Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona takes Golu and Soha out for ice cream. Vicky passes by mamaji. Mamaji taunts him that FDs will not close soon to break FDs. GKB comes to Vicky’s rescue and yells that Vicky broke his son’s FD. Mamaji says it is Dev’s money and they are waste bodies living on Dev’s money. Vicky says what he can do with his ill fate, he is trying, but unable to succeed. GKB yells if Ishwari had not won 5 lakhs lottery and sent Dev to a big school, even Dev would not have earned so much. Mamaji continues taunting them. GKB sends Vicky and yells at Mamaji. Sona hears their conversation standing near door. Khatri calls on landline and says he is form landline company and wants to talk to Ishwari regarding something. GKB shouts there is no Ishwari here and disconnects phone. Mamaji taunts her and leaves.

Sona thinks Khatri looks very dangerous, she needs to talk to Dev about it and goes to his room. Elena sees her and says Dev bhai is not in his room and went out. Whenever is sad, he goes somewhere. She says what he can do, he lost his love and is lonely. She continues that Sona could share happiness with him, but she did could not love Dev at all. She leaves. Sona reminisces Dev telling I love you. She picks Dev’s photo and cries everything is because of him. She always wanted to be Sonakshi Dixit, but she could not because of Dev. She will never love Deva again..She continues pouring her heart out and her tears fall on photoframe. Dev standing alone reminisces Sona and Jatin’s closeness and confront Sona how is Jatin related to her. She says a lot. Sona continues crying looking at Dev that she wanted to talk to him, but he is not around. She always tells she does not seek help from him, but today, she is seeking help from him. They have to fight together for their family against Khatri. Her tears fall on photo again.

Mamaji enters seeing her crying and asks what happened. She says Dev. Mamaji asks if Dev fought with her, Dev is Ishwari’s moon and moon has defect in it. Sona says everytime Dev cannot be wrong, he blames her for their separation, mamaji was there when she left. Mamaji nods yes. She asks if they will reunite again at all. Mamaji says she has a big heart and has to forgive Dev. Sona thinks even if she forgives Dev, will he forgive her for what she is doing.

Sona goes to Khatri’s area and searches house #12, reminiscing Khatri’s words. She asks someone where is house #12. Man shows direction and asks why she wants to go there, nobody stays there. Sona reaches house #12 and sees it locked. A woman asks what is she looking at. Sona asks what about the people staying here. Woman says she stays here since 40 years, nobody stays here since 20 years. Someone stole money during this family’s daughter’s marriage, marriage broke, family left without informing anyone. Son asks if it is because of Ishwari Dixit. Woman gets angry and asks who is she. Sona says she is Ishwari’s bahu. Woman happily asks if she is Devrath’s wife, says Ishwari is a boon for this locality and helps in every family’s daughter’s marriage, marriage does not happen without her help. She takes Sona to her home and asks if she wants to have tea.

At Bose house, Bejoy scolds Ronita why did not she take travel agent’s help, he sent her number. Sona enters. Whole family gets excited. Ronita stands aside. Asha asks her to join them and they all do group hug.

Elena slips and twists her leg. She tries to apply pain balm on her leg with difficulty. Vicky enters and says she is not gymnast to help herself, applies balm on her leg and says he is bad, but loves his wife a lot. Elena says why he makes mistakes repeatedly, she does not like it.

Ronita prepares food in kitchen. Asha tastes food and says it is perfect. Sona enters and says dada is calling Ronita. Ronita leaves. Sona says Asha that Ronita is very sweet. Asha says she is even intelligent. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Khatri treatens Sona that he heard she was searching some house, if she does not let him meet Ishwari within 24 ours, he will expose Ishwari’s secret in front of whole world.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rekhadhir


    1. VINAL

      Rekhadhir you will get your both answers in this month only

  2. VINAL

    what is the secret of ishwari kya karname kiye hai
    20 saal pehle dev ki fees barne ke liye
    kiske shaadi me se paise churai the
    waiting for next episode

    1. Swarna494

      as like always, cute lil smile..??????

    2. Rekhadhir



  3. now i wish kaash chori karne ki saza lifetime hoti…..

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Mujhe kyun aisa lag raha hai ki chori nahi kuch aur hain shayad i maybe wrong par pata nahi shayd ye hame misguide nahi kar rahe i don’t know pata nahi kya hai par kuch to dhamakedaar hoga after all it’s Erica ‘ s bday month may..

  4. ahhhhh mujhe bhi shaheer ki performance dekhni hai n i heard he danced on badtameez dil.mummmmaaaa mujhe bhi dekhna hai!!!neha di priya sabhi jaise hi kuch haath lage toh link send karna

    1. Swarna494

      Piya,see ganga di’s shared link..

    2. Neha1

      Shaheer’s performance on “Pretty Women” song with @Mrunal Thakur and @Arjit Taneja …!


      Piya, ye video mere fb acc. pe tha…but don’t know link open hoga ya nhi…batana mujhe…till then I’ll try to search more videos of Shaheer.

    3. Neha1

      Wow… Amazing…!
      Listen guys….Our Magical Voice of Shaheer.. He’s Singing a Song on stage….but In Indonesian Language…!


      1. Neha1

        Live Singing Shaheer Sheikh on stage…


      2. Neha1

        Shaheer singing “Sempurna” Indonesian Song..!


    4. Neha1

      Badtameez Dil…..Performance of Shaheer…


    5. Priya9876

      sorry shaam se shaheer ji ko live dekhne k chakkar me maine TU open hi nhi kiya……….

      but koi tune dekh liya na sab kuch…

      uff tujhse kuch puchna tha lekin kaise puchu..
      unregistered member..

  5. Pritha

    Kal Sona ne rula diya yaar…??????
    Ek hi episode mein saare emotional scenes dalni thi in makers ko.

    Halweshwari ne chori ki thi!!!!
    Kya yaar…mujhe laga tha koi khun vun kiya hoga….
    Par ek taraaf se dekho toh sahi bhi hain….usne chori karke ek ladki ki shaadi turwadi….that means usne rishta todne mein apni graduation aur MA ex sath hi complete kar li….?????
    Uske baad Ranveer aur Neha…Phd bhi ho gaya…???
    Phir Devakshi ki shaadi todna knsi inpossible task tha….par chalo usne apna Post-doctorate bhi kar li.????

    1. Pritha


    2. Pritha

      ex nehi ek
      ufff…yeh typos

  6. Rekhadhir


    Sab log suno dhyan se shaheer erica ke bare main baat kar raha hai

  7. Ganga

    Shaheer dance ? Kaash Shaheer nd Erica ke saat aisa dance karte thooooo……???


  8. I feel that both Sonakshi and Dev have somewhat realised that their feelings toward the other haven’t come to a complete end. Deep beneath, they know that the love they had for the other seven years back still remains.
    In Dev’s case, this has been clearly conveyed ever since he has spotted Jatin in Sonakshi’s life. As for Sonakshi, yesterday’s conversation between Dev’s photograph and her explained it, too.
    Now, the two must muster up the courage to face the truth: they still love each other, unconditionally and undeniably. They must learn to face the reality and only then take any step ahead.
    Sonakshi wants to team up with Dev, which is indeed a good step concerning the Khatri issue. However, if at all Jatin, too, gets involved in this matter further ahead with Dev and Sonakshi (although I don’t think Dev will allow him), this will further make Sonakshi spend time with Jatin. Dev, naturally, shall feel envious of the latter, and raise comments on Sonakshi’s character and reality, again. This shall internally damage their bond even more until finally they can do nothing about it, but cry out to themselves.
    True, their unconditional love for each other is a major benefit in their relationship, but as Asha has always been saying, that’s just not it. They need to trust one another. Seeing Sonakshi and Jatin so close, it’s obvious for Dev’s trust towards Sonakshi to fall apart, sooner or later, completely. If that happens, then there shall be no scope of hope remaining.
    Moreover, by my individual theory, if dev and Sonakshi are to team up, I believe they should initially sort out their differences. Once that is done, should they team up. By this method, Dev, although still slightly insecure, will understand that it is essential for Sonakshi to be with Jatin, too. And, as a result, he shall be able to clear his vision toward Sonakshi.
    Not only will this help prevent conflicts between the two, but also deepen the trust between Dev and Sonakshi.

    1. Riti1107

      I doubt that they’ll do all this until the ‘wo’ remains b/w the two
      The wo here is not Jatin but their ego which is standing right between them… God only knows that had Dev been there in place of that photograph of his would Sona speak all of those things that she did … Would we hear the old tune of ‘Rang Rahi hu’ or the Waqt ne kiya would pop up to bother me once again … They’ve gone in that ‘I don’t care’ zone but deep down they only care about each other

  9. Ganga

    Multi talented Shaheer….. His voice ???


  10. Sonakshi and Dev saying ‘I hate you’ to one another is simply a synonym for ‘I still love you, you know’, according to their dictionaries. In yesterday’s episode, when Sonakshi said that she won’t love him ever again, she indirectly confessed that no matter how baldy she wants to fall in love with him all over again, problems never seem to end for her.
    Also, whenever Dev says that he is ashamed of himself for falling in love with Sonakshi, it’s is indirectly a confession stating that no matter how hard he would try, not falling in love with her never seemed to be an option!
    No matter how they frame their words and sentences, by the end of the day, all they truly mean is ‘I love you!’

    1. Exactly..anshita..tumne toh meri dil me chupi hui baat boldi..??

  11. Neha1

    Soha and Golu to give a Surprise on the Anniversary of Dev and Sonakshi in Sony TV’s KRPKAB…!


    1. Swarna494

      Waiting eagerly for that scene.!????

  12. Swarna494

    Guys how did you spend that 30 minutes with no kuch rang..??

  13. Priya9876


    khatam ho gya event finally….

    Bhagwan bhala kare humare indians actors ka… Bacha liya unhe khatrnak….

    1. Rekhadhir

      Pehle indonesia saanpo ?ke karn jana jata tha…ab shaheer ke karn jana jata hai???

      1. Priya9876

        Auro ka to pata nhi lekin mujhe Shaheer k karan hi waha k cities k name pata chale hai..
        JAkarta, Makasaar… nd all that.

    2. Rekhadhir

      Mujhe nhi ???
      Pehle sirf itna pta tha ki I.Indonesia ek country hai jahan saanp bhut hote hai …..par ab wahan ke cities ke bare main bhi pta chalta hai…..

  14. Neha1

    OMG…! Ye SHAHEER bhi na….!???

    Me already Iski Fan hu, Deewani hu…………..Lekin,???????

    Ab toh SHAHEER mujhe PAGAL bana ke hi chodega…!

    Me kya kru..?? koi toh batao…! Aisi bimari lag gayi k SOTE-JAGTE, UTHTE-BAITHTE, KHAATE-PEETEY..Har Jagah Bas SHAHEER hi SHAHEER Dikhta hai…!

    Meri Kismat mei Tu nhi shayad,
    Kyu Tera Intezaar krti hu,
    Me tujhe kal bhi Pyar krti thi,
    Me tujhe ab bhi Pyar krti hu….or Hameha krti rahungi…!????????? My HEART ❤??? Belongs to You–Shaheer Sheikh..????

  15. Priya9876

    Lo ab sab lo maje se dekho…Download karo jo krna h karo..YOUTUBE pe upload ho gya..


      1. Priya9876

        TU Fandom ???? yaha pe kise chaiye wo Shah’s Sweat wali tissue ?????????
        ek to @Neha legi for sure, pata h mujhe kyu neha??

        SHAH tissue me v kanjusi dusra wala kisi ko lene hi nhi diya…..

        Uff ye banda khud me eknjoy kar raha kisi ki padi nhi hai…….Cutipie

        Ruben tap tap bole ja raha h, n baki Indians EXcept Shaheer .. Shabir, Shriti, Arjit, Mrunal sare muh khol k soch rahe hai bhiee tu bol kya raha koi samjhaaaaaaaaaaa do plzzzzzz..!! ?????????????????? Sabke expressions dekhne layak h Except Shaheer..

        Nd last Bollywood song ka kachra kar diya… gori mui ne ????

      2. Neha1

        Thank God, He’s coming on 25th….Indonesian wale chodte hi nhi hai Shaheer ko…! Tumne sahi kaha @Priya….! ????

        Jaldi Aao Shaheer…! Shabbir or Shriti toh aa bhi gaye…!

      3. Priya9876

        @ Neha

        Shabir nd Shristi v avi nhi aayee hai….

        AAj v ek event hai Metropolitan Mall me..
        Meet & Greet event…

      4. Aastha1704

        It means we ve to 2more episodes widout Dev.No how cm I guess dy don’t drag this 24hrs ultimatum to 1week like other shows. I really don’t want Ishu to cm in dese 24hrs I want Sona to confront Dev n tell him everything n assure him.I want both of dm to fight back against Khatri to save Ishwari.

    1. priyaaaaaaaa behnaaa main khushi se paagal ho gyi hoon n i kno sabhi fans kal shaheer par nazar ghaad ke baithe the n uske muh se nikle har alphabet ko puri tarha grahan kar chuke hai but i still can’t get over him.sharica kitne laalchi hai apne ilava aur kissi baare mein sochne hi nhi dete.95% brain space mere dimaag ki sharica se bhari hai nbaaki 5%chocolate shake jiski priya dushman hai.waise priya behna yeh toh lol hi hogya hum dono jis kumkum bhagya ka itna mazzaak udate they hume kya pata tha shaheer ko uss show ke liye hosting karne padhegi,yeh toh sachi bhagya wale nikle!!!
      rahi baat shaheer ke muh se erica sunne ki main uss time toh behosh hi hogyi thi yaar chal kya ra hai hai yeah itna suspense kyu create kar re hai!!!
      aur haan thanks neha di n ganga pdi links ke liye

  16. Priya9876

    Ruben Onsu k insta story ne hila k rakh diya h #Sharica shippers ko…..
    Bas Erica ka naam suna ar lag gye decode karne……
    Muummamiyaaaa!! ❤??❤??❤??

    Watch this dhyan se:

  17. I think the song dhul jau mein thujme from rustom best suits devakshi in the persent senario :

    (DEV’S PART)
    Tere bina jeena kya
    Tere bina jeena kyu (x2)

    Tujhse kaise bataun yaara
    Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre
    Woh zindagi hai hi nahi
    Jo tujhse juda guzre

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..

    (DEV’S PART)

    Kahi se bhi chalun main
    Kahi se guzru mein
    Tujhi se aa milun main yaara..

    Zara sa sarphira hoon
    Zara sa bawra hoon
    Jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara
    Teri palkon talle meri saans chale
    Meri saans chale tere dham se

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..

    (sonakshi’s part)

    Tu kagazon pe dil ke
    Likha hua hai tabse
    Duniya mein hoon main jabse yaara

    Tu mera ho chuka hai
    Dil phir bhi maangta hai
    Har lamha tujhko rabb se yaara

    Mera tere siva koi aur nahi
    Tu naa hona khafa kabhi mujhse

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

    Dhal jaun main tujhme
    Ghul jaun main tujhme
    Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..

    What do you think guyz???

  18. Neha1

    Good Morning guys….
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Moon Banerjee aka Ashaji of KRPKAB….!

    May you get all Success in your career and health, Happiness in your Life…Keep Shining..! ???????????????????????????????????????

  19. Riti1107

    Who is Khatri?
    Not that I don’t know who is Khatri but all that we know about him is his name & the fact that he is a blackmailer
    Had he just wanted money he could have merrily taken it from Sona
    He’s too old to go after Ishwari for romantic reasons
    Then who is he ? What does he want?

    He is the father of the girl whose marriage got broken due to Ishwari or some other member

    He needs to have a motive to blackmail her.
    For the 1st time I am saying this & didn’t thought that I will say so but still
    Aaja Ishwari
    Teri yaad sataye

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hi twinny….I don’t guess he is the father of that girl….coz if it wud have been so….he would have revealed it to spoil her image and would have insulted her in public..
      He would have taken back the money.

      I guess he has some sort of rivalry with dixit family…may be with dev’s dad or ishwari herself…and that’s why he is blackmailing her…..MAY BE…

      When khatri refused to take the money that sona offered..
      Khatri: Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight? (Courtesy: twitter)

      1. Riti1107

        Last line was awesome madam

  20. Rekhadhir

    ?????HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Moon Banerjee aka Ashaji of KRPKAB??????

  21. hi! good morning to all krpkabians. Happy birth day to ashaji. ye iswari kaha chali gayi hain? sona ko khatri ne shirf 24hours ka ultimetum dia hain. to is 24hour ne kisi ko to ana pare ga na? ya dev ya phir iswari. berna sona kya karegi? or ye mr obhodro vi kitna unpredictable hain na? pata nahi ab makers kta dekhanewale hain!

  22. Prads

    Mujhe ek baat samaj nahi aati ki agar ek ghar ki beti ke shaadi isliye tuti kyunki uss ghar se jewellery chori ho gayee toh uss ghar ke logon ko raaton raat ghar chod kar kyun jaana pada. Generally, aise time par toh police station me case chalti hai aur ghar waale kabhi apne ghar ko iss tarah se chod kar nahi jaate kam se kam apne ghar ko sell toh kar hi lete…. Par abhi tak uss ghar ko kisi ne kharida hi nahi aur na hi koi rahne aaye….. So, the story is not involving only on the theft case, there is something behind all that.

  23. Today ashaji’s birthday.. The understanding mother and mother in law..
    Happy birthday moon banerjee????????????

    1. Happy Birthday moon banerjee..❤
      The most understanding character of the show?

  24. Aaj main krpkab ka kuch puraane episodes dekh rahi thi..their first hug in the car after propose..the rain dance..aur phir after marriage jo bijoy unlogoko ghar se nikal deta hai den elina ka marriage ke din unlog garden pe sota haai toh jab sona dev ki acting karti hai etc etc..?
    I miss the old DEVAKSHI soooooo muchhhhh… ????
    Yaaar kab inlog milenge aur kab humlogoko phirse dekhne ko milegaa devakshi romance??
    Want them ro reunite soo badly as soon as possible..i hope makers do it soon..

    1. Riti1107

      Even I watched the rain dance yesterday!!!
      Got so nostalgic after that …
      I want our Devakshi back

      1. Me too?
        I hope they reunite soon❤

    1. Priya9876

      AB mai ji nhi sakti marrdalo koi mujhe…..???
      this not fair shah ???

    2. Swarna494

      That girl is so lucky.. Thats why shaheer lifted her.. He is very energetic in these events more than our Indian shows

      1. Priya9876

        Yeah true??

    3. Omg omg omg
      Main mar jaau kya..
      Kash he wud have lifted me like this..??????

    4. Rekhadhir

      Inko kaam dhanda nhi ha I koi….kabhi shah ka muh pohnch kar woh batate hai ……kabhi kisi ko uthane ke liye bolte hai ……bhla ye koi baat hui?????

      Ye shah bhi wahan ja kar bhut enjoy karta hai …..tabhi erica ne tweet kiya …ja simran ja jey le apni zindgi……???

    5. Rekhadhir


      Priya ye bhi dekh le ab pta ni kon kon hai sath ke sath????

  25. hi all…. i am new here…. started following KRPKKB…. fall in love with that…. by the way i am a tamilian…. any tamil people here who follow this series..

  26. Ngkrishnakumari

    Maine shaheer sheikh aur mrunal thakur with arjit taneja ka pretty woman dance ka video dekha
    Kash indonesia wale erica fernandes ko bhi bulate taki hum fans sharica la dance dekh sake

    Aur rahi baat humari show ki finally tomorrow is monday
    Advance congrates for going to complete 300epi
    But little upset it been without shaheer sheikh

  27. Ngkrishnakumari

    Being proud to be fans of devakshi as well as krpkab
    Thanks maker for the sack of your effort & work we got our devakshi in the indian television world

    Plizz maker dont end our show we want to enjoy our show & comment till 1000epi
    We all know all things had their limits but as a fans we want to enjoy our show because its imtv rate is 9.2 out of 10 where the topmost show of indian tv ie naagin trp rate 4.5

    1. Ye show itnaa hit hain..even school mein bhi i know bohot jan jo krpkab dekhte hain..lekin ye baat samajh nhi aati most watched show ke TRP top 10 mein hamara kuch rang ka naam kyun nhi hotaa hai?? I keep checking but nhi hota hai..par popularity dekhne se toh krpkab ka jyada hai phir ye naagin kyun 1 mein? ???
      This is naainsaafi..

      1. Priya9876

        Trp chart ko ek baari nagain ne dass liya tha phissssssssssss kar k isliye use no.1 pe rkhte hai…

  28. @priya tujhe mujhse konsi khufiyaa baat karni thi bta na! and haan maine upar kahi par reply diya tha tere comment par

    1. Priya9876

      Oh upar jana hoga.. ok ill check..
      Nahi aise KHULe me nhi puch sakti

      1. tu mujhe suspense mein marengi kya?!!! acha hint toh de de kischeez baare mein?

  29. Neha1

    Sonakshi and Dev’s immense magnetic Love annoy Ishwari in KRPKAB…!


    1. Priya9876

      Magnetic love ????????????????????
      Cant ????????

  30. Priya9876

    Congratulations Krpkabins
    Congratulations to the whole team…
    Completing 300episodes
    Hip Hip Hurray ?????
    Watch ?
    Courtesy: Twitter shaheer Birdie FC ?

    1. Devga

      Congratulations m…. Hip hip hurray…. Hi-fi because even I like hip hip hurray….. …. 3 centuries ki kushi mein I hv made sweet….. Jamuns….. It’s really tasty ,..

      1. Priya9876

        woah!… humari too twinning ho gyi…
        yumm.. gulab jamuns r my fav..
        congrats to u too….

  31. Chanpreet0815

    I m vry happy by seeing this episode. And vry Emotional. Sona ne toh rula hi diya.

    Dev no dialogues.

    Indo me itna majaa Kiya. We r not jealous of u shaheer. But i m jealous of that indo’s people. Aapko un logon me itna kya pasand h. kya ham Indian fans me Kami h koi chiz ki. Indian fans ke liye toh aapne aisa kuch nhi kiya kabhi.

    we r happy that u are enjoying in Indonesia.

    I had listen that Shaheer is comMing on 25 matlab kal shaheer aa raha h. kal India ke fans bhi Shaheer ka yaha pr swaagat krenge.

    Shaheer Erica ko bhi saath me le jaate. Vo aapki videos pics and all dekh ke soch ti toh hogi ki kaash mai bhi Shaheer ke saath jaa paatI. and she was missing u so much. This is not fair
    at all shaheer.

    and one more good news our show KRPKAB completed 300 EPISODES. I know that u already got this news. Congratulations To all fans of KRPKAB In advance.

    I don’t know who will read my comment as I know I m late. I was laughing a lot by reading priyaaaaa’s and Piyaaaaaa’s comment. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Shalini nhi h. Shalini is missing nhi toh or bhi jyada hasi aati. Vo bhi bht funny h.

    1. Devga

      Yes congratulations Preet we hav completed 3 centuries….. Hurray ..hip hip hooray ….. And we is today’s episode….. UFFFFF MA …..

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