Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 142

The episode starts with Dev and sona meeting Diya’s teacher.

Teacher:Mr and Mrs dixit,Diya is a very bright student.But only in academics.She needs to learn how to cope emotionally in school.
Sona & Dev: we didn’t understand mrs Mehta.emotionally…
Teacher:Diya has been facing plenty of friendship problems due to which she is being bullied excessively.Im sure u know about it.
Dev is shocked:Bullied?What?Who are those kids who bullied Diya,I want to see them now!*angrily hits the table*
Sona:Calm down Dev..it’s ok…mrs Mehta,As You can see,we don’t know anything about this.i Guess Diya has been hiding this from us.But teacher,there has been no sign that Diya is being bullied.
Teacher:Mrs dixit,here is Diya’s report card.I must say,even if Diya is facing a lot of problems in school,I can see that you Two love her a lot,and I’m very happy to say,Diya is a very capable student.
Sona and dev:Thank you so much mrs Mehta.

After coming out of the classroom,Dev and sona are walking.
Dev:Sona we should talk to Diya.
Sona:Yes we should.ok now it’s 11 am.Diya finishes school at 3.Do one thing,we’ll go to work now and then later on I’ll meet u at Diya’s school,to pick Diya up.We will bring Diya out for lunch and find out more about this issue.
Dev:Ok Sona.Bye.Love you.
Sona:Love You too:)
@3pm-National Arts school.
Diya comes out and hugs Dev.
Dev:Hi my baby.How was school?are u tired?
Diya:No papa*with a cute smile*
Sona:Diya,baby,do u want to go out for lunch?
Diya:ok mumma.lets go.

DevAkshi and Diya order food and are waiting for their food.
Sona:Baby,is there anything happening in school?how is school?
Diya chokes on her food.
Dev:Diya slowly*pats her back and makes her drink water*
Dev and sona:Kya hua beta?
Diya:I’m being bullied in school by this girl called Mansi.She is very popular,and I’m very quiet.So she and her group are bullying me.
Diya starts to cry.
Dev carries and puts her on his lap.
Dev:Ok ok don’t cry baby..it’s ok…*hugs her and rubs her back*shh…it’s ok..
Dev,Sona and Diya reach home and Dev puts Diya to sleep for afternoon nap.jhanvi’S fever is gone.

@devaakshi’s room.
Dev:Sona we need to do something about Diya.She is very affected by it.
Sona:Ya don’t worry Dev.We will do Som;
*sona’s phone rings*its Asha.

Phone convo:
Sona:Maa..what happened?*worried*why are u crying?
Asha:Shona..come home.
Sona:is everything alright maa?
Asha:Just come.
Sona:Ok Maa..me and Dev will come.
Asha:Come fast.
Ends the call…

Dev:What happened Sona?
Sona:I don’t know,but Maa was really worried.
Dev:Ok let’s go.

@Bose house.
Sona and dev ring the bell.Elena opens the door,crying.She is wearing a white salwaar kameez with no design.
Sona:Elena kya hua?Are u ok?
Sona and dev enter.Sona sees a lot of people in white.She walks forward and sees Bijoy’s photo with a mala.he is lying down there.asha is crying,Sourav is crying,Everyone is crying.
Sona loses her stability and trips and falls.
Dev:Jaan are u ok?*bends down and cups her face*come get up.
Dev holds her by the shoulders.
Sona:*crying*yeh kese hua Maa..
Maa:He had a cardiac arrest.
Sona goes and hugs bijoy:baba…*crying*
Elena’s kids come and hug Dev.
Gia and Naina:Dev mesho,Why is badi daadu not talking?why is everyone crying?
Dev bends down:Gia..Naina…Badi daadu na..he has gone to god.U know if something happens to you,or if your very old,god will call u back to his house.
Gia& Naina:for how Long?
Dev:Forever….*starts to tear*
Naina:Mesho mesho don’t cry….

After a few weeks…
Everyone has recovered from the sudden death of Bijoy.
The doors of the dixit house is open. a slim girl in a blue dress enters. Her nails are Long and painted very light pink.She is wearing a huge peacock ring on her right ring finger.Her hair is short and curled in.She is wearing black strong eyeshadow with eyeliner.Her lipstick is light pink.Her earrings are feather hanging earrings.she walks in with her handbag…

GKB:OMG!how are u my red?
GKB:arae laal..
Puts a ciggarate in her mouth.
GKB:haw beta,why is fire coming out from your mouth?
Voice:*removes the ciggarate*radha Aunty,this is ciggarate.Its Not fire,its smoke.thats the whole point of smoking.

Nikki comes there with her 4 year old kid Naina.
Nikki:Ok teke but no more chocolates.
Voice:Nikks darling*going to hug her*
Nikki:uhuh..stay there..who do u think u are?’make an entry after 8 years?Stay away ok?
Voice:Is she your daughter?Such a sweet girl*going to touch her*
Nikki:Don’t You dare come near my Daughter.
Naina go inside beta.
Naina runs indiade.
Neha and ria comes there..
Ria:So,Ms Natasha Gujral…how are you?
Yes,the lady is Natasha.
Nat:Perfect Honey*smoking*Glad u asked?
Dev and sona come.
Sona is shocked.Dev is even more shocked.

Natasha:Come on Dr Bose,oh sorry…Mrs Dixit.
Natasha walks towards Sonakshi.
Dev:Natasha if u come 1 inch closer towards Sonakshi I swear I will kill you.
Natasha:Relax Dev.Im not gonna do anything to her..*caresses sona’s hair*
Sona feels uncomfortable.
Dev:Natasha stop it.
Natasha holds sona’S hair tightly…and pushes her back.Sona falls down the steps.
Dev is shocked.
He slaps Natasha.
He goes down to Sonakshi.
Dev:Sona..open your eyes baby..nothing will happen to you…kuch nehe hoga…
Dev:is it paining a lot?dont worry we’ll bring you to the hospital…ok…RIYA!NIKKI!NEHA!call the ambulance!
*whispers to himself glaring at natasha*:I won’t spare u Natasha.

Precap:Sonakshi is admitted..and Natasha causes more problem.


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