Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 3

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Hello guys I’m really really sry for not posting the episode plz forgive me don’t stop reading my ff and plz do comment I was busy with my family u know how much everyone loves spending time with your own family my sister had come from abroad u know but here I’m with episode 3 I was very happy seeing all your comments plz keep supporting me and keep loving my ff love u guys

Episode 3

Scene : at the mall

Sanchi is still in a state of confusion with aryan’s behaviour
Sanchi : kya ajeeb ladka hai pehle toh mujhe gentle man ki tarah gir ne se bacha ya Phir mujhe naseehat dekar bina kuch bole hi chala gaya
Huh…(what a weird guy firstly he saved me like a gentle man then without letting me say even thank you he left )
Sanchi is busy selecting a dress while Sona has completed her meeting with her patient and is busy checking patients reports in a corner of the hotel where aryan and Dev were having meeting while Dev is walking talking on phone without seeing what’s coming in his way and he bumps into Sonakshi who is busy with patients reports as Dev bumps into Sona the reports fall from her hand and the papers fall on both of them but the most surprising thing is both are lost in each other Sona is just so disgusted that she is unable to utter a word while our prince charming Dev is lost in sona’ s face (
badali si raatein, badali si raatein
Kai dino se meri mahki hai sanse, mahki hai sanse
Pehli dafa hai ki, mujhme tu jhalka hai
Pehli dafa hai ki, mujhme tu chhalka hai
Mere rango me kuch dhang hai tere jaise bhi
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Plays in background)

Dev : I’m so sry (picks up papers and hands her)
Sona : it’s k
Dev : ap nutritionist hai?( r u a nutritionist? )
Sona :apko kaise pata? (how do you know? )
Dev : woh actually yeh reports dekh kar pata chala (by seeing these reports )
Sona : oh yes I’m a nutritionist
Dev : can I know where do u work?
Sona : seven hills hospital
Dev: oh actually I needed a nutritionist that is y I asked
Sona : k u can visit my hospital if u want
They both leave from there
Sanchi comes to Sona wearing a simple yet beautiful top and long skirt (plz check out my wall for the pic)
Sanchi : mien kaisi lag rahi hun ? (How am I looking? )
Sona : nice ab Chale madam late hojayegi ( now shall we go or we will be late)
Sanchi : k
Sona drops sanchi to the dixit and sons fashion (yes u heard it right dear it’s dixit and sons fashion dikshit families company which is handled by our most charming and dashing aryan dikshit)

Sona also leaves for the hospital ,sanchi goes to the reception and inquires about the interview and goes to the place where everyone is waiting for the aryan dikshit to come and take thier interviews , while sanchi going to stand in line aryan’s secretary tanya stops her from joining the line
tanya : sry mam but u can’t give the interview u r late we have already selected the member’s for interview
Sanchi : see plz let me give the interview and I’m just 10 minutes late
tanya : but the selection has been done now I can’t do anything
Sanchi : just give me 1 chance u see my qualifications
Just then aryan enters the office everyone says boss has come and becomes serious except sanchi who has been continuously requesting the secretary this situation dosent go unnoticed by aryan
Aryan : tanya what’s going on and who’s this
Aryan and sanchi both look at each other and remember thier incident in the mall Sanchi remembers his advice
tanya: sir the member’s who r to be interviewed are already selected and she is late
Aryan : send her in my cabin for the interview
Tanya :but sir she is late and the member’s are selected they have been waiting from a long time
Aryan : now do I have to give u explanation (in a dominating tone)
Sanchi follows aryan muttering I didn’t this guy who saved me is going to my boss he is the aryan dikshit who is the leading business man’s charming hunk who is every girls crush god

In the cabin
Aryan : hello I’m aryan dikshit
Sanchi : of course who doesn’t know u ,I’m sanchi Mittal
Aryan : so miss sanchi Mittal haven’t I said u that the world is not like what you think hmm u must be punctual if u even wanna try to give an interview in aryan dikshits office it was your luck that u got a chance
Sanchi : (mutters) oh so he wants to say I must not depend on anyone nor trust anyone and doesn’t give any one a chance to blame coz the world is so mean I got it
Aryan : so r u ready for your interview? Sanchi : yes
Aryan : what made u choose fashion designing ?
Sanchi : my passion towards fashion designing
Aryan : then tell me what is fashion
Sanchi : fashion is a latest style
Aryan : well u said me what is fashion now tell me what do u think it is?

Sanchi : for me fashion is just not a latest style but it’s an art which reflects a person’s choice character etc
Aryan : so in which work do u belive hard work or smart work?
Sanchi : I believe in both of them it needs to be balanced according to the situation
Aryan asks some more questions to sanchi and then checks her qualifications
Aryan : (in a stern tone)congratulations u are selected u r the new designer of fashion and the city
Sanchi : thank u so much sir
Aryan : I like your thoughts towards fashion
Sanchi : thank u sir , when should I join ?
Aryan : from tomorrow u have got a big day tomorrow before going Tanya will show I cabin and introduce u to everyone
Sanchi : k
Aryan calls Tanya and instructs her to show her around
After seeing the office and getting to know around she leaves for her house
Scene 2;
Sanchi reaches her house
Abhinav and komal : interview kaisa tha ? Kya tu select hogayi? Kabse join kar rahi hai ? Kuch galat to nahi hua? Kahin late toh nahi ho gayi? Ya Phir koyi aur problem? Tu kuch bol kyun nahi rahi hai ?(how was the interview? Are u selected?when r u going to join the office?is everything k?were u late for the interview? R any other problem?Y don’t u say anything? (They say all this in one go)

While our Sona is looking at her parents in shock she is like how can they say all this in 1 go????

Sanchi : saans to le lijiye aur aplog mujhe kuch bole ka mukarammah dog toh bolungi na uff itna Sab ek saath (at least take a breathe and ha if u will give me the chance to speak then only I can speak na god how can u say all that in 1 go???????? )
Sanchi : I got selected and I’m going to join from tomorrow (She says happily )

Everyone hugs sanchi and celebrates her victory

Scene; At dikshit mansion

Dev and aryan reach thier house
Nileema : aa gaye tum log kaisa tha aj ka din(u 2 have come how was the day ) (She asks formally )

Dev and aryan : baki Dino se a lag tha(today different from any other day)
Nileema : aisa kya hua bhai tum dono bhaiyon ke saath ?
Dev and aryan : pata nahi ds (Dev and aryan call their dadi as ds (dadi saab)
Lekin kuch toh alag tha(we don’t know but something was different )

Nileema : tum dono araam se mujhe apni kahani batana lekin pehle kuch khalo aj mien ne tum dono ke liye apne haaton se parathe banaye hai jao hath muh dho lo (u too tell me your stories but not now first have your dinner I made u two’s favourite food go change and come)
Dev and aryan : wow ds u r the best
Both of them change and come while eating they tell each of thier stories to ds and after listening to their stories she says
Nileema : Acha toh yeh baat hai mere dono khadoos ka kisi par dil agaya hai(oh so this is the matter my too rude grandsons love someone )
Dev and aryan : ds!!!???
Nileema : Acha toh Phir kya hai?(then what is it?)
Dev and aryan : woh na( They both said at the same time)
Dev: mien pehle bolunga (ill say first)
Aryan : nahi mien pehle(no first me)

Nileema : Acha rukjao pehle Dev kyun ki woh bada hai (k stop first Dev coz he is elder)
Aryan : ???
Dev : ☺dadi jab mien us ladki se mila toh mujhe ek ajeeb si happy wali feeling aa rahi thi jo pehle kabhi nahi ayi pata nahi kyun mien usay hi dekna(dadi when I saw her for the first time I felt happy like I never felt so I just wanted to see her none other than that) chahta tha bas aur kisi ko nahi jabki I was meeting her for the first time I didn’t even knew her but I felt a strange connection with her which I never felt before I don’t know y
Aryan : oho bhai kya baat hai love shuv haan(oho what bhai love and all haan)
Dev : chup kar aisa kuch nahi hai(shut up it’s nothing like that )
Nileema : tujhe woh ladki pasand hai bolna sidhe sidhe (u like that girl say na)

Dev : ds ap bhi aisa nahi hai (ds u also its nothing like it)
Nileema : yeh chakkar toh ab tabhi pata chalega jab dubaara us ladki se milega chal aryan ab tu bol(this we will only know when u et her again now aryan u say )
Aryan : mien usay first time dekh kar uski akhon mien ko gya tha lekin mujhe lagta hai ki woh ek infatuation hai lekin ds apko pata hai sabse interesting part toh yeh hai ki woh ladki ab meri company ki new designer hai( when I saw her for the first time I was lost in her eyes but I feel it’s just an infatuation and the most interesting part is that she is my new designer )
Nileema : tum dono bhaiyon ki kahaaniyan toh badi dilchusp hai dekhte hain aage kya hota hai ab toh kuch clear nahi hai(u brother’s have an interesting story but we can’t say anything now as everything is so confusing let’s see what happens )

Aryan : hmmm

Episode ends on the trio’s confused faces

Precap : sanchi’s first day ,Dev at Sonakshi’s house (check my post for the pic)

I’m really really very sorry plz read and comment on my ff and continue reading and supporting me and plz bring more readers it’s request plz

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