Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Reporters take Sona’s interview. Dev enters sipping liquor. Reporters run and surround him and asks how come he is here after a long time. He says he is coming after 7 years, time changes and also people, he is very old in this industry and likes to promote new comers. He then sips alcohol again. Host starts announcing awardees names. Sona’s turn comes and hosts announces her as business person of the year. Sona goes on stage and everyone clap for her. Bejoy and Asha watch news and clap in their home. GKB is busy watching TV serial when Elena rushes in and says she saw Sona on new channel accepting business person of the year award, she is looking awesome in her new avatar. GKB yells if she does not remember she is not related to bengalis now. Elena says she remembers and her love for her family has increased. Sona speaks and says people talked about promoting new talent, she changed 7 years ago and her ex-husband is her inspiration. Host praises that even after separating, Sona and her ex-husband support each other’s views and requests Dev to come on stage and present award to Sona. Dev holding liquor bottle walks on stage reminisces his and Sona’s fights. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam….song…plays in the background. Sona angrily looks at him. Host says madam please come.

GKB scolds Elena for watching Sona’s news and tries to snatch remote, but Sona does not give. Vicky says Ram and Sita are meeting again, GKB says they should not meet, they will meet often again and Vicky’s plan of living luxurious life will shatter. Mamaji with Ishwari enters and gives temple prasad. GKB yells at Ishwari why did she pray wrongly again. Ishwari asks what happened. Elena says Sona and Dev are on news channel. Ishwari gets tensed. GKB yells Sona is so shameless, she came back again. Dev takes award and says Sona does not deserve this award as some people get arrogant after success. Bejoy and Ashma shout this man will ruin Sona’s life again. GKB yells Dev did right and showed frowny cat/Sona her place. Dev closed one company and Sona will brainwash him and force him tto close other companies. Vicky yells he will not let that happen as he is his hard work running companies now. Elena asks why they are so tensed, Dev and Sona have met just in an awad function. Mamaji says she is right. GKB yells to keep quiet and continues yelling. Dev tells he deserves this award as Sona just now told he is her inspiration. He walks holding award while Sona angrily watches him going. Waqt ne kiya kya haseeen sitam…plays in the background.

Ishwari goes to her room and mamaji follows. Ishwari says she is tired and wants to sleep. Mamaji says she did not wake up since 7 years, how will he speak to his sister now. Ishwari says what did she do. Mamaji asks if she did not see Dev revealed all their secrets. Ishwari says Dev was not like this. Mamaji asks why she is confined herself to this room, what happened that day. Ishwari says everything happened because of Sona and goes into flashback. She goes to Dev’s room and asks him to control himself and not torture himself, he did his best to stop Sona, but she did not stop, it is not his mistake. Dev sayys he knows it is not his mistake, but it is someone’s mistake. He was so happy, but today he does not have anything because of her and Sona. He loved them both a lot, but the hurt her. Ishwari says she wants him to see happy. He says what happiness, she made nuptual agreement before divorce and forced Sona to sign it. Sona always blamed him for his mom’s mistake. His mom cannot handle her family. She and Sona hurt him so much. They forced him to choose between mother and wife, how can a man choose any one thing. Now, he does not need anyone’s sympathy, he will live for himself and does not anyone. Ishwari comes out flashback and says she did not go away, Sona made Dev away from her.

Reporters follow Sona and question her that Dev snatched her award and opened up the secret, he embarrassed her. Sona says she is not embarrassed and her talent spoke, she does not need award to showcase her talent. She knew from before that her ex-husband would do similar childish act, so she is brave enough to move on, that is why her company’s growth rate is so high. Dev says there is no use of chatting, one needs to perform.

Precap: Sona reaches a hotel. Dev follows her and knocks next room door. A woman comes out, says she waiting for him since long, where he had been, they both walk in. Sona fumes seeing this.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Hey today both dev and Sona nailed it. But I did not like the way that dev took the trophy and they did not show Soha today I missed her❤

  2. kya bolu itna chota episode tha!this is not done pure din wait karke itna sa episode.

    my god kal dev ka sona ghoor ghoor ke murder kardengi.nhi dev nhi main ro dungi tum sona ko dokha mat dena

  3. Priya9876

    Precap dekh k too sachii lag Raha h ki dev Bachkani harqatey kr rha h..
    Hey bhagwan…!!!.
    Dev babu tumi akdom impossible?

    1. Sneha1

      seriously… Dev babu… tumi ekdom impossible

  4. Junee

    It was a pleasure to watch the much awaited episode! First of all, it was quite funny to find Dev in casuals and drinking alcohol in an Business award ceremony. Sonakshi’s move to show him that she could meet the challenges backfired tonight with Dev confronting her but Dev’s move was melodramatic! Now this serial has to be viewed “DIL SE” and not so much “DIMAAG SE” perhaps !! Drama but enjoyable and interesting. He wanted to show that he no more cared as an ex husband. The face off was quite interesting. Next, Dev’s powerful performance to give Ishwari a piece of his mind was excellent. What a brilliant performance by Shaheer Sheikh. Dev Dixit rocked at that moment. Ishwari’s crocodile tears did not cut much ice though. In the precap, he further goes on to show Sonakshi that the Dev she knew has changed and could care less! Lekin “ Faraq to padhta hey “ for sure.

    1. yesss june di even i read saheli’s article they were damn good n aisa lagta hai ki saheli di paas krpkab ki solution book padhi hain.sometimes i doubt ki cvs ne kuch kuch cheeze itna intentionally bhi nhi ki hogi jitna hum sab itna acha conclusion nikaal dete hai.
      this show,saheli di ke articles and tu pe comments seems meri value education class chal rahi hai which loveeeeerr

    2. Junee

      ??Piya tumharee comments mujhe bahot mazedaar lagtee hey!!
      Yes Saheli’s articles give you a different perspective about the various characters! You start thinking on different lines! Dil khush ho jata hey woh padke

  5. kaaash aaj ishwariless episode hota kitna acha lagta waise aajkal toh gussa gkb par aata hai dimaag kharab kardeti hai.soha nhi dikhayi aaaj why?

    dev sona ki behasbaazi par no comments i enjoyed it atleast purani yaadien toh taaza hui n unhe ek doosre se abhi bhi farak padta hai.mujhe toh tension hi hongi thi ki kuch naam sunke react hi nhi karte but aamne saamne Aakar kuch zada hi react kardiya

  6. Irritating track

    1. bro isme irritating kya tha.kya dev ne aapka award cheena? lol no harm its ur views but guys ab jab leap kar hi diya hai toh woh aur kya show karsakte hai.agar face off nhi dikhaya toh pyaar dikhaye kya? agar nhi dikhayenge phir toh dev sona ek doosre ke saamne hi nhi aa payenge n phir ppl will say boring.so just chillax waise hi bhot thand hai

  7. Purvi128


    Haayyeeee …. How could Dev do that …. He snatched her award …. Dev kyun kiya aesa …. itna khadoos arrogant sadu … Mr.Obodro … ????? Feeling bad for Sona …..
    GKB ki toh ..????????
    Ye Ishwari kabhi nhi sudhar sakti…. hey Bhagwaan … kuch karo iska …. utha lo isay ….
    Still she is not accepting her mistake …. Still she believe that Sona is responsible for all this …. How could she …. Apni galti to nazar hi nhi aarahi mental ko ….
    Koi isy mental asylum pohanchaye …. iski dimaaghi halat theek nhiii …
    Satyaa gayi hai ….
    Agr mere pass gun hoti or us mein 1 bullet hota sirf … toh mein direct iss ishwari ke sir ka nishaana leti then …. finish …. hum sb ki main problem finish hojati …????????

    Precap toh … ??????????????

  8. waise toh i never agreed with dev ki harkate but today i felt for him.maine kabhi uske nazariye se socha hi nhi n i said all bad bad things to him but today he touched my heart.maybe i was too much with sona ka maan samaan n anti ishwari.logically dekho toh koi bhi bechare dev jaise insaan ko kyu nhi chodega jab reason ishwari jaisi MIL ho .i repeat main toh dev ko all the best n ishwari ke muh par ek mukka maar ke nikalti

    1. Akku

      I was feeling dev’s pain from day 1 of this mess…that’s why i was saying that sona gave up on dev too early…or even she has some lack of faith in him just like ishwari.

    2. yeaah although sona took a hasty decision but u only tell if u were on her place thn tumhe misconception kaise na hoti!phle bejoy ko thapad,thn ishwari ne itni galat sense mein bola that u should part away,dev defending his mother for that part away thing,dev’s sign prenap pe,upar se bol bhi nhi sakta kuch bewdaa hokar baitha tha chup kar woh bhi.
      iss situation mein brain dil ki baat nhi sunne de sakta tha.dev is also cute bechara sabko khushiyan dete reh gya khud usse fake khushi bhi nhi di kisine bhi.
      phirse moral of the story situation hi complex thi basssd itni si baat thi hume tumse pyaar hai par ussi time waqt ne kiya kya hassen sitam

    3. Actually I always felt Dev is the biggest ‘bechara’ in the complete series…he became sandwich between two most imp ladies of his life. Ishwari due to her insecurities spoilt his life. She would have behaved with any girl who would have come to her loving son life….
      so I m enjoying this serial after leap more as Dev has become care free guy..earlier I used to feel so bad for him when got to stuck between two ladies…
      Now he is least bothered of Ishwari..so we can expect some interesting things here…
      Now after a long time I have started looking forward to watch KRPKAB every day…
      I desperately want to see Vicky , Mami ji on roads ???

  9. Junee

    Every bit Dev said to Ishwari echoed with the viewers mind I think!???

    1. Sneha1

      yes… it striked the right chord in the heart… Dev was so true in disclosing his point of view…
      But khadoos ishwari.. uska bhi ulta matlab nikaal legi ki Sona ne Dev n ishu ko alag kar diya….

  10. Pritha

    I couldn’t see today’s episode so was waiting eagerly for update….after reading the update one thing is sure this sona is even more sorted than the previous sona.
    Bechara dev…he tried so many ways to make sona angry but she just ignored everything.
    But this ishwari and gkb..oops ex- gkb are really impossible…kuch nehi ho sakta in donoka.

  11. Devga

    Wow flashback series….. The most awaited….. Rocking

    Oh ho dev wants to make sona jealous….

    These both are awesome in new avatar’s and acting ….

    But now even I am worried abt their activities….. It seems so realistic hatred ….. I am worried wat if the magic charm of devakshi never returns….


    1. Sneha1

      aisa nahi hoga devga.. just wait n watch… unki love hate relationship k peeche sirf pyar hi pyar hai… bus they r showing to the world and each other that they don’t care for other one….

  12. pata nhi dev sona ko tang delibrately kar ra tha ya kya but itna more sur hai dev ne sona ko bhot mast chidaya n jealous karwaya.saaf saaf sona chidi hui n ego hurt lag ri thi but she has her reasons n upar se media saath conversation bhi badi mazedaar thi

  13. Oh Mr.Dixit what are you up to.how awesome the song waqt me liya. It was very nice for this song to be chosen. I have been listening on you tube since. I don’t watch Indian serial but this drama is unusual. Well done team

    1. mala yeah that song is too good it totally fits in this situation.it makes me happy coz i feel the lyrics n sharica’s acting potrays that there is still a bond b/w them which will remain like this only no matter what.actually bhot passionate song lagta hai.kya mast hai cvs kehna padega krpkab ki puri album hit super hittttttt hai.i don’t think kisi bhi serial mein itne zaada tracks honge i guess 4-5 hai total songs.now i m in love with this new song.kal male version tha pura n aaj thoda female bhi aaya.youtube pe the complete version has not been updated yet.

      waise i didn’t get one thing this is krpkab ka original song then sony set n sony live par mute kyu kardete hai?

    2. Ye gaana originally hindi movie….”kajaz ke phool” se Hai.Soo…mute krr dete Hai youtube nd sonyliv pe

  14. elina duniya jahan ki justification bhi de de tab bhi i m not convinced.agar usne golu ke liye ghar nhi choda thn also its not justified coz uski konsi badi fikar thi elli ko n woh born bhi baad mein aaya.
    upar se we expected strong n controlling bahu but yeh toh fattu nikli gkb ke samne kuch nhi bolti

    1. I couldn’t understand the motive of Vicky getting married to Elina..earlier it used to show that he doesn’t love her, but just to take revenge from Sona, he was behind Elina…didn’t get how getting married to Elina was his revenge…

    2. Sonadi

      He challenges Sona that he will get Elina at any cost. That is what he does.

  15. Hi… can someone tell me whats going on these days in kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi? I mean i used to watch it before but stopped watching after the marraige scence … i really dont understand whats going on can someone pleaaaaaaaaase tell me what happened? Sona a bussiness figure? And who are these new characters? Whats going on? Ill be very vry very thankful to the person who summarizes whats happening..

    1. Devga

      U r shock is justified and yea krpkab is not like other shows…wer once v see an epi aftr a long time v could grab the story behind …

      Aftr marriage :
      More cuter devakshi romantic scenes…
      As usual gkb and ishwari’s dramas….
      Nee drama of Ria’s marriage proposal… And tht boy opposite ria became negative… He already had an affair ….
      Ishwari wrongly assumed tht sona is pregnant … And a week full of ishwari caring for sona…. Dev kept on trying to hide tht she is not pregnant so tht his mom’s and sona’s bond doesn’t break…. Once wen sona went to catch tht ria’s fiance red handed with his gf.., she was pushed by tht gf….. Ishwari was with sona’s decision to break tht alliance …. Ishwari took sona to near by hospital and dev reached even there to hide the fact… But tht idiotic fiance started blackmailing dev tht this secret wud b told to all… Nd wanted tht this alliance should not break….
      Dev started fighting in home with sona and ishwari that this alliance will not break… Then ishwari sends him out … Dev goes and beats tht fiance and hands him to police….

      Once sona sees dev entering hospital wen he said he is in meeting (lie) … She goes behind him to check and finds something wrong with her reports … So gradually this secret comes out wen dev himself confronts her aftr sona pestering him…. She was abt to tel it to ish… Before wich ish leaves house knwing this frm gkb … Sona finds her in Temple and tries explaining her but in vain… Later dev goesand tels her it was he who told lie and not sona …. And ish returns home… Ishwari insists sona to take treatment…. Was torturing sona on do this tht……. Sona got frustrated nd shouted at dev…. Meanwhile ishwari on doctors advise sent devakshi on three days trip for sona’s relaxation … But there sinxe evry body knew abt sona not able to conceive …. Sona git angry ans confronted dev…. dev to the core tried to make her happy nd they returned….
      Wen back home bejoyand ishwari wer fighting abt their resp children… Dev enterd nd and shouted how he can talk to his mom like tht…. In between he slapped bejoy by mistake…. Sona took it hurting and left with her parents…. Then she decides to give back dev’s money To saurav
      …. To keep up self respect…. She mortgages the house…. .
      Wen she gives this money to ishwari … Evry thing happens… Dev angrily shouted at sona to leave…. Vicky takes this as a chance to revenge sona …Nd guess and feeds dev too much of alcohol… And Vicky goes to sonakshi nd makes them out of their house saying ur house was purchased by ishwari enterprises…and dev toldthem to get out …. Ishwari gives prenuptial agreement to dev in drunken state nd tells him to finish this relationwith sona …. But he asks Vickyto throw them…. Vicky even gives them to sona….

      Sona goesto meet him… this dispute become serious and dev while in anger and drunken state utters all rubbish wat he must not have said….

      There ends…. Then 7 years leap…. With cute ms. Junior suhaana Bose….

      My fingers are aching… Hope this is useful for u…

    2. Sneha1

      wow Devga… it was crisp and well informative… u have somehow captured everything… just great !!!! I have watched all episodes of KRPKAB.. sometimes even twice/thrice or more but for me also it is a great recap….

    3. @devga awesome ryt now i am clapping for u wooooow itni mehnat even i thought about writing the whole summary but it was too painful to go through all this for once again.vvv nice
      @ awestruck i kno there were times when we could not relate to it,illogical n depressing but marriage to break up part 2 were totally shaheer n erica ke episodes.aisi acting i can promise u kabhi tv pe nhi dekhi hongi.kabhi bhi nhi even kaafi bollywood actors se bhi achi…coz aisa bhot mushkil hota hai ki tv pe actors rote hai toh hum bhi unhevdekh ke rote hai not isliye hum emotional fool hai but they were toooo good.phir bhi tum chaho kuch episodes skip marsakti ho ishwari wale but dekhna zarrrror

    4. Thankyou sooo sooo soo much devga i have another doubt… if sona couldnt concieve how was suhaana born? And so now sona turned into a business woman and dev..?

    5. Priya9876

      Waooo devga….
      U write so well…..kitni mehnat ki yaar Tumne…..

  16. that moment when during recess me n my other two frnds were chatting n suddenly came up with this topic related to tv shows n we always knew ki humme se koi kabhi serial nhi dekhta only english shows like sherlock n stuff but that moment came when humne exactly ek saath kaha but i watch kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.we just looked each other n we laughed so badly.it was so funny that itne ache dost hoke bhi we never realized ki hum teeno ko hi krpkab bhot pasand hai.god ek shaheer ki deewani nikli doosri ko saare gaane ratte hue hai iss show ke.wooooow moral of the story agar new frnd bnana ho toh ek baar krpkab ke baare mein poch liya karo i swear uss conversation ka koi end nhi ho sakta…..

    1. Soo true yr uh knw mere frndz nhi Dekhte the KRPKAB bt story sunna sunna kr unko b fan bna doyanhai maine abh even they don’t miss the show

  17. Akku

    Kya swag tha dev tha.. mzaa aagya…
    Aree award isiliye liya usne k uski sona ka first award h ye….kitne pyar se bola usne k ye award bht special h mere liye…ofcourse uski khargosh ka first award…..khud se zyada smbhal kr rkheha wo trophy..uski sona ki nishani….
    Nd dev taunt to krra h sona ko bt jaan bujh kr….he is preforming as a hard task master or a mentor for her…to that sona apne goals se distract na ho….mujhe to yhi lgrha h….baki jo makers ki mrzi…
    Bt aaj to dev ka swag dekh k mza aagya

    1. Sneha1

      haan when he said… ki iss trophy ko to mein sabse jyada sambhal k rakhunga and the proud and smile on his face…
      I know he’ll take care of the trophy as a nishani of Sona…. he still loves her so much…..

  18. Neha1

    Aaj ka episode achcha tha but sabse achchi baat ye lagi k finally dev ne apna gussa Ishwari pe nikala…..Good Dev Dixit..!
    First time aaj MAMAJI ko dekha…that was another good thing.
    But DEV..look the way he’s pretending to be careless and showing his CASANOVA image infront of Sonakshi….! Saaf samajh aa rha hai k DEV Dixit ko bht “Farq padta hai” Sonakshi k existence se..!Dev poori tarah se Show off kr rha hai…! Aankhein bht achche se bata rhi thi k DEV, Sonakshi ko mil kr, Usse dekh kr kitnaaaaa Khush tha… But Dev k dil me Sonakshi k liye pyar, Bahar se dikhawa move on krne ka…waiting 4 2mrrow episode.

    1. yaaar dev sahi mein hadh se jada complicated insaan hai itna unpredictable mujhe toh usse bhot zada dar lagne lag gya hai.offtrack jake kuch bhi kardeta.dev ke upar pure thesis likh do na tab jaakar zindagi safal hoyengi.

  19. Akku

    Dev ka charachter bht mysterious kr diya h

  20. Varalakshmi

    Super attitude of dev & sonakshi as usual they rocked especially shaheer’s ur amazing actor
    Ishwari just irritating she never changnow also she is blaming sona iski vajese dev door hogaya
    I guess dev have an hidden motive isliye ye batchkani harkate kar raha hai
    Missing old devakshi romance & chemistry kab tak wait karna padega dono ka pyar dekne ko
    Waiting for tomorrow episode

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