Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishwari elated hearing Sonakshi’s pregnancy news

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonakshi asks Dev what they are doing here? Dev says that’s what we are asking you, what you are doing here. Sonakshi says she came to do office work with Saurabh and says you both shall sleep. She asks why did you bring Soha. Soha says papa didn’t bring me. He couldn’t refuse as I was not getting sleep. She says we shall go out. Sonakshi says tomorrow is school. Dev says everything is closed now. Soha says I know a place where you both go and asks them to take her. Sonakshi says ok and asks her to keep this secret.

They get down the car and go to the coffee shop. Soha sleeps by then. They order coffee. Sonakshi says she don’t want to have coffee. He asks what happened? She tells that she has two tub of icecream as was feeling uneasy. He asks if she is nutritionalist or what? She gets up and feels drowsy. She thinks when did she have much icecream and thinks about her craving. She recalls craving for icecream when pregnant with Soha. She smiles and thinks of Dev’s words that he wants to live those moments which he lost when she was pregnant.

Bijoy asks Saurabh if he completed the work. Saurabh says yes. Asha says he is saying that he did. Bijoy says all work is done. Asha tells him that he will not get fat with one credit. She asks if he had all icecream. He says Sonakshi had it. Asha smiles.

Radha tells Mama ji that she is excited because of Vicky and says he is becoming big businessman. Ishwari asks for water. Sonakshi comes. Radha says she wants to tell her something. Sonakshi seems to be lost. Dev comes infront of her and asks what happened as she collides with him. Sonakshi says she is feeling unwell and went to doctor. Ishwari says why did you go alone? Sonakshi says I am fine. Radha says she has ordered her favorite pizza. Sonakshi says she can’t have. Ishwari asks Dev to feed her and says she will makes something for her. Ishwari recalls Sonakshi keeping hand on her stomach when she collides with Dev, and thinks she is not having pineapple too. She goes to kitchen and calls Sonakshi asking her to tell how to make kadi. Sonakshi comes to kitchen. Ishwari asks her to tell.

Sonakshi asks what happened? Ishwari says she has a feeling that she wants to tell her something. Sonakshi smiles. Ishwari says you are going to make me Dadi again. Sonakshi nods. Ishwari hugs her. Sonakshi asks how do you know? Ishwari says I am your mother and says we shall tell Dev. Sonakshi says I have to tell you something. A fb is shown, Sonakshi thinks why Doctor is taking time and imagines herself keeping pillow on her stomach. Doctor comes and tells Sonakshi that she is pregnant as reports are positive. Sonakshi hugs her happily and says she is worried about her weight. Fb ends.

Ishwari says I won’t let Dev tease you. Fb starts. She asks Doctor to tell about her pregnancy. Doctor tells Sonakshi that there is some complications in the pregnancy. Sonakshi says even she had complications in her first pregnancy. Fb ends. Sonakshi tells Ishwari that the first 3 months are weak for baby. Ishwari says we will take care of you. Sonakshi tells her that Doctor suggested her to terminate the pregnancy. Ishwari asks her not to get scared and says Doctor said this so that you takes care of yourself. She says dev will take you to good doctor. Sonakshi says that Doctor is Delhi’s world best doctor and she told…..Radha comes there and asks Ishwari to come as Vicky sent some pics. She takes her forcibly.

Ishwari asks Soha to tie rakhi to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks why did I tie rakhi to Mamma. Ishwari says you tied rakhi to your little brother who is with your Mamma now. Dev is surprised.

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  1. Why can’t they scrap pehredar pita ki and reschedule the timing of KRPKAB.
    SAD..just like this SONY had ended EDKV, they said they would start second season but didn’t, it’s so sick, only KBK has so many seasons…why….whyyy is our show ending,???

  2. Neha1

    Seriously, Guys mujhe bht bura lg rha hai KRPKAB end ho jayega 25th August ko…not fair…Sony TV ko beyhad end krna chahiye ya atleast time slot change kr dete….KBC ki wajah se humara shoe end hone ja rha hai… I must say “kuch logon ki buri nazar lg gayi hai”..

    Daily 9:30p.m. bas isi ka besabri se intezaar rehta tha or ab bht khali-khali lgega…Roz ek-ek episode ke liye kitna excitement rhti thi…k aj kya hoga show me.?? Ab pata nhi SHAHEER or ERICA ka next show kab ayega….and pata nhi iske baad dono ko ek hi show me dekh payenge ya nhi..??

    Waise bhi SHAHEER mostly India-Indonesia up-down krte rehte hai…Pata nhi SHAHEER ka next show kab ayega..??

    Sabhi Fan’s se HAATH JOD KE REQUEST HAI????????Plz Ab toh Show ke Aakhri Dino me Daily yaha atleast ek msg hi kr diya kare…pata nhi phir kab Aap sab se mil payenge/baat ho payegi…
    Plz All Old and New Fan’s, plz come back for the show’s sake….atleast in these last weeks…!????
    Badly missing KRPKAB and SHAHEER-ERICA… Always LOVE ❤????

    1. Seriously? Oh. I wonder how this serials was running so far.
      I forgot this is because of that Khan fellow.

      Dont worry, Nikita and Namik both are coming again in Sony. Do watch.

      Good KRPAB ends to accommodate SHRAMAN.

    2. Shahina

      444….blah blah
      A person who is ashamed to reveal his/her identity is commenting on our page.
      I’m seeing your hate comments now and then in this page??
      Funny guy/gal???I don’t want to waste my time on u by bashing u.
      Instead I feel pity for ur insane behaviour.
      Glad to know that EDKV has some Immature,idiotic,insensible fans.

  3. Hate SonyTV. Just want to enjoy the few episodes of KRPKAB and unsubscribe SonyTV. The only TV serial I watched though I am 50+ and dont want to watch any other serial in future.

  4. In star plus and see the serials running since so many years, no sign of end . But in Sony , it’s just an year and the serial is being forced to terminate

  5. The best show ever I have ever watched… The KRPKAB story is such that,it relates to the current generation scenario… All the actors have such a great talent and make us feel the story… Plz don’t end the show… Plz upload ur upcoming future sequence episodes on YouTube so that we can see the family love and understanding…

  6. Shahina

    Even though I feel very bad for KRPKAB’s end,I am now convinced that , this is our show’s speciality that it’s not dragged and ended with a good note.?
    But still??????
    This is the only show I watch, so after 25th , it’s goodbye for tv also?
    Beyhadh is a disgusting show ,but that got extension???
    Not fair????
    Only negativity sells??
    Last two-three days I was not able to comment,as I was not in town.
    So sorry for that.

  7. Shahina

    My Sony TV subscription also ends on 25th August.
    Go to Hell Sony TV, with ur beautiful shows that shows child marriage and shows that encourage murders??
    You don’t deserve our precious KRPKAB.

  8. Shahina

    Dear friends,
    Let’s not lose the present thinking about the future.??
    Let’s make the last 10 days memorable and cherish able.?
    All the fans of KRPKAB,pls do come here and post ur valuable comments.??

    1. Yvonne Codner

      I agree with you Shahina, my subscription will end with Sony when KRPKAB ends. What else will keep me?

    2. Aryana

      I have already unsubscribed Sony TV . And in future also I will never watch any show in Sony .

    3. Neha1

      Yes Shahina, Even I also said the same thing in my comments… let’s make these last 10 days with good memories and also it’s a time to give Farewell for our show and also a gr8 get-together between our friends and All fan’s of KRPKAB…!
      Plz guys come and keep commenting…!

    4. yes shahina i am with u…
      coming to the epi.it was nice …soha and dev are really cute.sona complication might be solved..ishu did it very well

  9. What are u saying neha??? Really??.

  10. The episodes will now be even more to our liking as it has to unfortunately end but why on earth can’t Sony end the show gradually and smoothly ?Kudos to KRPKAB which could attract a person like me and get me addicted to it. I would never watch serials and this show gave me so much not only to ponder but made me so interactive on this page! Sony I hate you for depriving us of our little moments of happiness everyday! Specially after a hectic day these unconditional lovely interactions were what we would look forward to! I am so upset that I will not watch Sony after the 25 th till they come up with some wuality program! Actually Sony could have used this opportunity to not only pressurize the serial to be a little more crisp but could have kept its viewers happy! While the serial could have got its trp spiked by making it a little more crisp! Ultimately the trp matters ! As business spins around money thru trps which has precisely been the cause of scraping it.
    Stupid strategy Sony!!!

  11. All fans of KRPKAB plz watch the serial for the next 9 days on prime time 9:30pm on your TV sets and plz dont go online just to show solidarity and prove it to Sony and convey a msg that this show meant a lot to us!

  12. Shahina

    My first Messy VM on our Lovable DevAkshi.??
    I’ve collected some of my favourite scenes and memories?? from pre and post Leap epis and made this one minute VM.
    Pls do watch it and comment.
    I’m ready for eggs and stones also?
    Link ???

  13. Hate sony tv

    1. Hates of to Sony TV for pulling the flug on KRPAB

  14. To all fans of kuch rang!!! Lets deactivate our Sony tv application/subscription on 25 August at same time.. still we will loose the serial but the channel will get some effect. What say guys!!!!

  15. Varalakshmi

    Currently broadcast new time slot check it friends

    Beyhadh – Mon-Fri 9pm (From 28 August Mon-Fri 10 pm)
    C.I.D. – Sat-Sun 10pm
    Crime Patrol Dial 100 – Mon-Fri 10pm (From 28 August Mon-Fri 11:30pm)
    Crime Patrol Satark – Sat-Sun 11pm
    Kaun Banega Crorepati (Starts 28 August Mon-Fri 9pm)
    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – Mon-Fri 9:30pm (From 28 August Mon-Fri 7:30pm)
    Mere Sai – (Upcoming)
    Pehredaar Piya Ki – Mon-Fri 8:30pm
    Peshwa Bajirao – Mon-Fri 7:30pm (From 28 August Mon-Fri 7pm)
    Porus – (Upcoming)
    Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan – Mon-Fri 8pm (From 22 August Mon-Fri 10:30pm)
    The Drama Company – Sat-Sun 8pm
    The Kapil Sharma Show – Sat-Sun 9pm
    Vighnaharta Ganesh (Starts 22 August Mon-Fri 8pm)
    Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey – Mon-Fri 7pm (From 22 August Mon-Fri 11pm)
    10 Ka Dum (Season 3) – (Upcoming)


    1. Shahina

      Is this confirmed????

    2. Varalakshmi

      i don’t no its confirm or not agar ye sach hoga tho sabse kuch main hu i just hope & i can’t imagine my day without kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

    3. Shahina

      Even it’s gonna be tough for me without KRPKAB????

  16. Vara what about the new serials to come Nikita starrers and Namik starrer. Add that too.
    Why dont you watch “Nee Varuvai Ena’ in Polymer TV

    1. Varalakshmi

      what’s your point

    2. Shahina

      Let the dog bark.
      Who cares??
      Ignorance is the bestest insult.
      Let us give that to that nameless,genderless 44…blah blah

    3. @shahina vo 44444 kya keh rahi hai.agar tu samajte tho mujhe pata dena..
      and @44444first dare to keep our name and about krpkab u dont deserves it…still i cant say anything for u.and coming to shaheer and khan relationship i think ur mad please agar proof ho tho batanaa.dont romour like this and dont waste ur time.krpkabians are such a nice persons that we will always see positive side so please dont wont ur time.

  17. Subhashini

    Guys pls watch the show only tv Channel without changing the channel from ads….

  18. Now a days watching each and every videos related to the farewell and the climax is the only thing I am doing .I also want to move on as Sona tried.By watching and reading these ,may be I can also move on as Dev did during the 135 th to the Maha episode. But this time there is one difference between Devakshis and mine that at last they got what they really wished and I will loose what We THE KRPKABIANS really want.But SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE………All the best to the KRPKAB team, fans and sony tv.

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