Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)ep 128

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The episode starts with Dev coming to Blue Radison hotel and he goes to the receptionist.
Dev:beta,what’s your mother’s name?
Soha:Dr.Sonakshi Bose.
Dev gets shocked hearing that name.
Sonakshi then comes down ask the receptionist whether they found her Daughter.but before that,she finds Soha and hugs her.

Sona hugs her from behind so her back is facing Dev.
Sona:where had you gone baby?you know mumma was so worried.
Soha:sorry mumma.but luckily,good Uncle came to help me!
Sona:good Uncle?
Soha:ya..and u know what mumma!!he looked like mr obodro.

Sona drifts away into dev’s thoughts while Soha taps her.
Soha:Mom where are you lost?
Sona:kuch nehe let’s go.
Dev:ajeeb hai she didn’t even turn to say thank you.I wonder who that woman was.Could it be Sonakshi?
Sona:I saw you dev(she thought)(internal voice):I saw you Dev.I just didn’t want to turn and have a face off.Maybe because I didn’t want to know that Soha was your Daughter too.Its better if Soha Doesent know about us.that she ever had a papa.
The screen splits into two.
Next morning,Soha and Sonakshi go down for breakfast.
Soha:Mom I want aloo paratha.
Sonakshi:Soha,subhe subhe aloo khaane se u will start looking like an aloo.then everyone will eat you up*making that khajeyenge face*
Soha:ok,I will eat a sandwich ok?

After eating breakfast,Sonakshi has to leave for the conference she came for.
Sonakshi:Soha!lets go!!i need to drop you at Elena maashi’s house!(remember in my ff Elena is not married to Vicky but suhan.)
Soha:coming mumma.
Said Soha,who was wearing a black tight shirt with a white skirt.she tied her hair up.
Sona:Chalo let’s go let’s go.

At Elena and suhan’s house.
Elena is chasing after this 6 year old girl.

Elena is dressed up(current look)
Elena: Shanaya!!shanaya baby please eat!!
A small girl with her front teeth broken disagrees to that:I won’t boring cornflakes.
Elena:Shanaya!eat now!
Yes!!its Elena’s kid,shanaya.

The door bell rings and shanaya opens the door.
Soha:hi shanny!!
They both hug.
Elena:kesi hai sona?
Sona:ami puchki*pulls her cheek*

Precap:Sona books tickets for Bijoy and Asha to move to Delhi as they have found a nice house.Soha gets admission into a school where Vicky’S kid,Ankit studies.Soha and Ankit become best friends.Will Dev and sona meet and reunite because of that?stay tuned!!

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  1. Amazing nishi….loving it

  2. Awesome episode dear

  3. Priya12

    Di, I thought devakshi will met…little disappointed…..but the epi was awesomeeee ….eagerly waiting 4 the devakshi meet….post the nxt pi soon dr….. want long epi..

    1. Erica

      hi Priya!first of all,don’t call me didi cuz I’m younger than u.ill make sure they meet alright:)relax.i can’t post a Long episode because I have a lot of school work.hope u understand

  4. sana siddiqui

    I like much rang…..l love shaheer sheikh..he is too good and too handsome?

    1. Erica

      Hi Sana!
      it’s great u have crush on shaheer?❣️Thanks for reading.

  5. sana siddiqui

    I am biggest fan of shaheer sheikh.love u. …….shaheer.???

  6. You nailed it??

  7. Please make dev and sona meet soonand let dev love his daughter soha.Want them to live happily

    1. Erica

      Hey kavs and akshita.thanks akshita!!
      Kavs,if I make them live happily ever after then what’s the point of having my ff??They’ll be back together soon.

  8. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi loved it to the core so update asap and very sorry for commenting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late but i was very busy in one of my personal work so i hope u will understand……………

    1. Erica

      Hi Erika di!!
      Nah it’s ok!!Thanks for the awesome!!❤️❤️❤️HAPPY republic day!!

  9. Spectacular!

    1. Erica

      hey anshi di!!
      Haven’t heard your comments for so Long and felt bad.but it’s alright as I understand everyone is busy with this New year also me!!lots of love and happy republic day?

      1. Hey Nishi!
        I’m so sorry for staying absent this long, sweetie! 2017 is been turning out to be quite hectic for me from the very starting itself!? I’m so sorry for making you feel so sad, honey, but I’m not sure how often will I be accessing TU; life’s being too hard on me?
        Anyways, how’s third grade going on for you? I assume you must be able to catch up well, right?
        Wishing you a very happy republic day too, sweetie!???

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