Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi – A multi couple fanfiction (Prologue)

Hello! My name is Bhavika and I am gonna write a fan-fiction, the cast of it being my favourite actors/characters. So I will start with a little prologue and a character sketch. Following is the prologue first;


Life is so weird na? It is actually ours but the control is in someone else’s hand. We always hear people say “it’s my life!” but is it actually. If it is then why a person doesn’t have control over who enters or exists his/her life, why we can’t exercise control over all the events happening in “our” life. We don’t have control but we have choice and that’s what everything depends on. A choice.

It was Pinky’s choice to separate Shivaay and Anika that brought her to this day where her son refused to acknowledge her existence.

It was Anika’s choice to leave Shivaay for his own that only increased their love for each other.

It was Omkara’s and Gauri’s choice to give their relationship a chance.

It was Rudra’s choice to still help Bhavya in her mission that brought them closer.

It was Ragini’s choice to not hurt her sister for a man who didn’t even love her and confess all her deeds that though earned her the anger of all but she was able to let go off the huge burden of guilt.

It was Sanskar’s choice to drop his plan of revenge and leave.

It all depends on a choice.

But like they say that the choices you make can change your fate but they can’t change your destiny and it was in their destiny to brought together, experience love and feel the joy of a happily ever after.


Character Sketch/List

(You’ll see most of them are business tycoon’s 😛 but their businesses are different which I will explain as the story progresses)

1. All the Oberois, Maheswaris, Gadodias

2. Shivaay Singh Oberoi >> 31 years old >> Business tycoon >> love interest of Anika, Mahi’s twin

3. Anika >> 28 years old >> wedding planner (she’s gonna start that business soon) >> love interest of Shivaay

4. Omkara Singh Oberoi >> 30 years old >> Painter and Sculptor >> husband of Gauri

5. Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi >> 25 years old >> wife of Omkara

6. Rudra Singh Oberoi >> 26 years old >> trying to become a police officer (Bhavya’s effect) >> love interest of Bhavya

7. Bhavya Pratap Singh Rathore >> 25 years old >> ACP >> love interest of Rudra

8. Sanskar Maheswari >> 30 years old >> Business Tycoon

9. Ragini Gadodia >> 20 years old >> Studying fashion designing

10. Mahi Singh Oberoi >> 31 years old >> Shivaay’s twin

11. Laksh Maheswari >> 23 years old >> MBA student >> husband of Swara

12. Swara Laksh Maheshwari >> 20 years old >> housewife >> wife of Laksh

13. Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore >> 45 years old >> Business Tycoon >> husband of Sia, Bhavya’s estranged uncle, father of Tarini, Shlok and Narayani

14. Sia Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore >> 43 years old >> social worker and also owner of jewellery store “Tara” >> wife of Raguvendra

15. Tarini Raguvendra Pratap Rathore >> 20 years old >> studying jewellery designing and also doing internship in her mother’s jewellery store “Tara” >> daughter of Raghuvendra and Sia, younger sister of Shlok and elder sister of Narayani

16. Shlok Raguvendra Pratap Rathore >> 29 years old >> Business Tycoon >> son of Raghuvendra and Sia, elder brother of Tarini and Narayani

17. Narayani Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore >> 16 years old >> studying >> daughter of Raghuvendra and Sia, youngesr sister of Shlok and Narayani

18. Ishana Patel >> 25 years old >> con artist

19. Mahi Malhotra >> 27 years old >> doctor >> Salil’s twin sister

20. Salil Malhotra >> 27 year old >> singer and actor >> Mahi’s twin brother

*Other characters will be introduced as they will enter the story.

  1. Riyaditi

    If its swalak then pls continue and don’t stop… will love to read it

    1. Its-Bk

      Yes it is on SwaLak and RagSan 🙂

  2. but why its named krpkab if there is no dev n sonakshi,am sorry i am just bit emotional ryt now no offence

    1. Its-Bk

      Firstly there will be no dev and sonakshi in this ff. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that this is not their story. And I think just because of the title this ff was categorized under KRPKAB.

      Secondly I named my title after the show because it suits the story perfectly.

  3. Prajkta

    Eagerly awaiting for the first episode
    Prologue seems interesting
    Post soon

    1. Prajkta

      But why Ishana is there if you have gauri as om’s wife….. Confused

    2. Its-Bk

      IshKara story needs a closure that’s why Ishana is here and I love Ishana/Vrushika that’s why she is in the story 🙂

    3. Its-Bk

      I am writing it as of now 🙂
      Will update soon.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Asw

    Nice keep going

    1. Its-Bk

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Aarti32

    Is it Ishkara or Gaukara FF??
    No Devakshi?

    1. Its-Bk

      Now that’s a mystery 😛
      And about Devakshi…I may include them at some point.

  6. Awesome

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      Thank you Shalini 🙂

  7. is this ragsan story if s then i would like to read

    1. Its-Bk

      Yes mk in this ff RagSan are a couple, I mean they are gonna be a couple <3

    1. Its-Bk

      Thank you 🙂

  8. if raglak r d pair here i wil ddefnly lov to read

    1. Its-Bk

      Sorry about that, RagLak are not a pair in this ff.

  9. Awesome ragsan romantic the pair na

    1. Its-Bk

      Yes RagSan are a pair in this story.

  10. Ragsan plzzzzzz sissy?

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      Yes it is 😀

  11. Superb is this RAGSAN na plsssss make as a pair

    1. Its-Bk

      Yes maha, this story is RagSan, ShivIka and other couples story.

  12. Awesome by seeing ur cs I hope ragsan are pair

    1. Its-Bk

      Yes Aditi. They are.
      I love RagSan 😀 <3

  13. Alekhika20

    Superb prologue

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      Thanks Alekhika20 😀

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    interesting dear…waiting for ur update…tkcr dear

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      Thanks for commenting Asra.
      I am glad that you liked the prologue 🙂

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