Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi-My last days with You my love-OS (part 1)

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Wahgara Hospital, Delhi:

Doc:I’m sorry to say Mr Dixit,you need medicine,you have brain tumour.
Dev:How can That be?im healthy!i don’t drink,I don’t smoke..
Doc:your brain has a clot,did you have an accident before?
Dev:ya..but that was 6 years ago..
Doc:mr Dixit,it’s a blood clot,and there are so many formed that your brain has tumour.Mr Dixit I’m very sorry.

L.L.S hospital,Delhi:

Doc:I’m sorry Dr Sonakshi you have brain tumour.
Sonakshi is shocked;Doctor how many more months do I have to live

The screen splits into Two.once is Dev one is Sona.
Both Doctors:8 months.
Dev and Sonakshi are walking out of the Hospitals which are just opposite eachother and eventually bump into eachother.
Dev:I’m so sorry you’re not hurt right?
Sonakshi:no I’m not,I just that our papers got mixed up.
Dev:Oh I’ll sort it out.
He sees Sonakshi’s report. NAME:SONAKSHI BOSE.
Dev:that’s a beautiful name you have.
Sona:thanks mr;
Dev:Dixit.Dev Dixit.but you can call me Dev.
Sona:Dev Dixit?india’s biggest business tycoon?
Dev:guilty as charged!
Sona smiles as she finds her documents.
Dev:so reason for visiting hospital?
Sona:I have brain tumour.Im going to die in 8 months.
Dev:me too..same..hey Sonakshi,why don’t we become Friends and roam around Delhi..but oh wait I have some work at pa;
Sona:I would love to Dev but I have a Nutritionist scholarship in Paris.
Dev:no way!I have a business trip to Paris!
Sona:really when?
Dev:25-29 feb!!
Sona:No way!!im also leaving on 25 th!So see You at the airport.
Dev:so are we roaming around Paris ms Bose?
Sona:sochke baataongi Mr Dixit.
Both of them smile.
Dev:by the way what’s your number?
Dev:see you at the aiport!
Dev as he is driving home he thinks about Sona.how he met her just now and he is going to spend his last 8 months with her..same with Sonakshi…They didn’t know..were they falling in love already?

At airport:
Dev takes out his passport for immigration so does Sonakshi.sonakshi drops her passport and Dev picks it up.the passport reads,
Dev:you are Canadian?
Sonakshi:no,it’s just that Ma and baba were there for their wedding anniversary when I was born.
Dev:Ma and baba?youre Bengali?
Dev:maharashtran. papa is half Italian half Indian.Love marrige.unsuccesful.
Sonakshi:oh I’m so sorry.
Dev:no no it’s ok.
Announcement:Passengers taking FLIGHT LUF002 to Paris PLS board now.
Dev and Sonakshi were about to take off..as the plane accelerated Sonakshi got scared and gripped onto dev’s hand tight.She was fine after that.in the 10 hour flight to Paris from Delhi,Dev and Sonakshi read a romantic novel that Sonakshi had carried with her,munched on 3 amazing meals,watched 2 Hindi old movies and 3 new movies.This was her best flight ever.They finally landed in Paris and waited for baggage. They got accomadation in a 5 star hotel booked by Dev,but once they reached there they only had one huge suite and the rest of the rooms were full..

Precap:kya kare devaakshi?do they have to share one room

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  1. Rj12

    Wow amazing part nishi

  2. Manya

    Oho Nishi u r back with a blast??
    It’s awesome❤️?❣??
    Post soon

  3. Priya12

    Nishi dr, I m glad tat u posted a new ff…n the epi was fabulous….and I m sad tat devakshi having brain tumour…post the next epi soon dr….

    1. Erica

      hi Priya di!hahah this is isn’t a ff but OS.Ill start my ff soon but not now okay:)?

      1. Priya12

        U disappointed me by saying that it is a os…and pls start ur ff sonnn..

  4. Heshine

    Hey Nishi….!!!???
    First of all I’m extremely sorry fa not cmnting in ur last epi of ur previous ff….!!! Sorry dear….!!! Actually I juz read that a day ago….!!! And was really sad as one of my favourite ff was ended….!!!?but I’m extremely happy that u r up wit another….!!! I’m so happy that I’m again gonna read ur ff….!!! Oh really awesome….!!
    And yeah coming to ur new start….!!!??
    Oh wow…….!!! It was fabulous….!!! Oh my god….!!!/ devakshi’s bonding was something more than freindship…..!! That everyone knw….!!!??
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤is it…!?? Im so sad fa both dev and sona….!! Only 8 mnths…!! No…!! There should be some magic angels to extwnd their lifespan…!! And yeah….I’m longing to read ur nxt part …!! So pls update soon dear…!!!???????

  5. Its lovely post next part soon nishi

  6. Aarti32

    Hey Nishi..My chhutki..U’re back.. Yayyyy ??

  7. Awesome episode

  8. V.V.harshita

    Hey nishi awsome part plzs post soon

  9. Niki645

    Wow Nishi u r back!!!


  10. That’s so awesome that you are back….And that too with a bang…. Amazing episode

  11. Erica

    Hey guys I’m so sorry I can’t reply to all of you because I actually forgot I had wrote an OS and so there are so many comments so I’m just going to thank You all from here!!!THANK you so much for your support everyone!part 2 coming soon!!??

  12. Rekhadhir

    Lovely ….post next part ….jaldi….

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