Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev Fails Vicky’s Plan

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vicky reaches Soha’s birthday venue and thinks Dev kicked him out of house, now he will kick him out of his daughter’s life, his son also loves Dev more, he will not let Dev celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Golu runs and hugs him and asks to wear cap. Vicky says he does not need it and thinks now Dev will see what he can do. He meets Soha who gets happy seeing him and asks where is papa. Dev enters with Sona and asks Vicky if he is not happy. Vicky fumes seeing Dev. Sona says they are happy seeing Vicky here and when Dev returned alone, he told Vicky will come soon. Sona happily says Dev gave him lots of gifts today, she will cut cake with both her parents. Dev and Sona cut cake with Soha. Vicky fumes in jealousy. Sona asks Soha to feed cake to Vicky chachu soon as he has to go. Soha asks why he has to go. Vicky stammering says he has work and leaves. Dev stops him and asks why he was trying to get him away from his daughter. He reminisces calling Sona and informing that Vicky has not changed and is trying to get him away from his daughter and reminds Soha lied them because of Vicky. She asks him what she should do. He explains plan. He gives company papers to Vicky and says he opened this company when Golu was born thinking of securing his and Golu’s future. He would becoming better than me, but he did not want to put an effort. He says he lost his brother forever and asks not to betray his son and wife though. He walks away with Sona while Vicky stands shocked. Sona apologizes Dev for misunderstanding him. He jokes batman does not look good apologizing.

At night, Soha apologizes Dev and says she is not a good daughter, she lied to him and even failed in exam. Dev says her truth makes her special. Sona comes and Dev says Soha can sleep with her mother. Soha says she will sleep with them both. They all 3 sleep. Sona walkes reminiscing misunderstanding Dev and Sourav scolding her for her mistake. She calls Sourav, but he thinks why she is calling at midnight and disconnects call. She reaches Bose House and knocks door. He asks why did she come at this time, how did she enter in. Sona shows him key and says this is still her house. She apologizes him for mistake and reminds him their childhood incidents where he protected her. He calms down.

Dev wakes up at night and does not see Sona. Soha also wakes up and tells Dev that she got a dream where mamma is calling him Mr. Obodro. They both laugh. Dev thinks where Sona went at midnight and sees Sona’s message that she is going out with driver and will be back soon.

Sona finishes ice cream with Sourav and sits next to Ronita. Ronita wakes up and apologizes for leaving party in middle as she was feeling uneasy. Sona says that is okay, they finished whole ice cream, but she will get refill. Ronita goes back to sleep. Sona sees child’s bed and looks at it carefully. She goes out and sees Dev standing.

Precap: Sona goes for a checkup. Doc congratulates her and says she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good night all my KRPKABians ,only 9 good nights are left for us in this page.after that i will again watch it from the very first episode….ha ha ha…because Kuch Rang Pyar Ki Aise Bhiiii

  2. Aryana

    Hi guys. https://youtu.be/6v6lUm8NY2M . Check out this link .
    Show is officially over . And they have shown actually what happened in this video .
    Sony channel is such a bad channel I never ever imagined. Please unsubscribe Sony TV .so that at least they will realise the fan power .

  3. Neha1

    Wow Today’s episode was Superb…Dev-Sonakshi caught Vicky’s evil side…Very good Devakshi..???

    Devakshi and Soha scenes were very nice…??

    And Precap was Amazing… Sona is pregnant again…???Waiting 4 2mrrow episode…!

    Guys, Happy 70th Independen ce Day to all KRPKABians…?

    1. same to u dear.

    2. Hi Neha… It’s so shocking that it is gonna end….. Y wat happened suddenly its ending this 25th August…

  4. Hello everyone, Sony is ok with a serial on Child marriage for TRP sake. The channel does not deserve sensible serial like KRPKAB be. There is a petition going on Change.org to ban serial Paheredar piya ke, link for your reference, https://www.change.org/p/ban-on-the-tv-serial-pehredarpiyaki?recruiter=754657972&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=autopublish.guest_form_reduction
    Do sign the petition, Sony will telecast only KBC and on prime time slot.

    1. really sony tv doesnt deserves krpkab.such a realistic,sensible,handling the situations and relations…still so many it teached for us..

  5. Hello all!
    I’m a silent reader of your comments and updates.
    I love this serial alot! I’m watching in Hindi as well as in Tamil .
    I don’t want the serial to end yar.. I know a point they will end.. But they shouldn’t end like this 🙁

    I’m gonna miss Yu all and your comments badly 🙁 🙁

  6. https://youtu.be/NgFmaWJcer0
    The real reasons for the closure of the show from desiraita!
    However, yesterday’s episode was good. Actually had they not stretched Ishwari’s wickedness earlier and now Vicky’s, the trp wouldn’t have tripped. It fell all the more now with Vicky’s wicked track. However before closure they are trying to show every thing positive. Its sad that this show has to end so early! I am upset with Sony and have planned not to watch KBC at all! It may be a quiz program but in a gambling format so go to hell Sony !

  7. Hmmm….. the show should not end. Ì miss this shows and the comments .???. They can extend the show upto the birth of children. Coz…… we missed those areas in krpkab. We miss dev’s excitement n caring

  8. aaj ka epi was bang on..dev rocked.writers bhi kya kardiya.awesome..they have given a nice slant to the serial.i mean due to blo*dy sony it doesnt had a abrupt ending,jaldi jaldi nahi kiya writers nee smoothly hand kiya.they have adopted the situation according to them.for this i really appreciate writers.vicky ko aisa sudden shock dekhe dev ne acha kaam kiya.vicky always think that he was the only person who is talented but dev nee floap kar diya.ab vicky ko samaj me ayegaa at what level he is.
    i dont know what we will do without krpkab.i gonna mad about this.imagine karke hee rona aa raha hai lekin me kush hu it has a nice ending… not like a vicky suddenly sudhargayii without any reason.they have given a nice reason.thanks for it and miss u all

    1. Flop villain’s plan flopped???
      Don’t you dare to mess with Dev Babu??

  9. Hellooo everyone!!!!! I m a silent reader of ur comments….. actually i use to watch ds show daily earlier bt dn ds show got boring during partition tym bt dn it got bttr n now it is goin off air….. i wll really miss ds show……????

  10. OMG!! this serial is going to finish now huh! wat is dis ya im very much disappointed n happy too for sona’s pregnancy. .again she is pregnant n vicky is a cheater who sed he realized the mistake. ..i feel very bad for tge show

  11. I will miss u devakshi….

  12. I hope the directors of this show get another channel to continue and that too at 0900pm which will compete with their BBC then will see the trip rating

    1. Sony tv didnt deserve krpkab???

  13. I love this show.can’t they give another time slot.

  14. sonakshi dress and hair style has really improved. she looks good now.

  15. Yvonne Codner

    So many unresolved issues. I am totally disappointed!

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