Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev informs family that he cancelled engagement. Family is shocked and Ishwari asks what happened. He says he does not love Natasha and when he does not, he does not want to cheat her. Gujral did not give him time to think about marriage and when he realized he does not love Natasha, he does not want to forcefully get engaged. Radha says why is he thinking just before engagement, how will Mr. Gujral react hearing this and will cancel business deal. Ishwari says her son’s happiness is more important than business deal and Dev did right.

Sona cries in her room and murmurs that Dev must have been engaged by now. Her mom comes and asks to open door. She opens door and asks maaa where are you. Elena with Sourav enters says she is here and says it is time to have something.

Sona munches chips, cool drinks, and pastry. Sourav and Elena try to cheer her up and ask her to pick a wish note. She picks one and Sourav gives her pillow and says she can punch it. Elena takes pillow and shows Sourav’s tummy. Sona says she wanted to punch someone since a long time and punches Sourav’s shoulder repeatedly. Sourav says she is lean, but is very strong. Sona laughs and they all 3 hug each other emotionally.

Dev wears orange shirt and imagines Sona. He asks if she knows he loves her and chats chatting to her. He then thinks of meeting her and walks down. Radha stops her and asks where is he going after taking such a wrong decision, Mr. Gujral will ruin his business now. Dev says he is self made and did not need anyone’s help to come up, even now nobody can make or destroy him. Ishwari says her son took a right decision. Radha asks what will he tell Gujral now, he should have thought about his sisters and asks Ishwari how she felt when eha’s marriage was called off. Ishwari sends daughters and Vicky to their rooms.

Gujral comes. Dev says let us talk in study room and takes him to study room. He says he does not want to force Natasha into a fake relationship. Gujral says his daughter’s happiness matters to him in this whole world and he made her cry on her birthday, he did not do right. He walks out. Ishwari stops him and asks Radha to let them speak alone. Radha leaves. Ishwari says she wishes bright and happy future for Natasha and requests him to forgive Dev as Dev’s heart is pure and he does not wan to betray anyone. Gujral leaves.

Nikki tells her sisters that garib ki beti Radha is right this time, she likes NG so much, but Dev bhaiya does not want to marry her. Ishwari enters and says her son his right. Neha says she must be happy that she got back her son, her son spoilt Natasha’s happiness. Ishwari says her son’s happiness and decisions matters to her most. Dev comes and asks whose decisions. She says nothing. He says he is going out. She asks where is he going at this time. He says some important work and leaves.

Dev reaches Sona’s house and door rings bell. Sona opens door wiping her eyes and thinks milkman came so early today and thinks why is he looking like Dev. Dev smiles and says it is him. She asks at this time. He says let us go out. She says she will change and come. He says no need and takes her out holding her hand. He rides car and says she told he does not know about colors. He did not know meaning of color and tells about his childhood days when he used to deliver news papers as a boy but did not know color of sun. He continues that he is wearing orange shirt. She asks if he is fine. He says yes. She asks how was her engagement. He ignores her question and says he remembers when he last picked her up for coffee, she was wearing cream suit with earrings. He then takes her to hospital and says he was born here, then takes her to his school, then his old chawl home and says he lost his father here, his childhood, and himself. He wants to gain from this place now and asks she did not ask why is he taking he to all these places, she complains that he does not share anything with her, so he shared his whole life with her. When he met her, he was Mr. Obodro, but now he is not, he has learnt to smile, to speak, to wear orange shirt, he wants to learn more and wants to become a better person. He smiles and says Sonakshi, name is beautiful and even she is. He spoke whatever poetic talks he knew, now he wants to come to the point. He says Ms. Sonakshi Bose I love you. Sona is surprised and nervously asks if he loves her as a friend. He says he loves her like a man loves his woman. She gets more nervous and emotional with tears in her. She asks if he will hug her. He extends his hands. She runs and hugs him tightly. They both feels each other emotions.

Precap: Dev comes closer to Sona. She gets nervous. He asks her to take deep breath. She asks him to move as she gets nervous when he comes near her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omgggg..justtt loved this epii :* :*
    Besttt episode of KRPKAB till date…lovedd it sooo muchhhhh… :*

  2. The awesomest awesome moment finally….the most awaited epi….feeling so happy by just reading the update….❤❤❤

  3. like a man loves a woman….. mr obedro was at his best tofay superb comfession…. and sonas can u hug me mr dixit… whrn are they goig to learn to cal each other names…. sonakshi naam bhi sundar aap bhi… wow that was another… jahan sab khoya tha wahan sab paana chahthi hoon…. suprerb acting by saheer and erica.. loved it

  4. No flowers no heart shaped baloons no special arrangements so simple so real so heartfelt & so beutiful.its the most beutiful proposal i hav ever seen on tv.i had goosebumps while watching the epi.’nam bhi khoobsurat hai aur aap bhi”i love u like a man loves women’ & tht hug.cant get over it.precap me sona kitti sundar lag rhi hai.kudos to all the team of this show.its a lovely shw.

    1. I am so happy ……….. finally……….so real and me ….the goose bumps element ……reminded of my own days …….. too awsome . the part where he says that he wants to gain everything from the place where he lost everything……. that mean sona is everything to him……… most beautiful love expression . acting was superb …………smoking chemistry ………way to go ………

  5. Omg ..wat a episode…..love u DEV…..amazing……dying to read tmrw update….thanks. Alot …I dnt miss even a update of tis serial….won’t be able to watch tis serial for 3 months so..an update is very imp..thanks a lot

    1. you should watch it ………..you not know how it feels otherwise.

    2. Hey aina why cant u see the episode.this ls the best and beautiful proposal in small screen.u must watch it

  6. Superb episode love you dev and sona ummmmmmmma

  7. I am a silent reader of this update from the Beginning . but because of this epic episode I can’t stop my self to commenting here. I have already watched this episode but I am gonna watch every repeat telecast of this episode.

    1. you tubed it twice already intending to do more ……

  8. Precap is so so so so good…… yeahhhhhhh…… Now the serial starts with some good scenes. ……

  9. Sabse se best serial among all other current serials…..love u dev-sona

  10. awesome episode.nice propose by dev.so simple and real one.loved it.:-):-):-)

  11. very awesome episode i loved it

  12. Watched it again ND read d update twice. Wl watch it again at 1pm. Wish my betterhalf propose me again today dis way. Gonna download dis epi ND make my hubby watch it wd me

  13. Awaited till d date …..fr dis episode:-* lovd it …I love u like a men love his women …aweso dilouge …n curious of further episodes ..can’t wait more

  14. The most beautiful and realistic proposal in the Hindi Seial World…….Proposal without Ballons roses rains songs(cinema)…..Only with LOVE……it is the biggest attractive proposal….

  15. Semaaaaaaa proposal…lovely episode

  16. a wonderful episode… a simple honest confession made, with no hearts and flowers, yet so much original and so pure.. i just loved it…

  17. For the first time i loved a proposal on television

  18. Ohh so sweet couple. The caring hug and precap is too good.waiiting eagarly for next post


    So different way to convye feeling, totally different from other tv love birds… it was so awsome and azaming…. ????

  20. kya love scene the so touching kaash mai sona aur aisahi koi dev hota

    1. Asmita...

      i wish that u will get someone who will propose you like this………..:-)

  21. Finally! The last words of Erica was superb. Mindblowing acting & direction. The hug was so natural. I shivered.

  22. awesome episode…just loved it…

  23. I wish someone loves me like this and proposes me like he truly means it…..

  24. Today soooo happy day aisa lag rha hai jaise koi festival Ho, ya kuch bahut bada achive kar liya ho, ya meri life me kitni badi Khusi aa gayi ho,,,,, ? omg
    I think m crazy after 10:15pm….really sooo sooo happpy…..
    I watched the both repeat telecast again n again…..
    Gonna also download the episode…….

  25. ? Mind blowing acting by shaheer nd Erica….
    ? lovely expression specially shaheer ??
    ? Best proposal ever seen in tv, so real, so natural, soooooooooooooooooo romantic
    ? Dialogs are mind blowing, hats off to the writer….done gr8 job n obviously actors are awesome…..
    ? ND finally a tight hug ufffffffff killlller hug…..
    Love u love both of u……

  26. i havn’t seen dis epi till nw coz of schul….bt i will….n ya devakshi looked so mindblowing …uhhh i love u both

  27. superb episode

  28. Love u dev nd Sona….
    Superb episode……..

  29. OMG…!!!!! cant get over this episode….i love this show….what a natural acting by both leading actors….and the most important thing is there is no family drama,no saas bahu,no rona dhona,no saazish,chaal….this serial is like a fresh breeze…..i want to request with folded hand to makers of this serial…PLZ PLZ PLZ…..DONT TURN IT INTO D FAMILY DRAMA like other serials of indian television….let it be the way it is….otherwise i will b very disappointed….plzzzzzzz…:) 🙂

  30. OMG…!!!!! cant get over this episode….i love this show….what a natural acting by both leading actors….and this episode was sooo addictive tht i hav watched all repeat telecast as well….want to watch some more episodes like this one…plz dont turn it into family drama,sas bahu sazhish type melodrma….nhi to mera vishwas uth jayega indian television se…..:(

  31. Don’t worry vinita. Aapki bhi wish puri ho jaaegi. Guys this is true that there were no flowers hearts or balloons just simple and sweet confession of love. No showoff had been done in this proposal. guys tanya kaha gaayab ho gai h. and simran also. Aap kaha ho simran or tanya. Dear i m missing u a lot. Ye hi toh wo part h jiska ham wait krre the. Or aapne kuch comments hi nhi kiye. What happen guys. And priya thanks for the link its just awsm. I loved it. and really vry excited.

  32. I loved the dialogue “i love u as a man loves his women”
    Osm episode just loved it

  33. This episode me full paisa wosool. I cant stop myself complimenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Awesome episode soo natural ????
    Line are superb spoken by dev and sona it’s mind blowing while seeing this show butterflies are flying here and there I m smilimg silently I haven’t control omg omg nice acting I felt it’s all real loving this serial more and more as days passed hope their love story will complete???????

  35. Super and awesome episode I’ll really like it…

  36. U write it so well tat it feels like watching d episode… if possible plzzzz add screen shots of special scenes..

  37. I am a slient reader of this serial but this epi gave me goosebumps and forced me to right… Literally it was the best confession ever….and the line I luv u like a man loves a woman took my heart away….. Best show ever

  38. cant believe dis is happening finally de epi came wat we were waiting fr

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