Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev returns home and sees Sona resting on bed. He asks how is she feeling. She says fine and asks why did he return home so early. He says he had meeting nearby, so thought of visiting home. Ishwari and GKB come and ask how is she feeling. Sona says she is fine and gets up. They ask her to sleep. She says she needs to go to bathroom and it is dirty with her last vomit, asks to call DK to clean it. GKB scolds DK is busy on mobile always and calls him. Ishwari says she will clean it. GKB asks why will she. Family bonding continues.

Soha prays god before going to school. Golu comes and disturbs her and asks what she is praying. Soha says today is baby’s photo day. Golu says doctors don’t click pics. Soha says mamma told they will and scold that he comes here to meet everyone in lieu of going to school with her. He says yes. Their nok jhok continues.

Dev looks at calendar and says 2 weeks have passed, it is ultrasound day today, he gets emotional and prays nothing happens to his baby. Ishwari comes and reminds him and Sona if they don’t want to go for doc’s checkup and ultrasound and suggests them to go relaxed and get news about Shubh. She continues cheering them up. They both reach doc’s office. Doc does Sona’s ultrasound and shows baby’s movement and heart beat on monitor. They both smile. Peon informs doctor that next room’s lady got labor pains. Doc leaves in the middle and rushes out. Dev panics and walks behind her.

Soha and Golu ask Ishwari where is Dev, he has to drop them to school. Ishwari says Dev and Sona went for doc’s appointment, leaves. Soha says she told today is baby’s photo session day. Golu tells once baby is born, her parents will divert attention to baby and will forget her, even he wants baby sister but is silent as his parents love him and then will forget him. Soha gets concerned.

At Bose house, Bejoy nervously waits for Sona and Dev’s call and says he should have accompanied them to hospital. Sourav says Dev is with Sona and he need not worry. Bejoy says he is baby’s mother’s father and knows more than Dev. His argument continues.

Sona does not see heart beat on monitor. Dev returns and tries to scan. Sona says someone will come. He says he knows what he is doing and scans her abdomen. They get tensed seeing no heart beat again. Dev rushes out and sees doc chatting and cracking jokes with another doc. He scolds doc. Doc says it is just an ultrasound and he need not panic. He insists and takes doc to Sona’s room. Sona says baby is fine and monitor cords were lose. Dev smiles looking at baby movement and heart beat and apologizes doc. Doc says she can understand his condition and asks if they want to listen to their baby for some more time. They nod yes.

Dev and Sona then return to their car. Sona asks why did he save scan’s copy. Dev says it is for Soha, she is creating scrap book for baby. Ishwari calls them and says Soha is not in her room. Dev asks to call Soha’s friends and check and even Golu’s house. Ishwari looks tensed.

Precap: Dev packs his clothes. Bejoy asks Asha why Dev is packing his clothes. Sona says Dev..Dev says asks her not to stop him from accompany her to her parent’s house, he will not create problem and wants to be with her. Sona says she hurt him. He says no. She says what about maa, she hurt even her.

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  1. Soha kahan chali gai ab??such a short epi??

  2. Dev cleaned the washroom??…it was funny???

  3. Swarna494

    This is so cruel…
    Sony had already gone mad. Yesterday the time slot in Sony HD was given as 9.30-10.00pm and in Sony 9.20-9.50pm…
    Thank god I just switched on the TV 10mins before, the hell Sony HD also started the serial in 9 20pm
    Guys be careful today the time slot in Sony HD is 9.10to 10.00pm and in Sony is 9.20-9.50pm..otherwise we will miss few scenes.. And the bl**dy Sony telecasts the repeat of our show neither in Sony nor in Sony HD..
    Get lost…. Sony has 14,257,435 subscribers
    After 25th August we have show our power. Who are krpkab fans..

    1. Shahina

      And it’s confirmed that the last day of telecast is 24th aug, not 25th August.
      Now, we have only two days more??????
      I don’t know what to say??

    2. Shahina

      But we’ll be having two last maha episodes from 9.10-10.30

    3. yesterday i said already.still only 2epis…uh……
      and i got a doubt i thought sony and sonyHD has the same timings but how changes.in HD we have 50 min and sony 20mins????how could this possible i mean sony skipps the serial when compare HD?????frnds please clarify my doubt

    4. Subhashini

      Swarna un mail id ketaenae…nee send panniya…if u wish then u send it k…

  4. Aryana

    Guys last 3 days . At least comment here regularly please .

    Episodes are just awesome yar . Any one saw the news that shaheer’s next show on Sony .

  5. Shahina

    The show is getting more beautiful day by day??
    But we are unfortunate as there are only two days more???

  6. Priya9876

    Sony’s Masterplan my god…

  7. as usual epi was beautiful.precap was interesting….
    isss sony tv wajah se guassa aarahaa.they can atleast give an hint about timings.i used to just miss epi but couldnt..

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