kuch rang pyar ki- FORBIDDEN LOVE (Character Sketch)

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Hi guys it’s sira. .. I am happy to begin this ff as I am now going to release teaser and characters…

Dev dexit,a number one business man who really works hard and he loves his family more.but after the truth is out he starts to keep distance.
Sonakshi bose, a cute fun loving girl but an incident changes her life…
Mohit dexit, dev’s dad
Ishwari dexit,dev’s mother
Arjun, sonakshi’s brother
Neha,dev’s sister….

So here is about our sonakshi….
Sonakshi’s life has been a hell of a life. First her grandma passes away due to heart attack in Delhi. All four rush from Mumbai to delhi and finish all the rituals but on their return everything takes an ugly turn. They meet with an accident in which her parents die. Leaving arjun handicap. He couldn’t walk anymore. And the only person to survive all this was sonakshi. She decided to be strong and face this world for her one and only brother. Sona began a new life with her brother and took up a job in dixit Industries. After few months sona found out that arjun could recover and walk on his legs once again. There again she had found a new aim in her life. She worked day and night to get his treatment started and she did success at it. His treatment was going on but there was always a constant need for money. On one fine day, ritwick’s parents asked for her hand in marriage. She agreed for the marriage as his parents had promised to help in arjun’s treatment. Ritwick was the head manager at dixit Industries. She was always too busy working that she never bothered to give time to her relation. However things kept on happening and a big change occurs In her life….

Let’s see about dev. …
Dev was adopted by ishwari and mohit dexit when he was 12 years old. His biological parents left him in an orphanage in Delhi. Ishwari and mohit already had a daughter but they wished to have more children. So they decided to adopt dev.After few years in Delhi they decided to move to Mumbai. He meant the world to ishwari and mohit but there was always a part of him that was hurting, which they were aware of. He stayed with them till he was 20 but then decided to move out as he didn’t want to take neha’s share of affection. He made an excuse saying that he wanted to become independent and stand on his own feet. Mohit and ishwari where proud of his decision but they didn’t want him to leave their house. But he was stubborn and moved out. He started working in a different company as he wanted to do something on his own and not use the power of his father’s name. He worked in another company for 5 years when one day mohit suffered from heart attack. He survived but was asked to take a complete bed rest. Therefore all the responsibility were now on dev.neha completed her studies and also joined dixit Industries as a co-owner. There were no problems in his life, yet he was an unhappy person. He had family, yet he was lonely. The whole day would pass by, but the nights pulled him into an unknown darkness. His parents tried a lot to make him happy from within but they failed at all their attempts. There was nothing that dev wanted from his life. His one and only goal in life was the happiness of his family. He could do anything for them, he could happily die or take a life if necessary.

To know more….wait for FORBIDDEN LOVE….only on telly updates from Monday to Friday ….

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  1. Really amazing……???❤???…….Awesome story……??….I’m waiting for episode…..so post soon…..

  2. Waiting eagerly..

  3. Sira

    Thank you…for your support..

  4. Awesome introduction dear but why only Monday to Friday not Saturday Sunday please post that is out on Saturday and Sunday also….

  5. Awesome story waiting for further episodes…..

  6. Aarti32

    D storyline is really different n I’m looking forward to it..

  7. Niki645

    Post soon??

  8. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey sira..this is Pari,the teaser and the intro was amazing…?
    post the episode asap?

  9. Rj12

    hi sira intro was amazing waiting for episodes

  10. ??????Wonderful!

  11. Alka

    I guess the ff is going to be amazing …
    Waiting for the update ????

  12. Sira

    Thank you guys…….

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