Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang) ep 129 *LAST EPISODE*

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The episode starts with Soha meeting Dev as a Daughter Father confrontation.
Dev:Soha?*tries to hug her*
Sona:don’t try to touch her otherwise I will break your legs Mr devrath dixit.
Dev:the same attitude,the same arrogance,same look,same hatred,no..not hatred..unconditional love.
Sona:Dev stay away from my Daughter.
Dev:your Daughter?but she is legally mine too.
Sona:Mr obodro…tumi ekdum impossible.
Dev:I missed your tumi tumi ms Bose.
Sona:Whatever.Just stay away from my Daughter ok?
Dev:*grabs Sona by the hand and their faces are 1 inch apart*but u didn’t say stay away from you.
Sona:Dev behave yourself otherwise I’ll call the police.
Dev:ya ya..go ahead..after all..Sonakshi Bose has become the world’s best business woman.

After a while,Dev’s doorbell rings. A note and a bouquet of roses are waiting for Him.the note read,
Hi my love,I mean Dev.

It’s been 7 years.7 lonely years.cant really tell u face to face but I have missed you very badly and desperately wanted to tell Soha about you but,she never got to know.Dev,I can’t live without u anymore.Please give me another chance?

Sonakshi(hopefully still your Wife cuz we officially didn’t divorce)

Dev breaks down into tears where he sees his old Sonakshi come back to Him.he couldn’t believe it.it all seemed to been a dream..7 years of separation and all..it didn’t seem real.and there and the doorstep stood Sonakshi,the old one.saying to dev.
sona:Wake up Dev!!!its a dream!!!!
Finally dev wakes up.it had truly been 7 years passed,but they complete 7 years of their marrige,Not their divorce.everything was just a dream.Just a dream.

Hey guys!
I have come to the end of kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang).Having written 128 episodes this being the 128 th,I have shared a close bond with each and everyone of u and I could have definitely not progressed it I hadn’t got so much support!!thank you so much guys!!love you all❤️

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  1. Hey y uh ended this lovely ff but plzz come back soon with a new a ff

  2. Aarti32

    D entire journey was awesome

  3. Please came back soon with another ff.

    1. Erica

      Thanks princess,aarti,akshita thank u??will miss u all dear

  4. Asmita...

    hey Nishi…

    Plz dont stop…

    Plz continue another story for Devakshi…

    1. Erica

      OMG asmita di it’s been so Long since you commented??I currently have to stop because of my studies but I’ll be back with a OS AND and season 2 of my ff❤️❤️

  5. very bakwass story u have return

    1. Kakali

      Same like U n ur COMMENT rit?
      Try to write by own … Than comment.. try to write ur spellings correctly..
      CHUDAIL.. gosh same like u..
      Don’t demotivate writes if u can’t appreciate.. !!

      Erica sry dear for interfering.. but couldn’t control myself,, reading her comment in recent post.
      u r doing fantabulous job.. carry on..
      Thnk u..

    2. Erica

      Lol if u find my story bakwaas don’t read la.?

      1. Erica

        and by the way it’s “written”not “return”.

    3. Excuse me, I am not sure you’ll be viewing this comment, and you most likely shan’t, however, I must tell you that if you think this was a bakwaas story, then please do let me know what you had expected. Bashing someone like this is quite an ugly act, I must say, and I can then say that your personality may somewhat be the same, probably
      However, I won’t comment much and take this comment on personal level, yet, don’t you ever dare to speak such ill of other’s work before giving it a damn yourself!
      And Nishi, don’t you mind this at all, alright? Such people shouldn’t be given much thought to, honey.

  6. who are u chudail

    1. Erica

      and moreover,my name is nishi and as far as I know,I’m definitely not a chudail.I don’t care whether u read this comment or Not,but srsly Riya di,if u didn’t like my ff then don’t read it cuz I have 1000 other people who appreciate it.Im not creating a fight,I’m just suggesting in the most sweetest way that don’t read my ff and insult me if u don’t like it?

  7. wow erica ur ff is soooooo cute……..entire journey was awesome …….comeback sooooon asap

  8. Wait a moment. Has this just ended? No way! Why? Oh god! Believe me, this, being a story written by a small child like you, was extraordinarily amazing! Everything was beautiful! There were twists and turns throughout this journey, and in the end, our lovely DevAkshi came together, that being my favourite part. It has been extremely wonderful to read your works, and trust me, they’ve all been exceptionally fabulous! I hate to say this, but yes, this is the end of it. No longer will I get to read such fantastic works of yours, or will I? I mean, if you can possibly begin a new FF, I’d be ever-pleased to read it, really! So, just give it a thought and, hopefully, I’ll be getting to discover more of your splendid creations.
    For now, this is it, sweetie. But I’m looking for more, alright?
    And, don’t you dare mind about people who speak ill of your work, okay? I know it hurts, but you’ve gotta get over with it unless you are really looking forward to become depressed. I’ve experienced the same, and it’s best to only ignore them. And anyway, their harsh words don’t matter much in front of the love we all shower on you, right? So just stay happy, honey.
    And, darling, please do stay in touch. I don’t want you to just disappear, alright?
    Loads and tons of love to you<3333???????

    1. Erica

      Hey anshita di!
      I’m sorry I had to end my ff because I have seriously have no time because standard 4 is so tough for me!!and I also have Swimming competitions because I’m in the school Swimming team:)..

      I’ll be back very soon with a season 2 or a OS with a better idea of devaakshi’s creation!becoming your Best Friend and Sister was possibly the best desicion of my life,after all you have never left by my side!99.9% of my success of completing 128 episodes of my ff is because of your lengthy encouragement notes,and also how to deal with my personal friendship problems although You have never seen me physically or even hear me.

      Papa,nisha and Neerja di have always taught me how to be strong,that’s why I know how to answer back to commenters like Riya,but I would not be affected:)

      OFCOURSE I will be in constant touch with you!!its so difficult to write a episode without your comment di!!

      I love you so Much and I think my OS will be published by tommorow and my season 2 will start soon!

      ?I love you didi?

      1. Awwww…honey, I’m so glad to know that I’ve become such an important part of your life! Like, I don’t know how life would’ve been without meeting a princess such as you, sweetie!
        Well, I’ll be waiting for your OS, now!
        Loads of love to you!!????
        P.S- Congratulations for being a part of the school swimming team!!

  9. First of all u deserve a lot of congratulations….. To be the first one to complete the century of DevAkshi ff…. Congrats to the completion of ur ff….and many more are there…. Hearty wishes from myside,… Do comeback with another awesome ff….. Will be waiting for it….

    1. Erica

      Hi maleeha di!!

      Thank you so much!im sorry I couldn’t fulfil your expectations of reaching 2 centuries,but di I couldn’t afford to otherwise my studies would go for a six.will be writing a amazing OS hopefully,followed by a season 2 very soon!thank you so much for your well wishes!!lots of love!!

  10. Priya12

    Nishi dr, u ended ths ff…omg…I thought u will hit a double or triple century but u disappointed me by ending it…n dnt care of ths who speak ill of ur work….we r thr 4 u 2 shower with love….seriousle…pls start the second part n post or otherwise do cm with new ff soon…pls its my request…with love

    1. Erica

      Hi Priya di!!

      Wow!first time written such a Long comment!!haha!thank you so Much for being there for me although I didn’t reply u sometimes??I will post an OS soon and a season 2 coming soon!!love you!

  11. font end dis… i love to watch KRPKAB me and my mom love to watch it… don’t end yaar plzzz…. 🙁

    1. Erica

      Hey mezi! Don’t worry yaar the real show isn’t ending!:)YoY and your mum can still watch the real one or read others ff!!?Thanks for reading??

  12. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee nishu❤️?❤️???
    Start a new ff plzz??
    Love u❤️❤️

    1. Erica

      Thanks ayushi di??as for now
      I can’t start a new ff or maybe I can but I’ll try tho❤️❤️❤️

  13. hello Erica don’t be over confident
    ohhh don’t be in misunderstanding that I was reading your update

    1. Niki645

      Excuse me, but how can you say that it is bad without even reading it!!
      I really think that you haven’t read the update, so please DO NOT criticize without even knowing…

      And if you have read it, then I can tell that you have a bad personality…. please stop criticizing!

      And Nishi, don’t you bother about all this crap..

      The love that we give you is hundred times more than this nonsense dear!!

  14. hello Erica don’t be over confident
    ohhhh don’t be in misunderstanding that I was reading your bakwass update

    1. Erica

      I’m not being over confident…it’s just that my friends are supporting me and I’m happy:)don’t want any misunderstandings here di?

  15. Niki645

    Hey Nishi, your FF was the sweetest one… and I am in tears as it comes to an end.
    The journey with you and your FF was a fantastic one!

    But I wish you would have hit double century…. I was eagerly waiting for 200!

    Please come back with Season 2!!

    Eagerly waiting!!
    Loads of love…

    1. Erica

      thank you so much niki!
      You have been a very very supportive reader although I haven’t replied to you at times!!?I appreciate that you liked my ff,and if Riya allows me to,I’ll start a new ff,since I don’t want any harsh critisims(trust me I have gone thru such a critisism that it went haywire).Riya di,pls don’t think I’m insulting you,your comment matters to me?thanks for reading Nikki!

  16. Sorry nishi for my rude words
    and I want to ask you what you get from updating ff. I hope you will ans. My question? ? From my opinion you are only wasting your time and others also such as maleeha, akshita and princess. …….etc….
    Your papa had told you to be strong and not care about others bad words. But I want to ask you if your papa had told you to write ff…….
    You told to me that there are 1000 others people to appreciate u . My mamma said What is the use of appreciation in which your mom & dad doesn’t get hapinessssss….
    I hope you will think of my words

    tum soach rahi hogi ki mei kon ho tumhe yeah sab batane wali aur tumhe bahut gussa bhi aa raha ho ga but think of my words. I am just like your sis. Becoz u only said na riya diiiiiiii. …………….
    If you realise what I wanted to say then you will not start KRPKAB season 2

    0nce again sorrry for my rude words.

    B € S T OF LUCK FOR YOUR Exam….

    1. Erica

      Di,I do understand you point completely!sorry di, I said that because you were rude to me..but di,I don’t have anyone to talk to..I’m friendless in school,my sisters are busy,and papa is busy at work.no I won’t be thinking “tum kaun Ho bathane vaali”and all that,because every comment counts for me!my dad supports my writing a lot,and I’m sure Mom also must be supporting my writing from heaven,so di,it’s not a waste of time for me,as this is how I make my friends..it’s ok,u don’t need to apologise.thanks!and I hope I didn’t say anything wrong which hurt you

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