Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Soha asks Mami why did she not bring Gollu, she asks Soha if she is missing her, Mama jee makes fun of her, she clarifies herself, Sonakshi then hands them the dish, Ishwari also gives it to Aayush, he hesitantly takes it from the box, Sonakshi says he might not even like it but Aayush takes it from it, he leaves the table when mami jee says that he is not from Bengal, Ishwari is worried about him.

Aayush is in the room, Ishwari comes saying that it is not right to leave the table and eat otherwise the horns would grow on his head, Soha comes asking her to also feed her the pudding but she asks Soha to go and ask her mother, Soha after staring at them asks Ishwari if she can call gollu with her mobile, she calls him explaining she is really missing him, he replies he is also missing her but was not able to come, Soha replies that some guest has come to her house and is also staying in her room, she doesnot like him at all, Gollu says that he will soon come and make the boy pay, Soha asks what does it mean, Gollu replies it is a feeling.

Ishwari is feeding Aayush in the room even when he doesnot want to eat, Sonakshi seeing it asks her to stop as he doesnot want to eat but she says that she has brought up other children as well and knows what they have to do, Aayush vomits after eating, Sonakshi hugging her explains she told her and now he has vomited, she must not try to find Dev in him as he has just arrived so might not be able to adjust, Sonakshi makes him lie down on the bed then brings the medicine for him, Ishwari asks her to say anything else which she feels like, Ishwari apologizes to Dev saying how would she know when to stop when he doesnot inform her, Sonakshi says they must let him rest for some time.

Dev walks out of the car and standing there is looking around, Dev asks where the man is, a person comes near him and places the cup lid on the table with a card, he asks Rohan to bid on the number and then the property would be theirs.

Aayush is walking in the night, Sonakshi asks if he is hungry and she would then prepare the dish which he likes, Aayush asks if she can prepare the food which his grandmother can make, Sonakshi replies she doesnot know how he likes the food but would make the dish which he likes, she brings a dish cooked for him, he turning to her sees her, she asks him to try the dish, Aayush asks if she has made it for him, he tastes the dish then she questions if he like sit, he replies it is not cold but he likes it, she hears the children crying so goes there to help them, Aayush places the dish on the table.

In the night Sonakshi brings the food for Dev which he likes, he asks what Baba said because he always has an expert advice for him, Dev standing their says that mentions how Mr Verma desires to meet Soha, Sonakshi is shocked.

Aayush is sitting crying while holding the photo of Rohit, Soha asks why he is crying a lot because if he misses them then should go back to where he came from.

Sonakshi mentions it is not possible as they desire to meet Soha because Aayush no longer matters to them and they care for Soha, she says it is not possible, Dev replies that she must calm down because they both just want to see Sohana and no one can take her form him, he asks why would they give Aayush to them if they were in a position to take care of them, he exclaims he ahs also agreed to this because it is not that serious a problem, they both must take care for Aayush wondering where they should send him to school, he feels they should send him to Sohana’s school but she exclaims he would not be able to adjust if they transfer him in the mid semester.

Soha is irritated so asks him to sleep as it is enough but he accidentally drops the glass which angers her so she mentions he can go wherever he likes but would not stay in her room.

Dev asks why she has to always think in a different manner because if he studies in the same school then she would be able to keep an eye on him, Dev turns to find Soha standing there, she asks why he would study in her same school, she questions when would he leave, she asks them to send him back as she doesnot want him near her. Soha sees that Aayush is also standing at the back, he is really scared, he questions where would he go because both his parents are dead, Dev and Sonakshi both start to weep, he exclaims if he felt like crying then what is his fault, he turning back rushes out of the hall before they can say anything, Sonakshi asks Dev to go but he prefers to talk with Soha first, he making her sit down asks what is the problem if he comes to her room and school, she asks why did he say that his parents are dead, she questions would he stay with them forever, he replies that he would indeed live with them, Sonakshi also says that Aayush is the same age group and they all would enjoy, just like she is with her brother and even if they fight they share a bond.

Soha explains that she is happy with the two brothers which she has, they should ask him to go and live with his relatives, Dev refuses saying that he doesnot have any relatives, Soha then mentions they should send him to an orphanage as they went on a trip where children like him lived, Aayush is standing outside the room hearing to their conversation.

Dev replies that a child needs more then just a shelter but a family who would care for them, Soha replies that she doesnot want him in her house o life, she starts crying when Dev scolds her, Sonakshi asks what he is saying as she is just a child.

Sonakshi tucks Soha in the be, Aayush is scared so he doesnot even remove the blanket, in the morning Aayush enters the room to see I HATE YOU written on the wall, he sits down on the bed, Sonakshi is tensed about how the children are ruining everything in the house, she sees the letter and seven Ishwari comes asking Aayush if he would come to the breakfast, Sonakshi’s exclaims what is this, Ishwari says that it would be the actions of Soha, Sonakshi mentions it is all because of the love and affection which she showed, Ishwari asks if she is saying it is all her fault, Sonakshi replies that Soha is a child and is not able to bear this, Ishwari mentions that she is the mother and should try to teach what is the difference between right and wrong and even if the child doesnot understand she should scold them as Aayush is also her son, Sonakshi asks if she is implying that Soha is not her son, Ishwari is really tensed how to handle the situation.

Precap: The family is having dinner when Dev exclaims that she gets a lot of messages even after so many years then the person would not be her husband. Dev and Sonakshi take Mr and Misses Verma to the school of Soha, they exclaim she ahs the same nose as their son.

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