Kuch kuch Hota Hai RAGSAN OS

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One house is shown….where a middle aged person scolding a teenage girl but she didnt bother it and watching a tv with munching a popcorn….
One guy entered into the house and looks at both of him
Guy:now wat happen
Both looks at him…(guy is revelead as LAKSH,girl as RAGINI and her father shekar)
Shek:c laksh she got opportunity to study in american university ..i told her to discontinue here but she is not obeying
Rag:pappa u itself knows i wont accept it..so better leave this topic by saying she drags laksh

@ragini’s room
As soon as he entered into the ragini,hugged her happily
Lak:thank god,i know u will have a bright future if u study there but i cant live without u..my dear frd
Rag:smiles inmind i know it
Lak:im selfish hey na.
Rag:nods yes
Lak:glares her
Rag chuckles(raglak r friends since childhood but ragini is in love with him but didnt convey it to him..they r studying together and they r neighbours too…ragini as lost her mother when she was 5 so she got attached to laksh’s mother AP more than laksh)

@leap of 2 wks @ragini room
Rag is silently crying by reminding weird behaviour of laksh since few days fb shows how he didnt accompany her whey they go to college?and how he got disappeared in classes without her knowledge?and how he unknowingly avoids her whenever she tries to speak?
Rag (to herself)wat happen to u idiot ??do u know how much i love u?my hearts is sinking ..y r u going away from me..plz come back to me laksh.come back (cries)

@one fine day @college
Laksh smiles happily and come towards ragini but she just turns her head
Lak:wat happen to my bestie (pouts)
Rag:(lit bit angrily)wat happen to u ?do u know how much i missed u? Do u know it or not u r avoiding me..this is a huge gossip in our college now,im missing my old laksh(her eyes become moist)
Lak:cups her face im sry ragini ..sry plz actually i didnt did it intentionally..i want to share one happy news with u
Lak:i fall in love
Rag blushes slightly
Lak:swara ..(he closed his eyes and pats his heart)do u know how beautiful she is?she joined in our college b4 a month..u wont believe it ,its love at first sight..i tries all the ways to get close to her..in that process many things happened..im sry, i became insane after seeing her
All the while ragini is listening to him with widened eyes
Lak:guess one thing
Lak:hugs her by saying she accepted my proposal ragini
Rag:became shattered..lak who doesnt senses any reply from her breaks the hug
Lak:(queries) r nt u happy ?
rag:i didnt c u this much happily..ofcourse im happy for my friend by saying she hugs her again by controlling her tears…

Leap of 5.days @ragini room
lak:holds her hand..im happy and im also sad(pouts)
Lak:im happy because my parents likes swara alot but unhappy becaz u didnt say anything abt her after ur meeting with her
Rag:she is perfect girl for u
Lak:wat happen to u ragini?im seeing many changes in my ragini nowadays
Rag:laksh..im planning to go to american university to persuade my study and pappa too planning to start a business there
Lak:gives a glare and starts to leave
Rag:holds his hand plz laksh understand
Lak:u just lik that leaving me(sadly)
Rag:nothing lik that..plz ..v cant b together throughtout our life..i think i will have a better life there
Lak felt bad by her words ,he leaves without saying anything..
Rag cries by seeing his disappering figure

Rag and shekar looks at dp and ap
Ap:i told him beta but he is adamant..i dont know whether he will cum or not
Rag eyes become moist but suddenly she smiles by seeing laksh coming towards her
Lak:i thought not to cum but (stops)
Rag smiles and hugs him
Swara came and give bouquet to her
Rag thanked her ..ragshek went by making everyone sad
Swa:holds his hand assuringly ..lak smiles by looking at her

@leap of 8 yrs @london
Guy:happy birthday my dear ragini
Guy:kk my love
Rag glares him
He pouts (revealed as sanskar who is ragini’s neighbour ,shekar’s business partner moreover who madly in love with ragini for the past 7 and half yrs after knowing abt her first love too)
Rag:y r u wasting ur time on me
San:(widens)wat it means??wasting..he heaves up his chest ,hear by heart beat it will say ragu ragu only..do u know day by day my love towards u is ….i cant describe it in words.just feel my love plzzz
Rag:sanskar i dont know y r u behaving lik a kid sometimes?
San:(interrepts her)only infront u.
Rag:i alreasy loved someone
San:exactly u loved..not loving ..then love me
Rag:looks at him annoyingly
San:holds her hand i know u loved laksh ,u told me numerous times but he is married to swara b4 6 yrs itself,u told me this tooo..then wat it implies
Rag:(queries)wat it implies
san:u want me to wait for u..becaz u still need time too erase ur memories
Rag:no no it doesnt mean lik that
San:it k dear im ready to wait for another 7 yrs too..meet u tmrw by saying he wnt

When he entered the hall
Shek:(excitingly)is she said k
San:nods as no
Shek:i dont know wats her problem is(he does nt know abt ragini’s love)she will definetly say k i will speak to her by saying he steps
San:no no uncle she should accept me without any compulsion
Shek:nods understandingly shall i ask u something? Y u r proposing her only on her birthdays(continous 7 yrs)
San:becaz she know i love her then wats the need to tell it daily?.
Shek:bur then y on her birthday
San:its a special day so..and also if she didnt accept me throughtout my life ..atleast on her every birthday she will remind me for a second throughout her life..i think its enough for me (smiles with moist eyes)
Shek felt bad for him

@fine day @ ragini room
San:im going to france for business?do u want anything from there?
Rag :y cant u understand?i didnt love u
San:i just asked anything u want.y r u starting ur ramayana
Rag glares him angrily
San kk sry understand onething he is married..atleast in my love story i have a chance,may b one day u will change ur mind but in urs its already ended and who told love will happen only once?
Rag:it means u will love another women if i rejects u
San:may b but u will always remain in my heart and dont ask i like that laksh will always remains in ur heart
Rag opens her mouth to speak
San:becaz i will erase everything,even a tiny little things of his memories by my love..i have strong hope on it..moreover do u know onething?love should b between two people..wat u had on him is just one side love or v can say (thinks)mere attraction
Rag:wat u had on me also ??(mocks)
San:pure form of love..u came to know it when u feel my love..he leaves by saying bye

@leap of a wk
Rag is lying in the bed…all her memories with sanskar came front of her suddenly she gets flashes of laksh ..her eyes became moist

Shek:when r u going to get marry ragini
Rag:pappa plz
Shek:u r 28 now..do u know how much sanskar loves u?plz understand beta
Rag cries silently

@sanskar’s home.
Shek immediately hugs him by saying ragini said k to marriage
San widens and smiles and started to spin shek.
Shek:beta beta leave me.
San:smiles and put him down but suddenly sanskar’s face fell..uncle did u compelled her for marriage
Shek nods as no ,if u want u go and speak to her,i will go and speak to ur parents regarding marriage date.
San blushes and runs to ragini room happily but his eyes widens by seeing ragini’s cry
Rag:immediately wiped her tears and looks at him
San:sarcastically love should nt get by compulsion ragini..im sry i wont disturb u hereafter but dont accept proposal for uncle’s sake
San didnt talk to her after that incident ..not even showed his face to ragini..when she tries also he avoids her
Leap of one month.
Sanskar shocked to c ragini infront of her that too in his room
San:am i dreaming.
Rag:im k with our marriage
San widens when she starts to leave ,this time for whom u r doing this
Rag:for myself
San:(in stammering voice) do u started loving me
Rag:im confused ..all i know is im ready for marriage by saying she left the room
San:this girl is confusing me now..whether i should get happy or not (to himself)

San:i invited laksh for our marriage..he is coming tmrw with his family
Rag:sanskar y did u?how can i face him
San:i know he is ur best friend..he should b definetly present in our wedding and u didnt do any mistake to hide urself frm him..im der with u..u should face the situation
Rag: but
San:no but and vut..tmrw b ready v will go and pick him in airport by saying he went
Rag “heart thumps faster by thinking of seeing him after 8 yrs

As soon as laksh family arrived …ragini smiles happily by seeing a 5 yrs cute girl who is laksh holding
Rag:(excitingly) hugs everyone ..whereis swara
Ap:v will go to home and speak beta
Rag:wat is ur name angel
Lil girl:ragini.
Rag looks at laksh..both formally smiles
San:(who saw these) shall v
All nods

@laksh room
As soon as ragini enters into laksh room..hugs him and cries ..y u didnt tell me that swara was died?
Lak:in cracking voice did u really care abt me
Rag break the hug and looks at him
Lak:u left me just like that,u not even tried to contact me..do u kbow how much i missed u
Both cries rag hugs him again by muttering sry
After few minutes they both shared watever happen between eachother.And smiles wholeheartedly

@ragini’s room
As soon as sanskar enters into her saw her playing with lil ragini
San:shall i cum
San:u r very happy it seems
Rag:i hav seen ap dp and laksh after so many years its all becaz of u..thank u laksh
San:sarcastically im sanskar ragini..forgot my name.
Rag:no not lik that ..i was talking with him..just his name spelled it ..sry
San:plasters a fake smile ..its k dear by saying he leaves

Rag startes spending more time with laksh and lil ragini..sanskar whenever saw it felt bad and got angry too sometimes but controls it

@at the day of marriage ragsan marriage
San is totally disturbed only raglak moments r flashing in his mind.
San is sitting infront of agni when ragini sat beside him he immediately stands shocking everyone
Shek:wat happen beta(worriedly)
San:nods as nothing and goes towards laksh and places his garland around his neck
San:u r the correct person for ragini laksh?do u know how much she loves u?(he turns at her)she just acceptes this marriage for uncle ‘s sake..she never loved me,promise
Shek:wat r u speaking beta
San:uncle plz love should blossom between two persons..raglak only love each other..wat i had on her is (he looks at her)just mere attraction
All r shocked..they dont know wat to say
San:y all r shocked?really im k..cum laksh by saying he drags him and made him sit beside her…(all were silent)
San:y all r emotional now?v should cherish this moment by saying he starts singing happy song …all smiles
San:k all came too normal mode..preist start saying mantra …he started saying mantra..sanskar immediately gets out from there without anyone notice and enters into his room …his heart pains more..cries badly by covering his face with palms by reminding of ragini
He immediately wiped his tears and saw ragini standing over there
San:actually got little bit headache ..thats y i came..y u came here?oh u want my blessing..dont wry my blessing is always there for u (jokes inorder to cover his pain)
Rag goes close towarda him and hugs him by saying sorry
San:(shocked by sudden first hug)no need to say sry im really k.(didnt respond to the hug)
Rag cries more
San:(worried)plz ragini …shekar uncle..laksh..call out there names ..plz someone cum
Rag:breaks the hug..
San:all will b waiting for u ..cum he drags her
Rag:i dont want to marry him
San:looks at her forehead and neck…in stammering didnt u marry him?
Rag:u erased all his memories from me
San:wat? Eyes went wide after getting her point..ragini wat r u saying?
Rag:smiles and hugs him again by saying i love you
San hugs her tightly with teary eyes

Ragsan break the hug when they hear their family making noises
Lak:sanskar u r perfect for ragini than me
Ragsan smiles by looking at each other(fb shows how ragini stopped marriage when laksh holds mangalsutra by saying she us loving sanskar only..she says how he changed her mind and heart by his pure love and innocent talks and also said now she is feeling bad that i loved one person before my sanskar and also said i got overexcited by cing u people and swara ‘s death made my heart sink…but he understand it in another form)

@first wedding night
Ragini is standing in balcony
San:still i cant believe v both r married and and (stammers) u love me
Rag:holds his hand sry for making u wait and thanks for loving me..i love u sanskar
San:omg still i cant believe my ears/eyes
Rag immediately pecks his lips
San widens by her sudden act
Rag chuckles


Hope u guessed it?its loosely based on kuch kuch hota hai film ..y i wrote os on this film with alternate climax?becaz i hate the film to the core..imagine guys if tina(rani’s character) didnt die then rahul(SRK) didnt realize his love towards anjali(kajol) throught out his life..and this anjali loves rahul throughout her life truly…but rahul love towards her is??anjali deserves better than rahul in that film…i always think anjali should end up with aman in that fil becaz she deserve pure love..
.its my point of view…may b im wrong tooo
So wats ur opinion abt my comments???
Its my first os tooooo

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