the same hospital where ragini was admitted
chakor-you here and blood on your shirt
laksh-she came in between me
nania gives him water
laksh-its all my mistake
suraj-no brother
they both hugged each other just then doctor comes

swara-doctor ragini….ragini
swara-i am her sister
doctor-amm she needs blood B+ve
laksh-its mine
after blood donation shivanya doctor comes
ritik and tanuja-is she fine
doctor nodded in happiness tanuja hugged rishi and he got current.meanwhile thapki bihaan came with part shorvari aman teni and all four were unconscious
saanchi-doctor veer
veer-no veer only v
saanchi-okay fine give the file
saanchi-thapki what happened this take them all to disaster room
they all were checked and given glucose
laksh-ragini why
ragini-you are too good
ritik-i am sorry
shivanya-i thank you.you saved my life
all were discharged

saanchi-today do you have the answer
veer-teni aman and parth shorvari
aman-come in the wedding
saanchi and veer see off them and all goes from different cars
in car:-
sanskar-hmm we have to agree that laksh cares a lot
swara-this sakes for hi-fi
tanuja-i agree with swara but why rishi is silent
ritik-someone gave him a big shock
rishi-shut up
shivavya-whats wrong
and all reached collage pulling each others leg
real part of story:-
veer-bacha party sleeping time
sunny(son of sukor)-aunti were all saved
saanchi-now weeding

precap:-shivanya and tanujas secret out

teaser-as time is running tanujas and shivanya past is coming what will happen if its related to rishi and ritik.will there be love or war?
sorry guys for delay exams and also my health
with love

  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Take care of your health

  2. Nice! happy ragini is safe.
    Get well soon and best of luck for your exams.

  3. Fabulastic!!!! So happy that Ragini is safe. I’ve only got one request, I want more Sukor plzzz if u can. Keep going Di, all the best 4 ur exams and get well soon. ?

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