Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari irons Dev’s house. Radha comes and asks why she is pressing Dev’s clothes. Ishwari says Dev does not even know to press, he does not even know where his clothes are. She opens her cupboard and keeps Dev’s clothes in it. Radha asks why she is keeping Dev’s clothes here. Ishwari says Dev asked to keep it here. Radha yells bengalan/Sona must have occupied whole room. Ishwari asks why she is against Sona always. Radha yells Sona kept big swinger in Dev’s room and he gets hurt repeatedly, what if he steps on a nail and gets injured. Ishwari starts thinking.

At night, Dev finishes his presentaiton late night and sees Sona sound asleep. He goes and sits on swinger. In the morning, Dev wears blue shirt. Sona angrily asks why he wore such a bright shirt and looking so handsome, what if a girl falls behind him, laughs and says what if he had got such a complaining wife. He shouts he told her that he has important presentation, she spoilt his mood. She gets sad. He laughs and asks what if she had got such a yelliing husband. They both laugh. Sona goes to get his tie. He thinks if she will know that his clothes are in mom’s room, she will get sad. He says no need for tie. He limps. She asks what happened. He says his pain increased in the morning. Kichu brings hot water and says mom sent to soak his leg in it for his leg pain. Dev asks to keep it aside. Sona says mom knows what he needs, hope even she gets a chance to read his mind and serve him. He says she will be given a chance to better serve him and smiles. They both smile.

Elena gets Vicky’s call and feels sad. Sona calls her. She yells she broke up with Vicky as per her wish and now she should stop her calling back. She switches off mobile. Sona thinks she is doing this for Elena’s goodness.

Sona reaches home and sees servants keeping her swinger out in balcony. She asks who permitted them. Ishwari says she permitted it as Dev got hurt thrice with this swinger. Radha starts yelling that Dev likes space in his room. Neha says she told that Dev does not like change, in this house only Dev and mom sets rules and everynoe have to follow them. Sona says she is just happy that Dev is becoming independent and hopes she will understand his mind soon. Ishwari says don’t worry, you will understand Dev’s mind slowly. Sona smiles.

Nikki sits on swinger and asks Rhea to click her pic. Radha comes and laughs that jiji did good by keeping it out, who will keep such a big swinger in room. Nikki jokes she should try a selfie on swinger as mamaji already learnt taking selfie. She calls her Radha rani and mimics mamaji. Radha asks Rhea to click a nice pic and tries to sit on swinger and falls down She yells this swinger has ghost and it hurt her and Dev. Nikki asks to stop blaming swinger, bhabhi brought it with so much love. Nikki yells to stop it as she is still small, bhabi is trying to force her decisions on everyone, but she did not do all this in her sasural. Radha says even if she wanted to, Ranver would not have allowed her. Neha angrily yells whatever… Nikki continues taking pics.

Sona looks at empty space and looking at Dev’s pic says Mr. Obodro got hurt by swinger and and got it out, but not to worry… Vicky barges in angrily and shouts how dare she is to interfere in his life. She says he is interfering like he entered in her room now. He yells he makes his own way. Sona says Elena is her sister and she will not let him ruin her sister’s life, nobody is afraid of his muscle and rogue attitude. He challenges to try hard and try to keep Elena away, Elena soon will come back to him.

Ishwari discusses with family what she will prepare for Dev’s birthday. Sona enters. Ishwari says she should decide what to prepare on Dev’s birthday, she wants to prepare Dev’s favorite food and mamaji and others want their choice. Nikki and Rhea butter Sona and asks to tell their choice. Ishwari says she always accepted Sona’s advice as she was her nutritionist. Sona says she is on maa’s side and apologizes mamaji. Mamaji smiles and says it is okay. Ishwari asks Sona next to decide Dev’s gift. Nikki and Rhea say they have an idea. Neha gets emotional and goes to kitchen. Mamaji follows and sees her in tears. Sona says she got emotional seeing maa calling her dear one. Mamaji says it is her hard work, soon Ishwari will completely accept her as bahu, asks her to stop crying and decide gift before Nikki and Rhea decide some weird gift. Sona smiles.

Sona calls Sourav and asks him to give mobile to Elena. Sourav switches on speaker. Sona says mom asked her to decide Dev’s birthday feast and gift. Elena sadly says it is good, she is happy for her. Sona says she took the decision for her betterment. Elena says she will talk to her later and disconnects call. Sourav asks what was Sona telling. Elena says nothing important. sourav says he knows it must be about a guy.

Dev comes to his room in the evening and feels very happy seeing swinger missing from there. He opens his cupboard and sees his clothes in order and gets more happy and says maa knows well what he needs. Sona comes and asks he would have told her directly that he did not like swinger in room.

Precap: Mamaji tells Ishwari that she does Dev’s birthday arti around 6 a.m. each year, this time she should try something different. She says this time she will do arti at 12:03 a.m. Sona tells Dev that she wants him to be with her at 12:00 a.m. during his special day and asks if he will give his night to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aarti32

    Ishwari ji, aap thik to hain na!! Kahin aapke sir pe chot to nhi lag gyi?? Koi uske forehead pe hath laga k dekho, bukhar to nhi h.. Are yaar aaj Ishwari ne Sona ki ‘tareef’ ki!! Use koi decision lene ko kaha!! Sooraj west se uga right..??

    1. Tessie

      No aarti.. Ek baat bolu muje toh lagta hai ki ishwari ko pata hai na ki sona wil say dev cos she loves him secondly its his birthday so.. Unhone puccha sona se.. Khud hi toh jeet gayi wo esa karke..

      1. Aarti32

        Anika ki language mein bolu to ye Ishwari ji ekdum chantomine h??

  2. Manya

    Episode Dekha bhi aur nhi bhi!!?
    Ghar pe guests aaye the toh….but TV bhi chal raha tha toh sirf Yahi Samajh aaya ki jhula room we Bahar Chala gya,GKB got gyi,Dev babu bahut Khush hai ki unka room pehle jaisa Ho gya,elena ghum mein dubi hui hai,Vicky Pagal Ho gya hai and most importantly
    Dev babu ka HAPPY BIRTHDAY aa raha hai?
    Baaki episode Dekh Kar bataungi❤️

    1. Manya

      Gkb gir gyi?

      1. Tessie

        Haha.. Us baat ke liye taliyaaa…
        Haske my mouth was paining..?????

  3. Azzuu

    hy guys first of thank u soo much for ur wishes that u have given me everything very well..and now iam free
    coming to krpkab
    piswwari sucks srsly i mean whats her problem yaar so annoying
    and blo*dy radha rani …..i am feelling like sending an vimpre to drink her blood …
    but vimpire maar jayega

    1. Junee

      Azmi dear its good to have u back?

  4. Junee

    Today after watching the episode I felt very low and was wondering whether to discontinue!
    Although Ishwari Mamaji and other characters except for GKB and Neha were all pleasant! However i am upset about Dev’s attitude . I now strongly feel that Sona has married a creep and probably lost out on a splendid character like Ritwik! Dev continues to lack transparency while dealing with his life partner! Maybe for her hood but little does he realise that when she comes to know the truth she will be extremely hurt and the whole purpose of going silent on a number of things will be defeated! I think I will wait for that fall out because I hate people who are insinuating and not transparent even if it is for good! I prefer people who are upfront and have the courage to declare their decisions! I would never pardon Dev for his present approach. He is so much like Ishwari actually! As for Neha she will never be happy anywhere on this earth with anybody, because of being so self centered and harbours so much jealousy! Frustration in a person reflects that he or she is actually defeated in the game of life! Neha is one such example.

    1. Dev absolutely lied to Sona that she can do anything she wants in their room . Now the swing is gone . He is happy with that. He did not even think about how much this would hurt Sona .
      He should have told his Mom that this is very important to Sona . How much she loved this in the room. He promised her everything. Now he is not adjusting to it. I feel he is selfish just like his mother and sister Neha.Hope in the next episode Dev realizes that what he did was wrong.He does not want to sacrifice for Sona but he wants her.
      I am eagerly waiting to see Monday ‘ s episode about the swing discussion .Poor and innocent Sona does not realize that Iswari is playing her emotions.
      I am also eagerly waiting for the episodes where Sona makes Neha realize her mistake and go back to Ranvir- per promos.

      In today’s episode also Sona explains and give a fitting reply to Neha about what is important in husband and wife relations.
      I think Sona should advise Elena about Vicky and leave it to her decision. Elena will learn by mistake about Vicky. Elena thinks that Vicky has changed. She does not realize how bad Vicky is. And he playing on her emotions.

  5. Junee

    Its Good and not Hood!?

  6. Junee

    I feel with Dev’s character going haywire, makers should get a character in Sonas life from her profession itself who would understand her well! That would give a jolt to Dev necause he has taken his wife for granted! He would also realise how much Sonakshi was trying to adjust while handling his insane family including himself! That realisation must strike Dev and he only responds when another man gives him a compete where his wife is concerned! Makers plan a twist like that!

    1. Tessie

      Totally agree junee.. Well said.. Wish the makera cud understand what wrong dy r doing.. The name of the show iis not similar to the on going story.. Koi rang pyaar ka hai hi nahi.. Nw toh i feel dev is ignoring sonakshi. Idk why…

    2. Azzuu

      yup there should be a new entry …

    3. Yes indeed! Dev has to realise Sonakshi’s true important as his WIFE now! Or else, he might really end up regretting it all later!

  7. Tessie

    Uff today’s episode was also bakwas.. Just was laughing when gkb was on the floor from jula… Maza ah haya wo deke…
    Baki ka kuch b acha nhi tha..
    Sona cried hapoy tears. Thinkin ishwari is acpting her.. Bt she doesnot knw.. Thatt ishwari just asked her opinion cos ofcos sona wil support what dev wants n same ishwari too knew dat she wil support dev on behalf of her..
    Secondly only mamaji cud see her happy tears.. Bt sona ko bi we cnt blame jab khud mamaji apni behan ko samj na paye itne pas rehke toh sona bichari kese samj payegi is lady k gande dimag k kehl ko..

    Mamiji.. App ka dev ko koi nhi kat sukta jula itna mehnga lia hai toh usme se koi nikalkar kyu kate ka dev ko.. N wese b waha sona bi rehti hai.. Esa agar dar lagta jai app dono ko toh dev ko maa k palu me baand k rako.. Koi kateka bi nhi.. Pls yar do something n change the story.. Devakshi ko kahi dur bejo gar me unko deke dimag kharab krte hai baki k log.. I feel sona is more happy in hr own house.. Even i like wn sona is with her mom dad.. Wah ishwari ji abi sona ki shadi hui islye raat ko wish krna hai.. Shiii aaj mamaji pe bahut gusa ah raha hai..

    1. Tessie

      One more thing i didnt like in this episode dat it clearly shows dat dev was not happy when that jula was der.. Then y did he acted to b happy for sonakshi when he was not.. This not done.. Never expected dev would show such behavior. Now a days dev is changing for bad.. Just moving on to his moms footsteps..
      I hope sona comes to knw the truth that dev was jus saying to her that she can change anything bt actually he didnt wnt to change..

    2. Priya9876

      Ur 1st paragraph is exactly in my words…. Ishwari kittni v buttering kar ley uspe believe nhi kar skte re baba….

  8. Tessie

    Sona has left full house and came here.. Its a bog change in her life.. Then y cant dev accept a small change in his room.. So bad of him.. Shee.. Now a days show is goin down.. Makers r not in good mood I guess.. Kuch bi dikhaoge n we will watch. Huh esa hi chalta raha toh koi nhi dekega ye show..

    1. Tessie

      I mean big** change in the second line..

  9. Erina

    Todays epi was again a maha pakau nd bakwas … Wow dev ko khushi dekh kr aisa lga jaise ishwari ko dekh rhi hu d way he change her reaction after seeing sona ishwari also do same then what’s d different between dev nd ishwari???? Nd wow dev vakai sona ko bht pyaar krta h nd uski deewaangi bhi maine aaj dekh ly d way he was happy after seeing that jhula out from his room mjhe lga ki vo thora to sona k baate me sochega bcse vo usse pyaar krta h nd sona ki happiness usse matter krty hbut nhi I was wrong dev is just karbon copy of ishwari jaise usse apni cheez m koi changes pasand nhi h (including dev also ) similarly dev ko v koi changes pasand nhi h . Vo v double face vala baan gya hai jo sona k peeche kch aur rehta h nd sona k aate hi kch aur ho jata h …. I just hate double face vale people nd now seriously mjhe dev se nafrat ho rhi h d way vo khud ko potraye kr rha h…. Now I want nd pray makers to do whatever they can do but bring d very first promo true where my sona was strong enough to deal with situation aur bring some thing in which sona start avoiding dev … Plzz I wanna want to c this type of twist .. Rather than what’s happening bcse I’m also loosing my interest nowadays after seeing epi ….

    1. As per this episode Sona’s happiness does not matter to him. He is also selfish like his mother.He kept saying to a Sona that he wants to change for better. But really he does not want to change

      1. Erina

        Yup totally agree but dear not only in this epi there r more epi in which it had shown that dev doesn’t even bother what sona is feeling nd I’m seriously hating devs character.. Yukkkkk.

  10. Please stop this nonsense n bring ishwari some electric shocks so can come in her senses before it was very nice,elegant,n romantic show now it’s has become typical saas bahu show such a boring track

  11. Dev absolutely lied to Sona that she can do anything she wants in their room . Now the swing is gone . He is happy with that. He did not even think about how much this would hurt Sona .
    He should have told his Mom that this is very important to Sona . How much she loved this in the room. He promised her everything. Now he is not adjusting to it. I feel he is selfish just like his mother and sister Neha.Hope in the next episode Dev realizes that what he did was wrong.He does not want to sacrifice for Sona but he wants her.
    I am eagerly waiting to see Monday ‘ s episode about the swing discussion .Poor and innocent Sona does not realize that Iswari is playing her emotions.
    I am also eagerly waiting for the episodes where Sona makes Neha realize her mistake and go back to Ranvir- per promos.
    In today’s episode also Sona explains and give a fitting reply to Neha about what is important in husband and wife relations.
    I think Sona should advise Elena about Vicky and leave it to her decision. Elena will learn by mistake about Vicky. Elena thinks that Vicky has changed. She does not realize how bad Vicky is. And he playing on her emotions.

    1. Completely agree with your point!

  12. Sorry my comments came twice I do not know how.
    I want to mention here that Iswari is happy in this episode because everything is going her way. Just watch if Dev goes towards Sona things will change.

  13. Dev is playing double game with sona and ishwari…he startred to lie this is not good..coming to ishwari before knowing sona love with dev whenever gkb taunts sona she does not like it and supports sona..now we cannot tell that because of gkb ish is behaving like this..bcoz doesnt she know that gkb always instigates her against sona dhe doesnt like sona from starting..

  14. Junee

    Frankly speaking the episodes have now become boring and just shows a cunning mother with her selfish son and daughter Neha!
    Sona is just an obsession for Dev I feel and the fact that she is intelligent , honest and independent attracted him the most. These traits indeed men easily fall for. What is disturbing is he is not true to her and I strongly feel as I said earlier that Sona should discover this side of his and leave him for sometime! She can concentrate on her work and help Sourav build that business and in the process if a new comer like Ritwik ‘s character could be brought into the serial who would understand Sona better then the twist would be an interesting one! All the time seeing this girl suffer at the hands of different characters in Dixit house could be reality but extremely depressing for the viewers!

    1. Absolutely true!
      I too feel that Dev has not fallen for Sonakshi’s heart but her positive traits! No wonder why he’s never supportive towards her then!

  15. Asmita...

    After watching yesterday’s episode I can clearly say that both Dev and Ishwari are double faced creature…

    Ishwari suddnly changed in a gud MIL which I cant able to digest… May be she is having some hidden moto……Sona is forcing Dev to do his work… though Dev is liking this thing… but neither he is saying No to Sona, nor doing any efforts to do his own work…. HE DIRECTLY WENT TO HIS SO CALLED GREAT MAAAA….Ishu is very happy to see this… So as per my POV Ishu already got the point that She has no need to create problems or misunderstanding btwn DevSona coz Sona herself is doing this… (dev is getting irritated by the changes Sona wants to do… bt somehow manages not to show his irritation… but Ishu already understood this)… by being good to Sona, Ishu will be on safe side… If something wrong happens… evryone will blame Sona not Ishu…

    on the other hand… I amnot liking Dev’s behave too… If he is not agree with whatever Sona wants to do thn he should tell it Sona… I think nowadays Dev is not treating Sona well…

  16. Very precisely, kuch rang pyar kae aise bhi …. Is turning to be a total maa- beta bahu saga. Nothing new coming up. These days most of the episodes had real bore stuff and predictable story line. Hope makers think of something innovative. The way it started.

  17. If rumours are to be believed, then I hope these changes help bring about a change in Ishwari’s views!

    1. Junee

      @ Anshita dear
      I anticipated this and mentioned about it in my day before yesterday’s post the day Ayaan visited their house! I had a feeling this guy will help Sonakshi and his mother too will do that!
      Excellent that u got this clip????

  18. The makers are doing nothing much but degrading Dev’s character and making it reach to a level which is somewhat similar to Ishwari’s! He too shows up a fake smile but then has his own ways to indirectly hurt Sona! He has surely taken Sonakshi for granted considering that it is she who dies for him! But, he must remember that it was him who’d go on begging in front of Sona and try to get her back in his life! A mistake done once is fine, twice is fine, thrice is fine, but after that, it is no longer a mistake but an unavoidable habit! And I feel that Dev has continuously been committing same mistake of taking Sonakshi for granted and never really understanding her feeling and due to the high number of times, it has become a habit of his to do so! Really, the makers shouldn’t make Dev’s character stoop so low, at least!

  19. The show has now come to such a point that the viewers are on the verge of discontinuing! All that is to be seen is a girl who falls in love with the wrong man and then suffers from all the insults and taunts received by her husband’s family members! She has no respect to be received from most of the members. Most of the times, she is seen stuck between dreadful situations and whenever this happens, her man is nowhere to be seen around! The makers really will need to bring variations in the current track or I wouldn’t be surprised if the show suffers form TRP loss!

    1. Junee

      I completely echo with your thoughts dear!

  20. Devga

    Detailed promo of devakshi at kapil sharma show ….


  21. Junee

    I feel no sensible girl will stick her neck out with a husband like Dev ! The way Dev’s character and the moments associated have been crafted out so far , could be a cause of concern for his life partner! He lies to his spouse and is a different person in front of his mother! Yes double face as many have mentioned!
    But the most disturbing part is , a husband and wife relationship is based on trust , fairh and honesty! The day one discovers that the other has cheated , that day the relationship is on rocks or heads toward it! One can do with less finances , struggle etc but not with lies ! Thats the most dangerous part and this guy just mellows down in front of each Sona and Ishwari without batting an eyelid! This demonstrates that he looks for ” Immediate fixes”! Actually a shallow trait!

  22. Junee

    Faith and not fairh

  23. Hiii everyone….. How r u all…..

    Lo lo looooooo…… A link jaroor dekhlo


  24. Howwwwwwwww colourful yaar….. Have a look


    1. Priya9876

      yah very beautiful…n the theme song is fab……

  25. Indradev

    mein excited bohAT thi jab devakshi ka shaadi hoyithi , kyunki socha kuch acha positive hogi… par ab interest nahi horahai dekhnay me yaar… abb wait karrahe hun kaunssa bomb pehla pattayga ….

    1. Indradev

      prenup v/s pergancy…

  26. The upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show that it’s Dev’s birthday and Sonakshi-Ishwari both are excited.

    Sonakshi and Ishwari both wants to make this day special for Dev but their own methods.

    Sonakshi wants to spend romantic moments with Dev at midnight to make him feel special.

    While Ishwari as always do aarti of Dev wants Dev infront of her at midnight but both are unaware about plans.

    Dev and Sonakshi’s birthday romance

    Dev is happy spending time with Sonakshi and both spends their romantic night.

    Ishwari goes to Dev’s room but no one opens it, Ishwari gets upset seeing this but controls herself.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Priya9876

      Oooyeee…..hoyeeeee kya baat hai….kya News’s hai

      Darwaza hi nhi khola devakshi ne?????

  27. Priya9876

    Hi guys
    How r u all…..

    Kissne kal dekha the kapil sharma show????

    Jitna desperately wait kar rhi thi waisa kuch v nhi hua….shaheer ki bas 2 baari aawaz sunne ko mili?????

    But m happy uski smile ko dekh kar….

    Shaheer n sp gana v gaya tha WO too dikhaya hi nhi gya…..so bad….itni editing kyu karte ho bhai??? WO v shaheer ka hi part edit karna tha….

    N sona ko to ek word v bolne. Ka chance nhi diya kapil ne….

    1. Junee

      Good morning ! Could not watch yesterday!! ??

      1. Priya9876

        Also upload on YouTube- set india

    2. Pothik

      Yess u r right. Only what i could watch is Shaheer’s smile. It was sooooo wonderful.

      Another thing to tell u now-a-days i am watching Navya and i have completed 70 episodes. it’s really nice.

      1. Priya9876

        ?????? 70 episode…..!!!! O terii ki

        M n still in episode 8??

    3. Yeah priya am also disappointed with dat editing……… Eagerly waiting dat song Shaheer ND supriya mam gaaya huana…………

      But one part was awesome Dat Swayamvar…… Shaheer ka ans mera Shadi already Ho chuki Sona heina mere liye…….. ND Shaheer ki Smile ☺ Awwwwwwww killing me dear………

      Logo ND d Song fabulous….. I like it……

      1. Priya9876

        Mujhe Sony ka logo nhi pasand nhi aaya…isse acha to old wala hi tha….

    4. Subhashini

      I also watched it but dev & sona part nahi only dev’s smile we got in that
      But i liked the sony theme song in that song video krpkab ka parts are so beautiful and dev and sona are gorgeous

      1. Priya9876

        Yes in vedio thrz all scene r most romantic moments of krpkab….????
        Lovely selections of scenes….very good job??????

      2. i read somewhere that it is ending

    5. Kalpana

      I did… I expected more interaction yar… Sona didn’t talk at all… But loved seeing them… But the new song of Sony mast hai… It had so many beautiful scenes of Devakshi romance!!!

      1. Priya9876

        Me too yaar I have imagined lots of things lots of interactions ..

    6. I sure did watch it, but yaar, editing ki bhi had hoti hai! Sona didn’t utter a single word!
      Vakayi mein, had se zyaada kuch bhi achcha nahin hota, editing bhi nahin!!!
      However, I simply love thenew theme song along with all those lovely and memorable DevAkshi scenes! Wonderful selection done!

  28. Kalpana

    Check this new theme song!!! Love Devakshi!!!


    1. Priya9876

      ??? beautiful song

    2. Junee

      Thank u for the link! Lovely

    3. Thank you soooo much for the link!! Love it like hell!<33

  29. Priya9876

    Iss page ko kiski najar lag gayi hai….???????

    Only 50+

    I know ki 500 ki old notes band ho chuki hai,,,,but…. Iska MATLAB ye nhi ki aap log 500 comments nhi de skte pehle ki tarah…..????

    Ya Fir sab ne decide kar liya h Ab new 500 note k sath hi 500 comments aayenge?????? tell me guys????

    Yaar makers dis is all ur fault??????

  30. Priya9876

    Good night bye ??

  31. I just can’t tell how stupid the show is and how more stupid we are to watch this still!!I still can’t digest they ended such a lovely show like Ek Dujeke Vaste so ubruptly and showing this insipid show,I wonder what sort of a big business man is Dev who has made such an uneducated,inexperienced idiot like Vicky run the office and meetings alongside Dev!!Also how come Mama and the family are with them permenantly and Radharani does nothing but keep eating all the time without lifting her little finger!!!!!!Funny how Ishwari is all the time not well and Dev has to fuss over her all the time!this show should have been aired in the 1950s!!!!!!II I doubt even then people would have watched it!

    1. dont watch the show and spare us ur useless thoughts

  32. You provably watching this show at gun point………do us a favor, ask that person to b _ _ _ your b_ _ _ _s off.that way you don’t have to torture your self by watching our favorite show and we don’t have to read your s_ _ _ _ _ comments. thanks.

  33. Imagine in such a big house they can’t accomodate a swing and Dev gives his clothes to his mom( like a 5 year old)saying there is no room in his cupboard as sonakshi’s cloths occupy all the space.It is so ridiculous !!!!!! How can all the people involved in the making of the show think all the viewers are so stupid not to question about any thing which is again ridiculous !!!!!Or is the show only for people who don’t think at all and accept any rubbish?

    1. Junee

      Dont be so judgemental dear Meena! If u happen to be a great thinker then u should be able to put your comments gracefully without generating conflicts! Your comments reflect your thought process ,; you don’t need any rocket science to understand that! Try to inculcate the element of ” sensitivity and thoughtfulness” while u comment !

  34. Junee

    No need to hurt anyone if u really dont like the show, the choice is yours to watch or dump! Dont bear such hard feelings!

    1. Priya9876

      Kittu ki assistant??????

  35. Harshita Singh

    Hiiii guyzz……i am Harshita…i am a big fan of KRPKAB…….i love devakshi and i want to join u all

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