Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 15 (wedding tour)

all comes there
thapki-ahem lets prepare for the dance

bihaan-lets go
all goes to dance room
thapki-guys there will be a wedding our dance should be the best
bihaan-first our best couple tanuja and rishi will dance
tanshi danced on halka halka suroor
then rivanya danced on mujhko barsat
raglak danced on asalaam-e-ishqum
sukor and vimli exchange dance n ajab si and roke na roke nania
swasan danced on phir wahi
thaan danced on tu hi hai
meghnal danced on nachange sari raat
naran danced emotionaly on o khuda

thapki-oh my god what a fun lets go and do breakfast now sanskar goes and after sometime calls someone
bihaan-b for bihaan sayes a fabulous decoration for
sanskar-for someone special I LOVE YOU SWARA
thapki-it means 4 relations wow
bihaan-anyways packing time
thapki-wait let nania and karan go i have an idea you all listen the thing is if we call a lady officer and give this recording then
bihaan-good plan but it should be successful before the marriage.okay

next morning:-
bihaan-ma’am you understood
he cuts the phone
shewta-hey you leave me
thapki-thank you ma’am
shewta-i will never leave you all
karan will confused
bihaan-we all knew
karan-what yes
karan-nania i want to tell you something I LOVE YOU
nania wishpered-me 2 me 3
bihaan-means 5 couples
thapki-party toh banti hai

next morning:-
vacation started all went to jaipur for their wedding
chakor-hi kushi hi aradhya
vivaan-congratulation aman-teni parth-shorvari
four of them-thank you
all hug each other
chakor-by the way aradhya who is your heaven made pair
vivaan-there must be someone
aradhaya-shut up
she goes away s parth mom call her
kushi-thats the suprise
all-great news
parth-aaj haldi
teni-kal mehendi aur pooja
shorvari-phir sangeet
aman-at last wedding
vicor-wedding mein ready to departure
kushi-bye all as i have to go to collage like others bye by the chakor di i have a gift for you in the shelf
all-bye kushi

at store room:-
chakor-i will gift it to my childhood friend thank you kushi why did vivaan didnt came he always comes before to take my git maybe he is coming let me hide
vivaan-wow what an beautiful gift
chakor-for you
vivaan-r u crazy its your gift
chakor-not at all actually this gift for you its a planning of my and kushi
chakor-you remember my help help was an act to check are you right person to take the gift and you were
vivaan-i love you
chakor with a smile- i hate you
vivaan-i mean sorry
chakor-i knew it so i said no
vivaan-fine lets go and get ready for our first art of our wedding tour i mean haldi
chakor-okay lets go
at evening haldi:-
vivaan-how am i looking
chakor-perfect as i only gave you
aradhya-pili ho gayi duniya nila hai asaman aur par kareh dono
all laugh
vivvan-have you heard mein shayar toh nahi this song belongs to you
everyone puts haldi in all four face
precap:-mehendi and sangeet
everyone in shock

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