Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 127


Sonakshi:yes Mr Sinha I will be there within tmrw. I have to bring my daughter along.
Soha:mom*hands on her hips*
Sonakshi:yes my baby*carries her and places her on her lap*Mr sinha I’ll see you tmrw.thank you.
Soha:Mom,who is that?
Sonakshi:that is Mr Sinha.Im doing a very important deal with Him.
Soha:mom we have to go to Delhi?
Sonakshi:yes baby,it’s mumma’s meeting and dinner get together also party.
Soha:wow Mummma I can bring my new black dress?
Sonakshi:why Not?chalo do your packing,and take out your clothes for the airport,we are leaving for Delhi.
Once Soha goes in Sonakshi thinks to herself:I’m sorry I lied to you Soha.but I just can’t let you know that there is no party or whatever so in delhi.I just want to go back and meet dev.Maybe to give our relationship another chance?

A quiet mansion with grand furniture.Encarved in a dirty wood read Dixit Villa.There stood a woman in her 30’s,a young child who was 7,and a suited booted guy who looked like a rowdy.Yes it was Vicky and his Wife Malvika,with their 6 year old Son Ankit.Vicky lived with dev ever since his house had been burnt,and Radha Rani was still a GKB.

There our dashing hero makes an entry. A clean shaved wavy hair faced,with a black full sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans.He looked handsome as always.He was still stable from the outside,but only time knows how shattered he was ousting his love out of the house 7 years ago.
Dev:hey Anku:)give me a 5,give me a punch..woooosh
Malvika:bhaiya*smile*anku will become like this only if you teach him all this.
Dev:Malvika he is a kid.relax.
Dev was still the owner of ishwari enterprises.Vicky was just the CEO of the company with no level of attainment.

It was time Sonakshi and Soha arrived in Delhi aiport,and the moment Sonakshi landed,all the memories rushed into her head.From how she met Dev,to her divorce,everything made her cry.Delhi made her weak.but still she wanted to meet her true love.They hired a cab from the airport and on the way to the hotel,Sonakshi remembered every single memory she spent with dev and her friends on those very streets.those
26 years she spent in Delhi,was unforgettable.they were staying at blu Radison hotel,a 6 starrer.
Soha:Mom I want to go and see Delhi.
Sonakshi:not now beta I’m very tired we just came should we go at 6?
Soha:but it’s only 2!!!
Soha:I’m going!
Saying this Soha slams the door and runs out of the hotel.
Sonakshi:Soha!soha!baby come back!
While running to catch Soha,her heel breaks and she can’t run.She walks to the reception area to find Soha but she is no where.She shows the reception area soha’S pic but they say they don’t know.she asks around the hotel.

Outside,lost Soha starts to cry.Just then Dev sees her and goes to her.
Dev:beta what happened?
Soha:I was angry with mumma for not taking me out,and I came out of the hotel.then I don’t know where is the hotel.
Dev:which hotel are you staying in?
Soha:why should I tell you?what if you’re a bad Uncle?
Dev:do I look like a bad Uncle?
Soha nods no cutely.
Soha:Blu radison.come let’s walk there ok?
Dev:beta do you remember your mom’s number?i can call her thru my phone then let her talk to you.
Dev dials the NO and sona’s phone rings.She got a new phone and didn’t save dev’s no.
Vaccum cleaner in the hotel starts.
Dev:hello?i can’t hear you
Dev disconnects.
Sonakshi wonders who it was and is worried about Soha.

Precap:will Sonakshi be able to find Soha?Will she meet Dev in order to save Soha?

  1. Plzzz post soon and a long episode as well,,..can’t wait to see what happens next nd how they will meet

  2. Awesome episode dear

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    Eagerly waiting for devakshi meating …N ths epi was superbbb. ?.pls post the nxt epi soon dr

  4. Suspjess, suspense, suspense! Kaisi hogi Dev aur Sonakshi ki pehli mulaakaat! Hey bhagwaan! Hume jaldi batao!
    This update was fabulous, Nishi! Post soon!!!

  5. Amazing dear…..

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