Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi & archi) Episode 2

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Hello everyone , I’m here with episode 2 it’s gonna be long but I’m sure u guys r going to love this btw seeing all your comments my happiness knew no bounds coz it feels like a dream come true since childhood my dream was to write stories which were loved by everyone and it’s like dream come true now a days my life is going through a lot of ups and downs but u guys really managed to cheer me thank u so much everyone for liking and reading my ff now enough of my chit chat
Let’s begin

Episode 2

Recap : nileema scolding sunayna for not taking care of her health and raj tells Dev to appoint a nutritionist for his mom sunayna

Scene 2; ( remember scene 2 is Mittal house)

A beautifuI girl is shown sleeping peacefully the sun rays falling on her baby soft skin but looks like her beauty sleep is disturbed by her mother

Komal : sanchi beta uthja na kabse utha rahi hun tujhe interview ke liye late hojayegi (sanchi dear get up u will get late for your interview )

Just then her lovely sister sonakshi comes
Sonakshi : maa ap jaaiye dad ko dekhi ye unhone Phir se apna cooking experiment shuru kardiya Isay to mien dekhti hun ap jaaiye (mom u go and check in dad he again started his cooking experiment I will wake her up)
Komal : oh god subah subah shuru hogaye kuch tog karna Padega jab bhi kitchen mien jaate hai wapas aane ke baad aisa lagta hai ki kitchen nahi jang ke maidaan mien pohunch gayi hun mien (oh god he started his stupid experiments early morning also I have to do something whenever he comes out doing an experiment in kitchen it does not look like a kitchen but a battle field

Kusum leaves from there
Sonakshi : sanchi uthja behan uthja late ho jayegi interview ke liye jaldi uth ,ye ladki uthne ka naam hi nahi leri yeh aise nahi manege kuch toh karna padega (sanchi get up dear get up or else u will be late for your interview ,she will not get up like this I have to do something )

Sonakshi takes a jug full of water which is kept on her bedside and ???splash on sanchis face ????????
Sanchi : tsunami tsunami bachao mien doob rahi hoon
Koyi bachao(tsunami tsunami somebody save me I’m drowning )

Sonakshi : (patting on her head on her folishness) oo pagal koyi tsunami nahi aya hai mien ne tere mu par paani daala hai pagal (oh fool no tsunami has come I poured water on your face to wake u up)
Sanchi (gets up and remembers she had an interview today): oh fish mien toh boolean hi gayi ki aaj interview god save me

She goes for getting ready

Abhinav : aaj mien ne meri beti ka man pasand khana banaya hai chak ke batao kaisa bana hai(today I made my daughter’s favourite food taste and say how is it?)

Kusum : chak ke batao mien apko pehle kitchen ki halat dekhi hai aisa lagte sabziyon ne ladayi ki ho???(I should taste and say you hmm first u see the condition of my kitchen it’s looking like few minutes back vegetables fight was going on)
Abhinav : chodo na Kusum tum bas iska swaad dekho Sab bhulgaye jao gi (leave all that Kusum and say how does it taste ear once u will forget everything )

Kusum; isiliye toh nahi chak rahi kyunki mien yeh jo kitchen mien hungama hua tha woh Sab bhul jaungi tumhare hath ka khana k hake, lekin aj toh kitchen ki safayi hogi wo bhi apke haaton(that is y I’m not eating be coz every time I eat I forget what u did with my kitchen and clean myself , but this u will the kitchen)
Just then sanchi and Sonakshi come

Sanchi :kya ho raha hai yahan wow itni achi kuch but kahan se aa rahi hai ( what’s happening ,wow from where this delicious smell coming from)
Abhinav gets happy seeing this and serves everyone food and they eat with relish

Sonakshi :manna Padega papa khana banana toh koyi ap se sikhe (cooking one should learn from u)
Komal : bhali hi kitchen mien hungama hota hai lekin khana toh ap lah away bana te hai(whatever u do with the kitchen but the food is always amazing)
Sanchi: aakhir papa kis ke hain(After all whose papa is he)
Komal : chup kar dramaibaaz kahin ki (shut up drama queen )
Sonakshi :Acha ab Hume chalna chahiye mien late hojaungi sanchi ko chod na bhi toh he(now we should leave r else we will be late )
Komal : theek hai(k)
Abhinav : ek minute r u ko ye paise lo aur sanchi apne liye ek naya dress khareedlo interview ke liye (1 minute take this money and buy yourself a dress sanchi as it is your first interview )

Sanchi :iski kya zaroorat hai papa mere paas jo hai mien wahi pehan kar jaaungi (no need I will wear what I have)
Abhinav : meri taraf se Teri kamyabi ke liye ek chota sa taufa to nahi legi to mujhe Acha nahi lagega (it’s a gift from me for your success dear plz take it or
Sanchi :k I will take it now we will leave bye
Sonakshi : meri bhi mall mien ek hotel hai wahan meri patient ke saath meeting hai tujhe Jahan interview den hai jaana uske raste mien hi padta hai mien patient se meeting karungi tu dress le lena Phir tujhe interview ke liye chod Dungi
Sanchi : great
Komal : yeh toh Acha hua chalo Phir tum dono jaldi niklo
Komal & Abhinav : beta ghabrana nahi confident rehna aur kisi se bhi mat darna aur agar yeh job tujhe nahi bhi mili toh koyi aur jage mil jayegi tension mat lena kyun ki tu bohut talented hai
Sanchi :thank u papa bye
Sonakshi and sanchi hug them and leave

Scene 1; (outside dikshit mansion)
Aryan: Bhai aj client xyz hotel mien client ke saath meeting hai hum dono ki server securities ke Silsile mien(bhai we have meeting today we have to meet a client on server issues of our office security)
Dev : oh haan Phir hum dono saath hi chalte hai (oh ya then we both will go together)
Aryan : k

Dev and aryan reach hotel
And sanchi, Sonakshi also reach mall coincidently they 4 are in the same mall
After a while aryan and Dev finish thier meeting and order for a coffee
Waiter : sir coffee (he forwards the coffee tray towards aryan and accidentally coffee falls on his suit )
Aryan : dammit, what the hell can’t u see
Waiter :I’m really sry sir ,agar apko change karna hai to sir 1 floor par mall hai ap wahan se le sakte hai(if u want to change mall is on first floor u can buy clothes from there)

Dev : aryan tum jao change karke aao mien yahan tumhara intezaar karunga and haan jaldi a ana( u go and change ill wait here ,come fast)
While Sonakshi a is having a meeting with her patient sanchi goes for buying a dress for interview aryan and sanchi both go into the same shop coincidentally both of them select thier dress and go to changing room for changing someone pushes sanchi unknowingly sanchi twirls and is about fall she shuts her eyes tightly knowing that she is going to fall but aryan at the right time saves her from falling sanchi slowly opens her eyes only to find a pair of brown deep eyes exploring her black eyes aryan realizes what he was doing and corrects himself and says sanchi look around your self and beware the world is not like what u think sanchi is about say thank u but he leaves from thier the screen freezes on sanchi’s shocked face?

Precap : devakshi’s meet and on th either side sanchi reaches aryan’s office and her secretary says that she is late and she can’t give the interview coz already it is selected who r going to get interviewed sanchi stood thier like a statue ?

How was the episode guys ? Plz comment and read it I have made it putting so much efforts it took me so much time ad plz check the pictures on my wall for episode pics

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  1. Pinkyangel

    Sry guys I wrote such a big episode with subtitles but I don’t know how these mistakes occurred I checked thrice but plz ignore mistakes

  2. Niki645

    Wow!!!!! It was awesome!!!!!
    Sona pouring water on Sanchi, and her reaction ?????
    I love the way u write????
    So good!!!!
    Post soon dear??
    Lots and lots of love ???

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thank you so much nikki I took a lot of effort ignore the spelling mistakes plz all fault of auto correct btw did u check wall for episode pics

  3. Aarti32

    amazing episode..post d next episode soon plzz

    1. Pinkyangel

      Check out my wall for episode pics and give ratings in 1-10 scale leaving spelling mistakes

  4. Pinkyangel


  5. Bharti123456

    amazingly fanatbously superbly fantastic
    Post really really soon

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thank you so much give ratings 1-10 scale for this episode leaving spelling mistakes as well as check my post for episode pics

  6. Amazing dear……???❤?????…… But the precap……?……..well the episode was really nice……

    1. Pinkyangel

      I know dear the Precap is what makes us sad but some spices must be there na don’t u agree

      1. Yeah I agree…..let’s see what I have stored for us….????

  7. Alka

    Yeah ofc loved it dear ?????
    Awwwwwwweeeeeeesssoome epi

  8. Awesome episode dear and by the way we are like long episode keep writing long episode??

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thanks so much

  9. Rockzzzzzz

    The episode was awesome…post the next one soon

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thanks rockzz

  10. Manya


    1. Pinkyangel

      Thank you so much manya

  11. Madhuri


  12. Rj12


    1. Pinkyangel

      Thank u so so so much

  13. Heshine

    Hey Nimra….!!!first of all sorry fa the delay in cmnt….!!!actually was stuck up in a work load as u knw how skl work would be….!!!so….????and yeah I read the epi now and its really going gud…..!!!Amazing…..!!!☺☺?☺????????sona poured water on Sanchi…and she screams like a small baby……oh…!!!☺?????☺their parents were very understanding….!!!!☺?and dev and Aryan convo was no less…!!!the bond of brothers was …???????????and waiting fa devakshi to meet….!!!
    And thank u very much fa the subtitles …..u r really sweet…..and I’m sorry fa ur work load in writing ff….!!!?but I really love bed it….!!!and yeah hope u will give the same imp to devakshi too….!!!pls post the next as soon as possible….!!!will be waiting….!!!?????and yeah I loved the way of urs posting pics of the epi pls do cntnue….!!!


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