Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Reporters take Sona’s interview. Dev enters sipping liquor. Reporters run and surround him and asks how come he is here after a long time. He says he is coming after 7 years, time changes and also people, he is very old in this industry and likes to promote new comers. He then sips alcohol again. Host starts announcing awardees names. Sona’s turn comes and hosts announces her as business person of the year. Sona goes on stage and everyone clap for her. Bejoy and Asha watch news and clap in their home. GKB is busy watching TV serial when Elena rushes in and says she saw Sona on new channel accepting business person of the year award, she is looking awesome in her new avatar. GKB yells if she does not remember she is not related to bengalis now. Elena says she remembers and her love for her family has increased. Sona speaks and says people talked about promoting new talent, she changed 7 years ago and her ex-husband is her inspiration. Host praises that even after separating, Sona and her ex-husband support each other’s views and requests Dev to come on stage and present award to Sona. Dev holding liquor bottle walks on stage reminisces his and Sona’s fights. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam….song…plays in the background. Sona angrily looks at him. Host says madam please come.

GKB scolds Elena for watching Sona’s news and tries to snatch remote, but Sona does not give. Vicky says Ram and Sita are meeting again, GKB says they should not meet, they will meet often again and Vicky’s plan of living luxurious life will shatter. Mamaji with Ishwari enters and gives temple prasad. GKB yells at Ishwari why did she pray wrongly again. Ishwari asks what happened. Elena says Sona and Dev are on news channel. Ishwari gets tensed. GKB yells Sona is so shameless, she came back again. Dev takes award and says Sona does not deserve this award as some people get arrogant after success. Bejoy and Ashma shout this man will ruin Sona’s life again. GKB yells Dev did right and showed frowny cat/Sona her place. Dev closed one company and Sona will brainwash him and force him tto close other companies. Vicky yells he will not let that happen as he is his hard work running companies now. Elena asks why they are so tensed, Dev and Sona have met just in an awad function. Mamaji says she is right. GKB yells to keep quiet and continues yelling. Dev tells he deserves this award as Sona just now told he is her inspiration. He walks holding award while Sona angrily watches him going. Waqt ne kiya kya haseeen sitam…plays in the background.

Ishwari goes to her room and mamaji follows. Ishwari says she is tired and wants to sleep. Mamaji says she did not wake up since 7 years, how will he speak to his sister now. Ishwari says what did she do. Mamaji asks if she did not see Dev revealed all their secrets. Ishwari says Dev was not like this. Mamaji asks why she is confined herself to this room, what happened that day. Ishwari says everything happened because of Sona and goes into flashback. She goes to Dev’s room and asks him to control himself and not torture himself, he did his best to stop Sona, but she did not stop, it is not his mistake. Dev sayys he knows it is not his mistake, but it is someone’s mistake. He was so happy, but today he does not have anything because of her and Sona. He loved them both a lot, but the hurt her. Ishwari says she wants him to see happy. He says what happiness, she made nuptual agreement before divorce and forced Sona to sign it. Sona always blamed him for his mom’s mistake. His mom cannot handle her family. She and Sona hurt him so much. They forced him to choose between mother and wife, how can a man choose any one thing. Now, he does not need anyone’s sympathy, he will live for himself and does not anyone. Ishwari comes out flashback and says she did not go away, Sona made Dev away from her.

Reporters follow Sona and question her that Dev snatched her award and opened up the secret, he embarrassed her. Sona says she is not embarrassed and her talent spoke, she does not need award to showcase her talent. She knew from before that her ex-husband would do similar childish act, so she is brave enough to move on, that is why her company’s growth rate is so high. Dev says there is no use of chatting, one needs to perform.

Precap: Sona reaches a hotel. Dev follows her and knocks next room door. A woman comes out, says she waiting for him since long, where he had been, they both walk in. Sona fumes seeing this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sonadi, U r right Sona promised Dev that she will stand by him to solve all problem but not alone even Dev should also support her. Episode – 148, 33:11. Did he really support her???

  2. ok dev sona ki misunderstandings accepted thoda illogical cheeze accepted,dev ko soha bare mein na pata hona still accepted(waise pointless as saheli mentioned in her article its difficult to belive this coz we all kno dev genetically stalker hai) ,dev ka sona ko jealous feel karana casually wala bhi accepted but but but dev aur adultery not at all accepted.they only good thing about their relationship was that they were trulyyyyyy loyal towards each other.dono kabhi ek doosre ke ilawa kisi aur ko dekh kya soch bhi nhi sakte the.kitna pure tha sab but agar dev sirf aisa jaan bhooj kar kuch galat karega thn uska character has changed for no good.
    we all kno that at one point of time they r gonna getting back together tab sona ko kitna bura feel hoga ki dev ne uske peeche kya kuch kiya hai.cheating hi toh hai ek tarha ki ek ladki itni strong ho sakti hai ki usse kisi ki zarrorat na pade but ek ladka itna kamzoor hota hai ki apne dukh apni kamzooriyon ko chupane ke liye in sab mein involve hona pade.

    dev ki commitment hi toh hume itni pasand hai yeh kharab nhi honi chahiye.he said i love u as a man loves a woman.agar cvs ne isse change karke i cheated us coz all man do it n man will be man kiya na toh main toh main ….kuch bhi nhi karsakti na tv tod sakti hoo na jake muka maar sakti hoon but gaaliya de sakti hoo waise bhi cvs bhi toh stalker hi hai padte rehte hai.

    1. Sneha1

      I don’t think… dev sona k liye Loyal nahi hai… he is loyal in his relationship… he is only showing off to make Sona Jealous.

      1. Sonadi

        Hope so

  3. Dev looks so stunning?? no more puppy r dumbo face then huh?. Post leap, shaheer s dominating the serial by his acting….i miss golu n suha….

  4. aaj at the same time khush n dukhi
    khush for aajke episode
    dukh saturday sunday main toh marjaongi

    1. Priya9876

      Mai v hu tumhare sath, bohot dukh ho rha h ki aaj Friday h

  5. I feel sorry for supriya ji… Still there s so much negativity in her role by the way i love her…. It s challenging role n needs much courage to do that role…. Gkb too….About the plot there s no much surprise today, half of the episodes went as expected… I have a doubt that flashback scene was supposed to be happened 7 years back na? If it s, dev had beard? it was emotional scene but i was laughing actually…..n i was expecting they would do tis mistake…. Guys just tell me if i m wrong….i guess mamaji won’t be able to do anything for dev cause only thing he can do good s smhe should move out but that won’t happen anyway since gkb n vicky r the ones playing the game right now ishwar became a puppet of them…. The only friend dev has got s golu… Poor golu… Poor dev….

  6. Sneha1

    One more thing….
    I just loved the dialouge when Vicky said “Prabhu Ram gaye apneye SIta ke paas

    1. Asmita...

      me too…

  7. What if sona feels insecure about suha? after seeing dev’s new avatar since he snatched her own award… That award s just materialistic to her but suha s not, sona’s biggest achievement…. But sona respects suha’s decision…. Check….. Don’t know let’s see how the story s getting unfold…

    1. Sonadi

      I think Soha will not abandon her mom.She will try her best to reunite them even though she promised . I think if I am correct that Soha promised only not to force.She will do it in such a way that both will reunite on their own volition

  8. I guess We have to endure so many illogical twists n turns from here on.. At least they are trying their best….they didn’t skip to sona award “2 more persons” got awards .. there s no dragging in their first meet instead they r going to do ulta. Going to drag dev n suha meet i guess… (Writers Plz prove i m wrong……)i m waiting for their meet n how dev s gonna behave with that new girl???? We all know that s just a showoff… I m not sure they r going to show that part or not…what award story s sona going to tell her daughter..?

  9. Varalakshmi

    i have a doubt sonakshi has already signed in the prenup paper in that she sign in the name sonakshi boss or sonakshi dev dixit

    1. Priya9876

      Thank you so much for the link

    2. Asmita...

      how to download this?

  10. Wow! Asmita that page was really fun… I m still laughing.. Thank u… ??????

  11. Neha1

    What.??? Dev turns out to be Sonakshi’s business investor, Dev helped Sonakshi in these 7 years :-
    In the upcoming episode of KRPKAB will unfold with lots of new twists n turns. Dev and Sonakshi had seperated for more than 7 yrs and the couple met an Award Function.
    It will be seen that in the upcoming track of Sony TV’s KRPKAB, Dev has turned into an evil but he’s secretly helping Sonakshi in her business and this will create a new twist in the show.
    Dev has helped Sonakshi in these 7 year. Dev has been the investor in Sonakshi’s Company. Indeed, it is an excellent news only if Sonakshi comes to know Dev’s situation and what happened between Dev and Ishwari that night.
    I read this upcoming spoiler on my Fb page of KRPKAB Fan Club…!
    I’m not the writer but just informing this news to you guys…Let’s seeif this news is right or it’s a rumour…anyways it’s wait n watch situation

    1. Priya12

      Omg..waiting 4 tat epi….hw will be sona’s reaction……???? Ths may can patch up the couples

    2. Priya9876

      Hey bhagwan!!!
      Jiska darr tha wahi huaa….

    3. Priya9876

      Ohh!! Noo jiska darr tha wahi huaa…

    4. Priya9876

      Neha ur dp…..waooo!!!!
      That flying hug…..
      I wish ki iss baar Fir se jab Devakshi ka reunion hi too Yee #FlyingHug Hona chaiye….
      Nd soha ko to din me kam se kam 5 times Papa se flying hug krwana chaiye…????

    5. Junee

      Yes even I read this. I believe Dev ‘s company manufactures mobiles and Sona’s business is related to mobile apps ! He has secretly been helping her throughtout these 7 years and is acting as if he cares less outwardly. But the interesting part will be the child’s custody! Ishwari has dug the graveyard for the Dixits through that prenup which says the Dixit ‘s will have no claim on Soha , she will have to be taken care by her mother. So this prenup will actually become the biggest hurdle for Dev and Ishwari!!

      1. Sonadi

        I thought the pre nap is not legal in India and not valid

  12. Can someone explain me this prenup thingy?!?

  13. Priya9876


    Dekho dekho Kya kamaal hone Wala h…

  14. Junee

    Despite the illogical drama interspersed in this episode , I love the transformed Casanova Dixit keeping a tab concerning his wife and pulling of a stunt to perplex her with his calculative businessman like move! Despite all this he still passionately loves his wife! It was equally heartening to see a composed Sonakshi whose looks reflected the flame still continues burning ! Both outwardly hard but the passionate love still lurks behind. A very balanced take despite the illogical acts! I think I will mute my brain for the timebeing and listen to my heart while watching this drama.

    1. Sonadi

      You are right. I think if it was pre leap Sona, she would have fought with him but not now.

  15. I miss the dialouge Mr.dev tumi ekdom impossible 😉 :*

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