Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev sitting in his old house drinks alcohol reminiscing fighting with Sona and thinks why her presence troubles him. Sona reaches there and sees Dev’s bike outside house. She sees Khatri near door and signaling at door bell. She goes near him and he asks what is she doing here, why she is bothered about Ishwari and Dev. Sona says as a humanity and past goodness, she will not let him harm Ishwari’s family. Khatri tells he used to grab money from Ishwari telling he will not tell her truth to Dev and will grab money from Dev telling he will not tell his mother’s truth to the world. Sona says she will not let him play his dirty trick. He says he has proof against Ishwari and shows CD. He warns Sona to bring Ishwari in front of him in 24 hours, else he will show this CD to everyone. Sona agrees.

Sona turns and sees Dev standing. Dev strangulates Khatri reminiscing him troubling Ishwari. Sona shouts to leave Khatri. Dev continues strangulating Khatri saying he will finish him and reminisces promising Ishwari to spare Khatri, says he will break promise. Sona pushes him aside and asks him to believe her and tells whole story how she saw Khatri outside house, meeting him, rest of the incident and finally says Khatri has aunty ji’s secret and wants to expose it. Jatin brings police and gets Khatri arrested. Sona asks inspector to make sure Dixit family’s name is not out. Jatin asks Sona if she is fine, returns her mobile and tells he feels she should be with Dev and leaves.

Vicky and Elena see Golu and Soha sound asleep on swinger and table. Vicky gets romantic. Elena says they may get up and pushes him aside. Vicky gets disappointed. Soha wakes up calling papa and says she wants to meet papa right now. Elena says papa is not yet home and he told her to make Soha sleep. Soha insists. Elena handles her.

Dev asks Sona why did she protect his family. He troubled her so much and broke her heart repeatedly, but she was on his side always and protected him and his family. She says his family is her family, then says they are all her dear ones. Dev expresses his love for her and hugs her. GKB watches them hiding and fumes in jealousy.

Precap: GKB tells Vicky that she saw Dev and Sona hugging, looks like their plan will fail. Elena calls Sona and asks if she is with Dev. Sona says yes. Elena asks if she patched up with Dev.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Riti1107

    Honestly, when Dev started blaming Sona & then later our Memni’s Memna started his Maa Chalisa I was like gaya poora ka poora farm pani me but na …
    The way the episode progressed left me gushing & in my head I was shouting hug karo hug karo
    Nd the gentle way in which he hugged ❤❤❤
    But ab Shaheer itna muscular ho gaya hai ki Erica ke haath me poora fit nahi aa raha tha
    This is the patch up I hope & ab sab theek ho jaana chahiye
    No more planning plotting
    I’ve had enough of it
    Ishwari Devi your Devta has gone & u didnt even come to meet him very bad aunty jaao jaao usi ke paas jail me chali jaao
    Nd let my devakshi enjoy together
    Hoping that Saheli puts her article a little early nd we cross atleast 100 comments today
    Thode old members ka chehra bhi dekhne ko mil jaaye
    Nd Sammy ki bacchi where have you disappeared????

    1. Exactly jab 1st tym mein dev ne sona la haath pakra tab se hi man hi man i was like “one hug plz hug karlo” n d way he finally did..omg..i was in heaven??

  2. all because of khatri , god bless him . khatri ki jay
    awesome episode, just lovely lovely lovely , sweet , sweet , sweet , and superb superb superb .
    devakshi’s talk , it was so natural . sona and dev’s dialogues were awesome and genuine . waiting for a perfect and clear love confession of devakshi . i became mad when i was watching the epi . i was jumping up wid joy . one of the best epi after leap . i dont know why when dev told abt ishwari , for the first time in my life i felt really bad fr ishwari , after all ,she has suffered so much . dev sona jaldi apna love confess kardo , this time it would be nice if sona comes forward and confesses her love , because last time it was dev . if i can , i will definitely kill this character gkb , always coming between my sweet devakshi .

  3. Prads

    Yesterday I commented that Dev needs a “Jaadu ki Jhappi” from Sona and incidently it happens….. It was an emotional episode wherein both have understood their mistakes particularly Dev…. But I feel that the HUG was in formal way between two friends…. So, after the leap, they begin their relationship with a friendship zone & as we witnessed later on they will become a couple for the sake of their daughter.

    As per the precap, GKB is telling Vicky about Dev & Sona’s improvement, but I feel that Vicky has changed now….. I mean to say that this time he will not be manipulated by GKB in full manner as somehow Elenas concern has affected him….

    By the way, Dev’s dialogue in yesterday’s comments is contrary with the latest improvement in their personal life. Just remember the last sentence by Dev during the Hugging was “Thank you for every thing”…. It means that he is thankful to Sonakshi for the support she has given for some supporters who are blaming that Shaheer is irresponsible person. Before few days, Sonakshi (Erica) was missing Dev (Shaheer)….

    The writers are moving their story as per the current situtation…..

  4. Aarti32

    Vicky?? uske acche wale plans hamesha fail ho jate h??

  5. Aarti32

    Woohoo!! Finally Dev aur Sonakshi phir se Devakshi ban hi gye??

  6. Asmita...

    Are Sona ne Khatri ko arrest to krwa diya… par wo CD kahan hai jo Khatri Sona ko dikha raha tha… Sona ne wo CD q nahi li ???

    Ye writers bhi na… clearly bataya hi nahi ki Ishwari ne kya jurm kiya tha… open end kr diya bs…. ab hum hi apna dimag laga kar apni marzi se jo chahe samjh len…

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Exactly asmi Di main bhi yahi soch rahi thi….CD toh khatri ke hi paas chhod Di…ajeeb hai??

      Jurm toh yahi tha ki ishwari me chori ki thi shaadi waale ghar se….dev ki fees bharne ke liye…..khatri woh paisa churana chahta tha….but ish ne chura liya isliye woh usse nafrat karta tha aur usse blackmail karta tha….

  7. Varalakshmi

    excellent, mind blowing, super duper episode
    kya acting, kya BGM, kya dialogues, love u devakshi,
    after leap one of the best episode, devakshi soha se milke wedding anniversary celebrate karna
    precap interesting kya sona manogi ya nahi manogi
    can’t wait for next episode

    itna acha episode ko sirf 28 comments please jaldi comment karna

  8. i think this time dev will support sonakshi against her family and especially her mother.maybe dev’s mother will be change her character accepts sonakshi her daughter in law. if it happens its good to see serial will be more intersting.

  9. I am new to this area shall I join u guys?
    I really loved the episode?. Waiting for more devakshi moments. …..???

    1. Rekhadhir


  10. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Finally awesome episode after long time.

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Finally Awesome episode after very long time.

  12. Guys after such Master Blaster episode just ds much comments.What happened to all.Where r u all? Finally we got that phase of Devakshi story for which we have been waiting ds much.
    Shaheer just nailed it.I always get confused whether m watching dm onscreen or offscreen der acting is so real.Both Shaheer n Erica were awesome.
    Finally we got Devakshi hug?????
    Kitta maza aaye reee…
    I wish ds Dev to fall first in love with Sona Bcuz d way Sona hesitant while hugging Dev it’s clear dat dis is not Reunion hug.They need to sort out lots of things.
    I really want Dev to stay in Bose house 4 one more week where he ll get to know Sona’s side of story n how she managed everything.How much she missed him everywhere when Soha was growing up.

  13. magic dekha hai aapne?magic?
    my mind is all muddled up i can’t find words to express my thoughts,feelings,my views nothing! matlab kuch bhi nhi main kya hi expect karu inse,mujhe itni dedication,sincerity,hardwork dekhne ke baad kuch expectation rahi hi nhi bass TRUST hai,bhot trust,pura trust……….

  14. Varalakshmi

    Dev cried Sona Wipes his Tears +Anniversay celebration Kuch Rang Pyar Ke aise Bhi


  15. Sneha1

    I am still in Devakshi land… what an awesome episode it was…. superbly written and amazingly executed..
    emotions r just flowing from dev n Sona… without any restriction… without any artificialness….
    so real … so pure…

    earlier I always feel that after their first breakup, the redemption/reconciliation between the two was very short .. sometimes I feel that Dev has not realised his mistake fully and sona had accepted him just like that…
    may be that was the reason that foundation of their relationship was based on a weak understanding and that’s why it could not lived its life..

    but the heart to heart convo dev n sona had today… had literally bought tears in my eyes…. so genuine… each and every word is coming directly from their heart and sharica performed beyond words…..

    this is one of the best episode .. full of emotions… n perfect in their acting…

    Just love d serial from the core of my heart and proud to be a KRPKABian……

  16. Sneha1

    N the hug Devakshi shared…… wow wow wow… wowo… wow….
    Use kitni baar loop mein dekh chuki hu… mujhe bhi nahi pata…… it was from some world….. so soothing…. just like a fresh dew on the leaf…. just like putting your head in your mother’s lap….
    Pure and so blissful to watch……

    I feel like that Dev is finding his solace in sonakshi’s arms… and sonakshi is recharging her strength in Dev’s Hug….

    I feel ki Shaheer ne bhi indo se wapas aakar Erica ko aise hi hug kiya hoga to sand by his side and support him unconditionally…

    what u say guys and gals..

    Priya, Neha, Devga, Shalini, Riti, Ishan, Samaira, Devna, Pothik,, Chanpreet, Rekha, Piya n all my KRPKABian ….

    1. Devga

      Arey ofcourse par inhe toh off screen time nahi milthi na toh isliye on-screen mein real KARDHIYA …. Lol

      BUT I REALLY FELT SAD FOR SHAHEER …. YESTERDAY THOUGH HIS PART WAS TO B SAD ND HURT still he was looking very tired…. May b as soon as he landed here he straight went to sets ….


    2. Priya9876

      Ab mai kya hi bolu Sneha….
      mujhe to bass inke (sharica) inke PYAR se PYAR ho gya hai….
      JUst love them to the core…..

      aur iss bandaa itni kaam karke pagglon ki tarh kaam kar k mujhe bohot takleef deta hai………

  17. Chanpreet0815

    Finally kal ka episode dekhne ke baad kya sabke man me Laddu futa kya????

    waari jaawa Haae killing episode tha. ???????

    Finally Devakshi Hug after 8 yrs.
    And Ishwari free episode.

    Itni khushi toh mujhe ssc ka result dekh ke nhi hui jitni ki devakshi ka hug dekh kr hui???

    yesterday’s episode was Devakshi episode???

  18. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Can dev get a clean shave plz???
    Yaar Baal ka toh samajh aata hai ki kaat nahi sakta kyunki badh ne mein time lagta hai…..but daadhi toh jhat se badh jaati hai…….shave toh kara do koi…plz….plz…plz…???
    In do mein toh shah itna handsome banker ghoom raha tha….yaah aake kya ho gaya??

    1. Aareeee why do you want dev to do clean shave? ??
      Isn’t he looking damn hot with the beard n his dressing style.. ?????

    2. Aamu

      Haaan..! Muje b zyada achcha shave bina lagta hai?

    3. Priya9876

      India me too kuch v chalega na… bcz yaha to sab uske pure soul se pyar karte hai….

      waha Indo me HANDSOME SHAHEER ki demand rehti hai behno ki demand…

      aur ek chiz offscrenn baat krne ka time nhi milta too shave karne ka kaise milega…

    4. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Seriously yaar Priya Di yeh toh heights hai by god.. Baat karne ka time nahi milta…ROFL…bhai ke bday mein jaane ka time mil jaata hai…cars ke saath lose karne ka time mil jaata hai….but but but…baat karne ka time nahi milta???

    5. Priya9876

      Wahi toooooo
      Cutiepie ko jhutt v bolna bhi aataa!!
      Pakada jata hai humesa…

  19. while watching the episode what all i want is devakshi hug… it occurs but to my wonder that hug was too cold…didn’t except a cold one… but what happens is too good…why did they bring x-gkb to spoil the mood of environment. ….wating for today’s episode….

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