Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna SS Part 12 (Ending)

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Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: A Little Sour, A Little Sweet Part 12

This is the last part of this SS.plz don’t just write nice ending.plz give a detailed comment on the last.
It was a simple sweet luv story with no special elements.Still u all supported me by giving nice comments.I really thank all of u from the bottom of my heart..

They reached the hospital.
Naina was taken to the theatre.
The doctor came back after some time.
Ragh:Dr..how is my Naina and our child?
Dr:Naina is alright.
All were relieved.
Dr:But sorry.We could’nt save the baby.
All were shocked.
Raghav was shattered.
Shivanya,Indumati and Yamini cried hugging Naina.Naina was numb.
Shiv:Naina…please say something.
Yamini:Naina beta…come to senses.
Indu:Only Raghav can help her recover.
Indumati went near Raghav:Raghav…
Raghav burst into tears.
Indu:Raghav..I understand your condition.But if you become weak like this what will be Naina’s condition?She needs you Raghav.

Raghav ran towards Naina:Naina…
He sat near her.He caressed her face.
Naina burst into tears:Raghav…our baby left us.

They both embraced each other and cried.
Ragh:Our baby has gone back to God.But I am sure that our baby will come back to us one day.

Naina asked painfully:Is it Raghav?Will our baby come back to us?
Raghav caressed her:Yes.
He pecked her forehead and caressed her head soothing her to sleep.
Seeing this Yamini and Indumati wept silently.
Shivanya:Ritik…we could’nt be uncle aunty.
Ritik:Yes.But I am sure that very soon we will be.

Shi:I can’t wait Ritik.
Rit:You wait and watch Shivanya.Both Raghav Naina and we will have babies together.May be for that God created this situation.Happiness will follow us soon.
Shivanya smiled painfully embracing Ritik.

After 2 years…

Naina and Shivanya were taken to the labor room at the same time due to labor pain.
Raghav and Ritik were tensed.
Yamini and Indumati were waiting eagerly for the babies.
Ritik:Bro…I have never got tensed like this even for my exams though I never studied for my exams.
Raghav:Me too bro.I never got tensed like this even for office presentations.
The nurse came.
She:Mr.Raghav Mehra.Congratulations.Your wife Naina has delivered a baby boy.
Raghav hugged Ritik due to excitement.
Nurse:Congrats to you too Mr.Ritik Mehra..Your wife Shivanya delivered a baby girl
Ritik jumped with joy.
Yamini and Indumati were very happy.
Yamini:Thank God for blessing me with nice grand children.
She held the hands of her sons in law:Take care of my daughters and grand children.

Ritik Raghav smiled:Sure mummiji…they are ours.
Yamini smiled.
Indumati hugged her grand sons.
Indumati:Raghav…Ritik…you both are very lucky.I am very happy for both of you.

Raghav and Ritik went to their wives and babies.
Raghav Naina looked at the baby with happy tears.

They carried their baby emotionally.
Naina:Raghav..see our chottu…

Raghav:Ya Naina.Our Chottu is so cute.

Naina:Yes..he is very cute.
Naina kissed him.

Naina was very emotional:Raghav…when I was pregnant for the first time we were so happy.But we lost our first baby.
Raghav became upset.
Naina:After the miscarriage I had last time I had lost all hopes.But this baby is God’s surprise gift for me.He is very special Raghav.

Raghav embraced her emotionally:Yes..he is very special.

Indumai came:Don’t think of that mishap Naina.Think only about your chottu.

Raghav caressed her face:Yes Naina.And have not lost our first baby.It’s just that he went back to God and returned to us now.

She nodded tearfully.

Riik went near Shivanya.
Shi:Ritik..our daughter.

Ritik:I can’ believe that we have become parents.I was so childish.Now I got a child.
Shivanya smiled:Yes…so I have 2 children to manage now.
They both laughed.

The mothers and kids got discharged from the hospital.

Both the couples lived happily with their kids enjoying each and every moment with them.

The end

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  1. Riana

    Lovely Ending Jas….????…First Naina’s miscarriage was really hurted by that…??…But later raghav consoled her and she got fine…Two years leap was expected during ending episde…Wow Naina n Shivanya both became mom’s n raghav-ritik dad’s…????…Lovely ending…will miss your SS a lot !…


    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Please write your favourite character,favourite scene n favourite jodi

      1. Riana

        My favourite jodi: Rivanya
        My favourite scene: Romance in the song barish
        My favourite character: Naina

      2. Jasminerahul

        Oh..I did’nt know that you like Rivanya too as you never included them in any of your ffs

  2. Wow nice ending jasminerahul I love the way you gave twist to the story and ended with a positive note thank u so much for writing the ff hats off to u I totally loved it is didn’t seem to miss anything at all loved raina scenes and the twist:)

  3. Perfect ending can’t get better than this I’ve joined India forums ur ff is really good I was reading ur raina ffs all over again thank u so much nice twist u gave and a happy ending thanks a lot

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much.can you please write your favourite scene..favourite couple and favourite character?
      I am really happy that you joined IF.can you please tell me your username there?please send me a friend’s request on IF

      1. Favourite scene:- Raina confession
        Favourite couple:-Raghav and Naina
        Favourite character:-Raghav

      2. Jasminerahul

        thanks a lot for replying.please send me friends request

      3. Hey jasminerahul both sindhujas r the same person I’m using two phones I’m unable to send u friend request I’ve joined forums with username sindhulincy I couldn’t add u as my buddy it is not just working:(

      4. Jasminerahul

        can you please post a comment on my ff kuch khatti on IF?so that I can find your account and add you in my friend’s list

  4. Jasmine Rahul u r really an amazing and creative writer .u know how to manage the situation and how to give twist on time.u never give us chance to get bore .u r really an awesome writer.
    Scene of ritik and shivanya I like most.
    Love these characters.
    Jasmine Rahul from the core of my heart m saying that I will miss your updates.
    Good bye?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much.I have no words to thank you

  5. Fenil

    Awesome Chappy.
    Perfect ending.
    Fav pair:-RiVanya.
    Fav scene:-Rivnya baarish dance.

    1. Jasminerahul

      I didn’t know that you were following it regularly. Thanks a lot

      1. Fenil

        No Dear Rahul….I just read that Baarish wala chappy and this.
        On baarish wala chappy i m not able to commebt because i was busy….so on this chappy i made comment.
        Jo chappy read krta uspe comment kar deta hoon , writer deserve nd why to stay silent.

    2. Jasminerahul

      thanks.when you get time please do comment on baarish episode too

  6. Hiii jasmine I just commented on ur kuch ff in page 40 please check:)

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks.I have sent you request.please accept it.

      1. I accepted it jasmine we r friends now:):)

      2. Jasminerahul

        thank you.now onwards whenever I update I will send you pm

    2. Jasminerahul

      check the new part of ishq wala love.nice raina scenes are there

      1. I did jasmine it’s really good thanks for telling me:)

  7. awesome ending , will really miss it a lot , felt sad when naina had a miscarriage but finally naina and shivanya got blessed with a boy and a girl , haha i thought it must be a girl for it was a happy ending . such a short and cute . i loved the way u wrote rivanya confession ,that was my favourite scene . favourite character , definitely it is shivanya , and my favourite jodi in this ff : rivanya . i can never forget this ff . superb ending!

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot varshini

  8. Please update present raina ff I’m eagerly waiting for your raina ff

    1. Jasminerahul

      very busy.i will update dil se after a few days

      1. It’s alright I can understand I thought maybe u stopped writing it I can wait:)

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