Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Shivika): Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 

Saying this both left the place while Shivaay was standing thinking about Jankee….

He started kind of liking her at the first moment so, he wanted to have a friendship with her….

At college  on a one fine day…

Shivaay was again searching for someone…. (any guesses ?? ?)




At last he found her….

Shivaay- hey Jankee….

Jankee turned back hearing his sound

Jankee- hey Shivaay….

Shivaay- I wanted to ask you something….

Jankee – yes, ask

Shivaay- umm… will you be my friend….

Jankee- ummm… ok…sure…

Saying this she smiles at him and leaves the place….

After some time 

 Somewhere else 

OMG!! I love him… I freaking love him…. (she said as tears were rolling down her eyes) yes, I have started loving him…. but he believes me only as his friend and nothing else….. what to do… what if I told this to him and he broke his friendship with me….. no no I can’t let this happen….. I can’t lose him…. I can’t ( she said with tears) (lines said by Anika)

Anika till now couldn’t believe that she loved him, her best friend, what if he broke his friendship with her…..

She was getting into a big dilemma due to this….

In the upcoming days…

She was miserably missing her best friend, his nonsense talks, he flirting with her, their basketball, they roaming together the whole college, always being the best prank partners of each other and what not…..

She was not able to handle this….

Every day her heart ached and she cried as she missed her now love, and forever best friend….

He ignoring her, when she calls him, he just goes past through her as if he didn’t heard anything…. this made her cry a lot….

Even Jankee, she too forgot her… Shivaay and Jankee were the 2 only best friends she had in college….. everyday she became lonely as she had no one to talk to, no one who could support her, no one who could give her a tight hug as Shivaay did when she for the first and last time cried which was in 5th standard….. she was missing them a lot… but she always kept silent…. always tried to hide her pain and sadness  behind a big, beautiful smile…..

But he…

He didn’t knew anything about this, he as if started ignoring her….and being with his now crush or love (maybe) Jankee… he used to roam around with her, walk past Anika but stopped noticing cause his eyes were now always fixed to her…. he got so much in Jankee that he forgot that the girl who was always with her was now breaking apart everyday due to his doings…..

On the other hand Jankee,

Jankee was feeling a bit sad for Anika but now she didn’t wanted indirectly Shivaay to go to someone else as she started falling in love with him, she didn’t knew when, it just happened…. she was just happy on finding her true love….   In this she forgot that the friend who made her introduce to everyone including Shivaay…. helped her homework’s and what not…… was feeling lonely everyday and was crying as her heart was breaking everyday….

With Shivaay and Jankee coming close, the one feeling a little bit sad and neglected was Anika…

Her best friends were ignoring her….

At last she breathed one day and said to herself

“He is your best friend and your first love too…. if you sacrifice your love because he/she loves someone else then instead of being sad you should be happy for him/her instead of snatching them for you… that will not be called love but just a mere obsession…. moreover Anika, you are his friend too…. and being a friend you should support him if he loves someone….”

Precap- insecurities

So how was it guys, I cried a little bit at how Anika was feeling….

Do tell me how it was in the comments section…

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Will be waiting for you response….

Till then,

Bye bye ?

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  1. Aniriya

    Wow it was nice update
    Even i cried feeling pain of anika i know few days will be painful for anika as she is going to have heart break but later she will be stronger.
    Loving this story a lot
    Keep smiling

  2. ItsmePrabha

    ???anudi… It churned my heart.. But I know everything will get better with time.. So will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Sad update

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